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  1. Today on Triple Threat Gaming, the show on where I play three different games each cast, I'll be starting with some Don't Starve! If anyone wants to join in on the small show right now for some live don't starve action, I'll be casting tonight at exactly 8PM! Click here for a countdown: Click here to watch: And if you have fun watching Don't Starve, stick around for when I transition into Sonic Adventure 2 and Team Fortress 2!
  2. I wonder what the minimum number of smallbirds it takes to kill deerclops is. Also, hoping that they make it so that he doesn't flinch when attacked. I also want him to hit like the grue (66% of your max health), and want him to be bigger! About twice the size would do
  3. Just read this.
  4. Sometimes the creep goes away like it's supposed to, sometimes it doesn't. It's most likely a bug, try posting it in the bugs section!
  5. Despite the things I've learned in this thread, I still can't get through winter! I had finally gotten everything I needed to make the winter vest after taking down a tier 3 nest with a pig and four traps. I was walking home, satisfied, when I saw an extra piece of silk on the ground. I went over to grab it, and a tentacle popped out and immediately killed me. Lesson learned, I guess. When snow is on the ground, never walk through the swamp no matter what.There goes like 2 hours of my life, gone and nothing to show for it. I hate this game so much, I never want to play it again, and I had to go somewhere to complain. I'll probably just try again tomorrow...
  6. Calm down, man. If we let his head get too big he won't be able to fit through the door. And then Klei will probably be run by Kevin or JoeW, and none of us want that. They'll run it into the ground!
  7. Thank you for the compliment!I've always played the game taking melee combat as the original option, mostly because there aren't a lot of other valid options. Tooth traps are very expensive and can't be built until later on, the boomerang is an ineffective combat option, and since the bird trap is currently broken building a bunch of darts is quite difficult. So we are left with: hire pigs, place a bunch of regular traps (spiders only), or play Wendy and get lucky.But knowing what melee combat is supposed to be, that explains why I keep dying when I try to use it!
  8. Fortunately the generation options should be in the nest update, the first thing I'll do is make a smaller world because I'm tired of having to spend 10+ days exploring just to never find the pig king.Also Gigahappytown, can you not quote the thread's description? It's taking up a lot of room...
  9. I am very excited to have all of the world generation options, it really captures difficulty modes beyond the simple "hard and easy mode" system. Giving the game more options and allowing players to tailor their own experiences is one of the best things that could've been added to the game.The game is turning out fantastically, and I'm stoked to see what amazing mods people come out with.
  10. I like to consider myself relatively decent at the game, usually the person who's rallying for the game to be more difficult. But recently, I've noticed a decline in my proficiency. I've tried a new game three times now, and have yet to actually make it to winter once, as I keep dying to spiders around day 10 or 15.Every time I have learned something, and I've got it down to be sure to play as cautiously as possible. Always have a backup logsuit at 100%, always keep some honey or an amulet in your inventory, never attack a spider nest when on low health even if there is only one spider left in it, don't attack something unless you're 100% sure that you can make it out of the encounter. Basically, don't make any mistakes and never take any risks you don't absolutely have to.This is the new state of the game, for better or for worse. So the point of this thread is to ask, is the new style of the game better for it? Should the game be an uncompromising survival experience where death is just around the corner, or is the frustration of losing hours and hours of progress in a few quick seconds not worth the tension created from the increased difficulty?---Let's get the discussion started:Personally, I'm a bit torn on whether or not this is a good thing, but I lean a bit more towards it being a good thing. The cost of death is very high, which is not usually the case for perma-death games. I like to look at Dark Souls and Hotline Miami as good indicators of high difficulty done correctly, as they are some of my absolute favorite games. In Dark Souls, damage is very high but relatively easy to avoid. This makes every hit extremely punishing, but a skilled player can go through a large area only getting hit a few times. This turns combat into an extremely tactical experience, where you must play very defensively to survive. Always stay on your toes, and keep an eye on the enemies to learn their patterns to avoid damage.Hotline Miami, for those that do not know what it is, is a top-down action game where you can attack enemies with either melee weapons or guns. Both you and every enemy die in one hit, meaning combat is very fast-paced and (again) tactical because you have no health advantage over your enemies. Before entering a room, you have to plan out your attack and execute it perfectly or you will die before you can even see it coming.These games have entirely different approaches to difficulty, and both give a drastically different feel than Don't Starve, but are prime examples of difficulty done right. They are actions games, and Don't Starve is not an action game at all. Avoiding damage is nearly impossible when fighting more than one enemy because you aren't fast like in Hotline Miami, and you can't defend or dodge like you can in Dark Souls. The only way to survive an attack is to plan and prepare before the onslaught, which fits that the game is more of a thinking-man's game than a tactical combat experience. Make sure you have enough defensive and offensive resources, maybe hire some pigs or lure in another enemy. But to take out a tier-3 nest, even with enough log suits and tentacle spikes, is nearly impossible without hiring pigs. This potentially makes pigs the most important mob in the entire game.There needs to be more options for combat than just pigs for the difficulty to be balanced. Once there are more ways to take down a tough enemy that just hiring pigs, then perhaps the game's difficulty will fit its experience better.
  11. the Microsoft store takes a big chunk of profits, even more than Steam. Getting it on a third platform would not bring many new people into the game, and would cost way more money than it's worth.Sorry, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  12. I don't know, having more than one deerclops at once kind of takes away the scare-factor of deerclops now. A whole island of him would be ridiculous.But a little more explanation to his existence would be nice.
  13. I don't really get that, by day 15 I have pretty much everything I need. I have every high-tier building (alchemy engine, icebox, crockpot etc.), like ten saved up meatballs, and something for dapperness and warmth. I spend the rest of the 15 days bored waiting for winter to finally show up. But I guess that difference is just a testament to how great these new world options are. Can't wait until all of them are unlocked!On the subject, why is there not a short summer option, just shorter seasons...
  14. Flowers reducing sanity needs to be there. When you are completely insane, running away from the shadows to pick flowers is usually the only way to survive the attack.
  15. Completely agree, the 1-1 system worked just fine. It took up very little room, and very easily told what you needed to know.