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  1. I'm fine with it being a togglable option just so long as it doesn't persist into any sort of adventure mode, which it shouldn't anyway. Having an expensive way to revive your comrad would be neat in my opinion.
  2. Just donated for the Furry Friend reward, to bad I can't use this guy to cover all my Christmas shopping. For the best probably, I'd probably end up keeping all of them and fulfilling my fantasy of having more then 1 Chester at a time!
  3. Any news for webber?

    I'm sure they want to introduce Webber, but he's... buggy.You can still check him out, on the web.
  4. Always keep either a torch in your inventory, or enough grass and sticks to make one.
  5. You can take a lot more blow darts with you then you can non-stacking teeth traps.Although, I am disappointed, I was hoping for a bow and arrow by now
  6. A Message to Maxwell

    34 to 17 +Maxwell? I'll take those odds!
  7. A Message to Maxwell

    No! You will not harm my Maxwell!***Stockholm Syndrome***
  8. Logsuit

    I believe they nerfed as one step to make it impossible to live 100+ days.That after a certain point, escaping to a new world would make things survivable again, before making it even more difficult at earlier and earlier days.
  9. Easiest way to kill the deerclops!

    I just stare him down, he no match for my second eye!
  10. New character i thought of

    Well then, surly those are the only two ever conceived...Why not make a bird character that birds are more attracted to?I'm not saying, "Don't share your ideas." Just, "Don't be surprised if the idea to take an NPC and make it playable has already been suggested."
  11. New character i thought of

    Seems like everyone with a "new character idea" either makes a pig character, or a character directly related to the upcoming patch.
  12. I would love salt as perhaps it could be used to make raw meat last longer.
  13. Just put every hat in Don't Starve into TF2.We all know TF2 doesn't have enough hats.
  14. Walrus is overpowered.

    Man-skirt seems to be a direct counter to mime.Wes just can't get a break!
  15. make a theory about the game

    Allow me to elaborate, Wilson grows up and conquers all of science and magic. He creates an alternate dimension where the traps everyone who might pose a threat, including the more intelligent Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, and a mime who annoys him. He takes on a hot wife (Willow) and together they have twin daughters, one of which is Wendy.After a science accident that kills the other twin, Wilson blames everyone but himself and proceeds to trap everyone else in the alternate dimension. Wilson then changes his name to Maxwell and traps his former self in the dimension, knowing first hand that only he can stop him and save everyone!!!