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Honey is an incredible food.

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Yeah, you read that title right. HONEY IS AMAZING. Go catch some bees, destroy their hives, and you're already 2/3 of the way to your own bee box. Yeah, it's that easy. Next, you're going to need some butterflies to plant some flowers around your boxes to maximize honey production! After that, go ahead, MAKE MORE BOXES. Just make sure you have sufficient storage for all that honey you make. After that, you're pretty much set. Did i mention how AWESOME honey actually is? No?! Well, you get ten points in health and thirteen in hunger. That means per full honey stack, you're getting ~400 health AND hunger. Yeah. You could even combine it with cooked meat in a crock pot to get honey ham, a.k.a EVEN MORE AWESOME. Oh, and guess what, you can do this as much as you want. The ONLY thing you cant do with honey is have relations with it, but that goes for anything in Don't Starve. Yeah, Don't want to starve? START FARMING THAT HONEY.

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Dat Honey....

Exactly my point.

- - - Updated - - -

Honey isn't even that good, though. What about that insanity? HMM? Guess you didn't really think that through, did you? Damn right, you didn't.

*****, Didn't I say you could make HONEY HAM. Edited by Toaster Fu
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[MENTION=10501]Qdepfyffer[/MENTION] You just turned my world upside down. Take that, you berry farmers!The Reign of Honey has begun.P.S. You can also make Taffy with honey, the ONLY analogy of which in the game is Pumpkin Cookies, which are exponentially harder to make (require more time to do).

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