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  1. Just kill a bunch of butterflies and eat lots of butterfly wings! (If we're talking about day 1 - 5 then this is the quickest, but not the best, way to regain more health) Procedure: Step 1: when a butterfly just came out of a flower and you're near it, just press ctrl + F to force attack and kill it before it gets away Step 2: when it's already wandering, follow it with some distance until it stops then immediately run to it and ctrl + F again! you have to be quick though or the butterfly will notice you and starts fluttering away Step 3: if it does fluttered away from you, wait for it to stop again and then repeat step 2 Step 4: if there are flowers nearby (except the one that the butterfly spawned from), wait for the butterfly to land on the flower and then kill it while it is still on the flower! Step 5: Practice until you get the hang of it. Yes it's no big deal at first because it's not that necessary and you should probably get more time gathering resources rather than wasting your time chasing butterflies but trust me, you'll going to need this SKILL later on! having a stack of butterfly wings and you happen to have some veggies and/or some fruits, you'll be able to make butter muffins easy!
  2. *stretches* whew! It's been a while since the last time that I'm awake here in the world of Don't Starve! I got busy here in my own world called Nevermore...

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      And so they do speak! That's why I always have them in my birdcages xD

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      Oh look, it's Raven the talking crow! Gonna save that image lol

  3. Here is something that people enjoyed the old pigs quotations while you're near like "you has meat?" and then got removed by updates due to some reports that they're annoying but was more natural and relatively friendly to have pigs trying to communicate to you and mocking you a little bit like "ugly monkey man" and now all you can say is; "I miss the old pigs" when you're just hanging around in a spot of your base with pigs being so quiet and tries to get away from you when they gets too close and says "get away!" So sad...
  4. One of the first sentences I spoke when I had my first pitch black night without any lightsource to be made; "Oh it's pitch black? Can't see anything! So everynight it's pitch... "Sssshhhhhh" oh god what's thaa... -got hit and my healthbar is halved- Oh sh*t sh*t sh*t! -got hit again and died- Last words; 'What dafuq?!' While having a party of pigs punching down trees; "Come out treeguard! I know you're there!" Has a few stale meat in the fridge and you happen to have a lot of meat racks; "Time to make some jerky!" Has a lot of monster jerky in the fridge with stacks of ice; "Time for some meatballs! -puts 1 monster jerky then 3 ice-" Gave 1 cut grass to a catcoon then hurls out an electric doodad for the first time; -facepalms then laughs for bout a minute or two- "how did that get in there?" Hahaha!
  5. When I play Don't Starve, I have a bowl of dozens of bacon strips for me to eat to help me out with my own sanity in that game xD

  6. I absolutely agree with this idea. For me, I prefer a scarecrow hand so that it's more unique than cutting Maxwell's hand and make it a cursor and making you look like you're him controlling the character whom Maxwell wants to kill them.
  7. This suggestion is already been posted back a while ago. I can't give you the link because I'm too lazy to find it so we'll just see if the Devs will improve it or not. I like the idea except "wrestling" a gobbler because on my opinion, the game doesn't do any cartoony wrestlings or catfights where there's a smoke and scattering stars and stuff. I hope you get it.
  8. I play as Wes to prove myself that I can live fore more than 1 hundred days. (currently playing him on the 53rd day). Anyway, my presence here is fatigue cause of a long trip out of town. I agree to all the points except Wolfgang. He's not supposed to be nerfed because he is the mightiest (maybe give him 1 weakness) that's it.
  9. Wendy says: "I feel pretty"Willow says: "smells nice"Wilson says: "Do I have to wear this?"Wolfgang says: "I'm not sure how I feel about... Flower circles"WX78 says: "A DOLL STUFF"Wickerbottom says: "A fine rosa berberifolia headdress" or "I feel young wearing this"Wes: *Random mime movements*
  10. Oh my, you knew what's on my head. xDBut I have some more stuffs in mind to my idea and I'll post a thread about it eventually >)
  11. I agree with this simple yet special idea that could be very handy with or without a map. There was a suggestion earlier about replacing the map with a compass and then you could craft the map yourself with papyrus (to give that item a lil more use) and... stuff.. whatever. If that could be implemented, road signs fits perfectly in the game Also the idea made me think about mailboxes and taught of something creepy yet challenging suggestion that fits perfectly in the latest update "Insanity" haha.
  12. Great idea. Also, rubber could be used to craft wheels and then make wheelbarrows that has 2-4 slots to put grasses, twigs, rocks, charcoal, gold, and all resource materials except food and other stuffs.