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Since the Bush hat is pretty underwhelming right now, I had the idea of giving the player the ability to bait the hat. So when they hide in it and a gobbler goes up to eat the berries, the player sticks a hand out killing it. Or maybe even grabbing the gobbler pulling him in for a wrestle and the player comes out victories with a morsel and a drumstick.What do you guys think?

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This suggestion is already been posted back a while ago. I can't give you the link because I'm too lazy to find it so we'll just see if the Devs will improve it or not.

I like the idea except "wrestling" a gobbler because on my opinion, the game doesn't do any cartoony wrestlings or catfights where there's a smoke and scattering stars and stuff. I hope you get it.

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I don't know if the durability would work so well for a lot of people. I wouldn't mind, since I just use the pig's berrie farms for manure, and the rest of the bushes I turn into hats for the pigs, but a lot of people like having their bushes planted, and they are not renewable.What if when the gobbler "enters the hat", it uses the durability of your weapon instead? Like 10% or something like that? And if you're not equiped or your weapon have durability below 10%, the gobbler runs away?

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