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  1. An Update on Don’t Starve

    would be nice if instead of bringing a cave banana tree up, you would turn the banana's into banana seeds and use them for farms although, bananas don't have seeds IRL right? im 75% sure they done have seeds in the bananas.
  2. An Update on Don’t Starve

    im half expecting them to add everything they said they wouldn't add... its klei.
  3. Idea for Update Name?

    name it "Strange New Powers"
  4. hello people

    if you haven't figured it out yet, these "don't starvians" in their wild habitat are very hostile, and look for mates, but constantly fail... due to their smell.
  5. hello people

    3 important rules you must follow:1: do not attempt to meet pelontrix2: don't say your a girl, you'll regret it3: always trust people on this forum, you cant lie, its disabled. (that's why pelontrix is real)
  6. Forum Needs More Moderators.

    hmm, I guess we all have our own "justice", to someone else something we feel as right might be wrong.i've noticed some cry babies screaming for a moderator to switch which thread section to put something.or extreamly pushy mods that will treat people in some category of animal you kick sometimes, and scream NO , BAD!when there is way more smarter ways to approach a thing like that, like using logic when you talk and say how you could improve next time.
  7. if I knew about grue beforehand, and fires takes 2 seconds to make like don't starve, id think id be ok.and my first weapon would probably be a flint spiked carve bat
  8. pigs and hats?

    someone respond please I'm interested
  9. 1 hit chops tree

    hey guys I have an idea, lets start an angry mob!where's the torch n' pitchforks mart?
  10. 1 hit chops tree

  11. 1 hit chops tree

  12. 1 hit chops tree

    watch it actually be real... but instead its done in such an amazing way... theres firework that shoot out of the tree, and treeguards start dancing at the first man to find out this magical easter egg
  13. [REQUEST] Don't Starve Playing Cards

    oh SNAP!you gonna take that Jamie Hyneman?