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make a theory about the game

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I kinda only got "Maxwell is butthurt because of our characters. Revenge, ho!"

It makes my day :D

Whole setup of the game gives me remind of Saw movies. Theres a psycho who put bunch of people who don't know eachother in extreme situation, and they have to survive to get redemption of their crimes. Or just die. Only problem for me is Wes, he's just a mime.

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Max has placed you on an island with a chance to connect worlds for a universal game show which is a one man survivor horror series where you(the player have to survive). Connect world to world you will eventually get to a world where Max is placed happily in his machine awaiting your arrival. You build up your strength and go there for the final boss fight which is Max. After doing so you will then have the chance to destroy the corrupt TV production establishment or take control of it and toy with the next survivor.

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Wilson is a scientist who seeks immortality. Wendy is his wife, and the subject of his experiments. Experiments gone horrifically wrong. Instead of preserving her beauty at 25, the drugs made her younger and younger until she has the body of a 10-year-old. Her sanity suffers and she begins to see Abigail, her dead twin sister.

Wickerbottom is the town librarian and owner of certain rare books on science and alchemy that Wilson has stolen from her. Stolen, not bought, because Wilson has blackmailed her into selling the books cheaply to him. He knows her little secret: Willow, who is Wickerbottom's granddaughter, is a pyromaniac responsible for several cases of arson in town. But what Wilson doesn't know is that Willow burns only the homes of those who have, in one way or another, treated her grandmother poorly.

Wolfgang is Wilson's best friend. He hates the dark and never leaves his house at night. "Wilton's out there," he says, and refuses to say anymore on the subject.

WX-78 is Wilson's robot slave, who assists Wilson on his questionable experiments. WX-78 hates all living things, but is fascinated by mime. He likes to watch Wes, the local mime artist, whenever he performs on the street corner. One day, WX-78 abducts Wes. He keeps Wes in a little cage in his room, watching him as one would watch TV, every night.

In my head the movie version, Johnny Depp plays Wilson and Helena Bonham Carter is Wickerbottom. ;-)

No, No, Willow is Wilson's wife or sister.
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Maxwell is punishing the characters for his own selfish reason.Wilson: Knows of Maxwells existence, ("Maxwell might be looking for this," "I hate that guy."Willow: To burn Maxwells world.Wendy: Made her dead sisters ghost appear so he could she would always be reminded her sister is dead.Wolfgang: Kill all creatures, that backfired (with the expection of birds.)WX-78: Second attempt at Wolfgang.Wickerbottom: T.B.AWes: Annoyned by his not talkyness.

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Maxwell is punishing the characters for his own selfish reason.Wilson: Knows of Maxwells existence, ("Maxwell might be looking for this," "I hate that guy."

I don't think knowing someone's existence is considered selfish.
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I think Maxwell is a super jerk who likes ditching people on the island becuse he likes watching them go insane and/or die and he picks people who are also somewhat evil so no one will care when they go missing Wilson: selfcentered ego-maniaic who has harmed others in the name science and by harmed I mean like mad scientist kiddapping and dissecting them kinda stuffWillow: serial pyromaniacWendy: killed her sister Wolfgang: prideful maybe killed someone in a drunken rage or somthingWX-78: bloody thirsty machineWickerbottom: sterotyipcal mean old witch (if she had a cane she would hit you with it)Wes:serial killer (its always the quiet ones)or alternetly he puts evil people on the islands as a ultimate test and those who survive he turns into new demons to lead his demon army

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Dafuge did I just read?

Allow me to elaborate, Wilson grows up and conquers all of science and magic. He creates an alternate dimension where the traps everyone who might pose a threat, including the more intelligent Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, and a mime who annoys him. He takes on a hot wife (Willow) and together they have twin daughters, one of which is Wendy.After a science accident that kills the other twin, Wilson blames everyone but himself and proceeds to trap everyone else in the alternate dimension. Wilson then changes his name to Maxwell and traps his former self in the dimension, knowing first hand that only he can stop him and save everyone!!! Edited by BrokenCrown
forgot a line
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