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  1. Currently, you can change the game's character files and those changes will happen mid-game. The only way I see you having to start a new game would be if the starting items (bow, lighter) don't have crafting recipes. Which they probably will have
  2. You bring up some great points, but the apparent hostility muddies the water. Instead of insulting the people who control the game, why not simply make your points and then propose an alternative?Also, you're calling them champions? C'mon, dude.
  3. I don't know what you guys are talking about, in all of my hours in the game, I have yet to ever, EVER see a single spider queen. But I fight treeguards like they're going out of style
  4. The night light may very well be the worst item in the entire game Not only is it expensive to both make and maintain, but it actually hurts you for using it. I have yet to find any purpose for it
  5. Today on Triple Threat Gaming, the show on where I play three different games each cast, I'll be starting with some Don't Starve! If anyone wants to join in on the small show right now for some live don't starve action, I'll be casting tonight at exactly 8PM! Click here for a countdown: Click here to watch: And if you have fun watching Don't Starve, stick around for when I transition into Sonic Adventure 2 and Team Fortress 2!
  6. EXTREME sandbox mode

    Theoretically, I think the "night forever" option is certainly do-able. Here's what you would do:- Start as willow, burn something close to you so you can make a torch. Using that torch, get as much grass and sticks as you can for a large amount of possible torches- Start cracking open rocks by building fires next to them. You need supplies for a fire pit and a science machine- Find a nice frog pond, build yourself a fire next to it and keep fishing- Get the ingredients for a crockpot to make the most out of your fishing, also use the spider meat from:- Kill spiders you see one at a time, run away from the others that aggro. Do this often enough to get plenty of silk- Plant a forest next to you for infinite wood for the fire. Be wary of treeguards.- When you have an abundance of fish and torches, go to find beefalo to make a warm hatTheoretically, you could do this forever. It would be dull as hell, but you're be alive.
  7. If you click the little gear under the chat, there's a popout option. You can fullscreen the game, then pull the chat window in front of it to cover up the unimportant spots.Even better if you have 2 monitors, pull chat to second monitor (what I did)
  8. Am I the only one who is getting the feeling that they're making the secrets really long and grueling so we don't solve them as quickly?Or maybe they just want us to have busy work like my elementary school teachers
  9. There are only 20 pieces?
  10. Sirmentlegen's videos

    I wonder what the minimum number of smallbirds it takes to kill deerclops is. Also, hoping that they make it so that he doesn't flinch when attacked. I also want him to hit like the grue (66% of your max health), and want him to be bigger! About twice the size would do
  11. Certainly there needs to be a lot of balancing, but if the characters get an overhaul like they should, then discussing balance for the current builds is a bit null.
  12. Many of the developers have mention on multiple occasions that the characters will soon be overhauled to the point where your selection matters more and makes more changes to the way you play the game.Right now, the selection is lack-luster when considering mechanics. I usually just pick a character based on personality and looks, because personally I just look at the list and go "Ehh none of these abilities really entice me." With some changes to this, hopefully we'll all be staring at the selection screen unable to decide which character we want to play more.The point of this thread is to post your ideas and suggestions for how to go about doing this. I believe Kevin has mentioned before that he wants certain abilities to be activated with a cooldown (such as Wendy's perk). There are many ways to go about making the characters feel significantly different, what are your suggestions?Just in case, here are the specific perks that each character currently has:Wilson- Grows beard hairs with which to craft meat effigiesWillow- When in darkness, she will spawn a small fireWendy- Every evening has a 33% chance of spawning AbigailWolfgang- Double damage, double health, double stomachWX-78- No penalty for eating stale or spoiled foodWickerbottom- Automatically unlocks all Science Machine recipesWes- Lower health, damage, and stomach. Burns food at faster rate
  13. This is true, but it's pretty much inarguable that Wolfgang is more powerful than Wes.I really hope that they follow up on making the characters different, I'm quite bored with the current line-up (gameplay wise). Instead of wondering which character I want to be the most like I should be, I just look at the list and go "ehhh, I guess I'll play this one."
  14. Close, but no cigar. My personal list:Wolfgang (easy mode)Wilson (less likely to die)Wendy (Amazing if used correctly)WX-78 (Spoilage isn't a huge problem, but his ability can be quite useful)Willow (Downside of accidentally burning things down, but basically eleminates grue threat)Wickerbottom (Amazing in the early game, but tapers off quickly)Wes (hard mode, and love him for it!)
  15. Just read this.