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forgive my spelling, but my idea was that for a thermometer as your "heat" meter instead of a circle with a up and down, and with that, in a wilderness survival, we could add "overheating" during summer seasons, (if theirs gona be seasons), to throw some more ideas, maybe during winter, food doesnt go as bad as quick? as long as it freezes.but the main reason i wanted to post this was 'cuz of the thermometer idea, by the way, First Post :biggrin-new:Edit: also when your starting to have your temperature go down you start to see "ice" or "ice shards" on your screen, kind of like insanity, or when your dieing of hunger,just a diffrent texture.

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A fourth meter is probably not going to happen, there will most likely just be frosting on the screen when you are too cold.

This is great! I wonder if they could possibly do this for sanity as well, as neat as a meter with a brain, a heart, and a stomach look together.
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