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  1. OH DEAR GOD! SORRY! SORRY ABOUT THAT! I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! As compensation I offer you my soul. It's not much but it's the most I have to offer, I mean besides my sleeping but I would never fathom giving that up.
  2. Willette I was just curious whether you had like a DeviantArt or something?Sorry if you have already said it, but there is about... 570 pages overThat's quite few to look through.Sorry I'm just sleepy, lazy and Tired... Like always
  3. I'm not a tailor but I love drawing clothes! I have drawn dresses, A top hat and cape, A women in a corset and Vests. I draw a lot of vests o.o I really want to try my hand at some Don't Starve fashion though ^ ^ I think that would be amazingly fun.Now I must find a bed to sleep in, or not. I really don't care where I sleep.
  4. No, not like on the picture. People ask for titles and I just have no idea what they are going on about.
  5. AAAH! I love your Artwork and that fashion so much! But I am Torn between my Love of Lagomorphs (Bunnies, Hares and Jackalopes) and my acceptance of your posts! My Bunnymen pictures should be done soon as well ^^ P.s What is a Title? P.s.s Willette if you don't mind me asking are you female in real life as well? You obviously don't have to answer! Just curious
  6. It's kind of horrible to think that we eat JackalopesAnd yet there are BunnyMen and I created a Jackalope Character XD So in turn aren't you eating a potentially intelligent race?
  7. You may be waiting a While sadly! I am a huge Procrastinator and it is barely half down your just gonna have to settle for someone of Willette's far superior Artwork >
  8. How else I am supposed to kill someone?Kindness? Doesn't even make sense! And evil is just way to overrated! And just you wait! I have a BunnyMan Picture in the works!
  9. How else I am supposed to kill someone?Kindness? Doesn't even make sense! And evil is just way to overrated!
  10. I also Love drawing Wendy ^ ^ I also love drawing Jackalopes!
  11. I would just like to add! Kevin said Abigail died from Mysterious Circumstances!
  12. In my opinion many of these creatures are way to genericSuch as the Boar and TurtleWe have the Guardian pigs and werepigs which are both original and different.We also have Slurtle's and Snurtle's which are completely original looking and creativeWe should also try and stray away from such common Mythologies such as Greek as they are boring to be honestAlso you should also try and avoid creating different variants of the same creature as it is again quite boring and unoriginalThese are good But in my opinion a little boring and overly generic. Also mounts have been discussed many times before but I do like your idea of a tameable mountm And you idea for a *Cracker* has potential.
  13. I would agree with you that the internet is messed up. But I may have created one of these Wilson fanfics myself so...Edit: Also have you ever thought about a Wendy/Willow and Willette meet up? If you haven't I will probably write a fanfic about that o.o
  14. AAAAW! Willette is so Adorable Here!! Sleep Well! Also she is sleeping which is bonus point from me. +5 Points! I have also figured maybe raccoon feeds on sanity so... Watch yourself on that
  15. Hi! This will be random! But I think I commented a few times way back and I just wanted to say...I absolutely LOVE your art! It inspires me to draw my own! Makes me and laugh! Makes me sad and did I say INSPIRES ME! I just thought I would let you know! I hope to follow the post more regularly now and maybe comment more. Sorry if you found this to be spam or you feel it was posted in the wrong place D:But I just really wanted to let you know that zNow I'm tired zNight Night -=_=- Z