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  1. Browns > Rapier

  2. Gotta get them loading screens and immortals

  3. dem boots so expensive

  4. Looking forward to it and can't wait!
  5. Your secrets are gonna drive me insane! ( Look forward to them all though!)
  6. Ok, so the whole not yet on Underdark just blew my whole mind. Drow have to be one of my most favorite things about the whole DnD setting. The fact that people keep mentioning things and you guys keep saying not yet is really making this thing look really massive as a mod. I'm shocked you guys are going to be adding so much. Also the lava caverns look like it now the more I look at it closely. Sounds like that will be a pretty cool place to explore. (Also as a side not any chance we are getting a drow character to play as?)
  7. The UI looks pretty neat. The first couple of screen shots look like a underdark sorta world.Or at least that's what I first thought of when I saw it.
  8. Oh wow, you guys are working really hard this, thanks for answering so fast btw. Really cool that it is going to work with rpg hud a swell! (hope there will be a belt slot so I can finally use the belt of hunger without having to juggle armor!)
  9. I've seen you talk about adding boots and rings, etc. Are you goings doing a overhaul to the inventory system or something? Like adding the slots for the items and all. Though you might have already stated this and I could have missed it, if so sorry.
  10. Oh ok now that sounds really awsome! Can't wait to see how you would incorporate his song skills into the game.
  11. Didn't know that the barbarian could craft shields thats pretty cool. When I use to play Neverwinter Nights waaay back when it first came out I was always partial to the bard and red dragon disciple class. So I guess I'm used to being squishy
  12. I'm currently using Wigfrid since she can take a beating pretty well from the goblins.
  13. I am waaaaaaaaaay more prepared this time! Also I will have to see some of these spells. I love the idea of having spells at my disposable but my love for Wigfrid is even greater so I'm not sure.
  14. I haven't gotten to him yet. I die each time on level 2 due to the fire staff things. I've been waiting in my world trying to get the insulated backpack from the giant before I try again.