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  1. in the 250s, hound attack about 15 seconds from my base, died, tried to lure then back to my base at hound traps, insta killed me
  2. killer yourself and meat effigy will reward you - - - Updated - - - no kidding XD
  3. my record is 253 days(Wilson,in new gen), I had probably 70-80% of the map complete, but by that point I was in the 200s , and hounds came every so often, world didn't have a walrus, and I was surviving in a rocky biome with about 6 tallbird nests ,I died while out exploring, and hounds came (my camp had a hound death pit)oh the reason I didn't have a meat effigy was because my last one broke, I didn't have any backups and the hound attack happened while I was almost at my base, running back, died once, ran to the hound arena and one managed to make its way through my traps (more like 5)
  4. you just made this story way cooler
  5. awsome story, i had to read it twice , not cuz i didnt understand it, but cuz it was awsome
  6. we all know the white king is wilson , queen could be a pigking?
  7. wilson, i have hair that i could make like his - - - Updated - - - wilson, i have hair that i could make like his
  8. nice, I can only do portraits of things by copying
  9. attack at morning, just bring a spear and armor, and make sure you dont attack the spiders that come out first when their near the nest, or they'll pop out, bring em about half the screen away from the edge of the webs on the ground then just attack them, if you get a queen just dont let her have babies, attack twice, run back when she swings, repeat, and when theirs a baby kill in imediantly
  10. maybe if you wanted accessory little things that come along with them (examp: the eyebone) maybe the hounds have a bone? ice/hell hounds have little gems maybe? would be neat