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[POLL] How would You judge Your PVP Skills?

How's Your PVP?  

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  1. 1. How would You judge Your PVP Skills? (0-10 Scale)

    • 1 - A complete trash, Never killed a player, always gets killed.
    • 2 - A Noob, Trash compared to everyone else. If you get slightly better equipment and You get lucky, You might just aswell barely kill Your opponent, similar tier to You.
    • 3 - An OK Trash, You have killed few players, barely escaping alive. Your situation here is not good, but it still could be worse.
    • 4 - A nice smelling trash, Your luck lets you kill a player, with equipment equal or slightly better than Yours.
    • 5 - No longer Trash... (A Clean person?), If you have a correct equipment, and won't get stunlocked, you are most likely going to survive, without getting any serious wounds.
    • 6 - Fresh Clean person, You Can kill most of enemies you meet, though You're still possible to kill.
    • 7 - A Spotless clean person, You've trained a lot. You've become a severe threat to Most enemies, which might have a good reason to run when they see you.
    • 8 - Shiny clean person, You Reached a level of skills that some players might have a good reason to Run when they see you and start respecting you for Your abilities. You are a strong person, a serious threat and You can't be brought down easily. Most won't survive meeting you.
    • 9 - A Warrior, Your Skills Were aqquired due to constant exposure to threat. Now, You became it. You are an extremly dangerous person to fight with, You've won many battles.
    • 10 - A God tier warrior, You never really were a noob, You kill Nearly every oponent You meet. Most players know, respect, or even secretly fear you.

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You can judge Your PVP skills by counting Your deaths, how many players you managed to kill, did you kill defenseless, equipped same as you ot better than you, How many hits you can deal before having to kite, how well you kite, what kind of minimum equipment you need to kill a player, etc...

Also, honest answers Please.

We (At least I do) promise that we won't laugh at you.

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1 hour ago, Giggimish said:

Pvp in general just comes down to who ever is more well equipped/better character or doesn't receive any delays in the fight, pvp is a huge mess

Exactly. Pvp is usually more interesting in games where skill is more of a factor then equipment. That, and depth. DST has next to no depth with it's combat system. DST is just a very unsatisfying pvp game in general (good thing it's mostly co-op pve). If i want pvp then I go elsewhere.

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4 hours ago, Sinister_Fang said:

Exactly. Pvp is usually more interesting in games where skill is more of a factor then equipment. That, and depth. DST has next to no depth with it's combat system. DST is just a very unsatisfying pvp game in general (good thing it's mostly co-op pve). If i want pvp then I go elsewhere.

Well, It is a side aspect of The game,  and this is a side topic for People who like it. If you don't, you might just as well skip this topic and go somewhere else.

11 hours ago, xxVERSUSxy said:

Is PVP even a thing in DST context?!

No, it's not. But it is and (I think) it will remain a feature in it.

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On 8/1/2018 at 6:12 PM, Field Field said:

thank you for showing us how superior you are by going into a thread about pvp and saying you don't care about pvp

Hardly anyone does PvP either except a small handful. It's like flexing on people about how well you can do this extremely niche thing that exists, but no one cares about it.

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Does water balloon genocide count? :wilson_sneaky:

Really though, I feel like this is a PvE oriented game in the first place. PvP is like an extra; an accessory. Something to laugh at against randoms or go against your friends in when there is nothing better to do. It's like... Bowling in Dead or Alive. Not the point of the fighting game, but some people find it fun, and a lot don't. It's just when people hear the term PvP, you immediately think of something that can be serious and competitive, as it is in many other games. I can't really see them revamping it either since they'd have to revamp most characters for balance, and that would really change the core mechanics in PvE too, unless they made PvP entirely separate. 

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My main tought here is, that some in-game enemies have advanced AI or attacks, nothing beats fighting against real, smart, dangerous oponent. Not only it's quite fun to finally fight someone with similar skills to yours, but also it's a bit of a Challenge.

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To add proverbial "insult to injury" I see in the self-assessment pool under "10-A God tier warrior" 2 players I encountered on some community dedicated servers I frequent, players that actually had problems in surviving regular PvE games. Pretty funny. And probably rather fitting trololol results for a game mode so out of touch with anything resembling balance. Yet, as others pointed, PvP in DST is a very niche thing - for presumably a certain type of players, ones more prone to competitive play rather than the advertised "together" tag-line (or just players grossly slipped into the bottom end of Dunning-Kruger effect spectrum, heh).

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It's not common, but...I do get a kick out of the occasional Rambo one shots. Molehat, Lazy Explorer on top of opponent out of pitch darkness, Pan Flute, put the dead on em.
Gets old quick though because PvP in this game is either stomp or get stomped...99% of the time.

The one percent, though?
That's something special.
In the spoiler for those interested.


I'd say the most fun and challenge I've had with PvP in DST was in a highly modded Endless server. The kind people usually think of as 'Easy Mode'. Standard progress protection mods that make a public server actually playable, but also resource helping mods, silly weapons, ect.
Went there for some relaxing megabase building, of course. And I usually build just outside the Ruins, regardless of server/world.
This server happened to turn PvP on just in the caves, with a PvE overworld.
And while not everyone had the super OP end-game god weapons, really good equipment was obtainable pretty easily...which actually made it really fair and fun. And made it possible for challengers to come back and try again without losing everything to one failed PvP attempt.

So I do my usual Ruins thing, this time trying to get enough of a head start that I won't be shoved out by people trying to get Thule and Gems before I can get my basics laid out.
End up fighting 2 other Ruins rushers, get kind of a rivalry going with a WX for the rest of the map.
Get shoved out by WX's clockwork pets as he starts clearing.
I come up with the Molehat Jumpscare method, follow him around from the darkness using clockwork sounds and destruction as my guide...poof over, whittle him down from max upgraded health to like 50 before he can even realize what happened, he uses a server command to teleport to the underground Florid Postern. I do the same, then pull out my ice staff for range to try and freeze him...and he ends up escaping out the cave exit that was right by the portal.
But he came back and tried again. Twice.
I defended my claim.
We fought.
He nearly died, but escaped both times.
And we came to a truce. I'm one heck of a man-hunter when I've got a good mouse in hand, even against an equally equipped foe that knows my tricks...but he fought a good fight regardless, and earned respect.

We eyed eachother warily whenever we saw eachother underground after that (the ruins had automatic yearly regen so people had reason to keep coming down), but we had an understanding and pretty much exchanged nervous waves and went on our way. Even mined within the same screen occasionally without foaming at the mouth.
I think it's really neat that a game can have interactions like that.

For the whole map, I'd carefully analyze people's actions when they were in the caves, trying to figure out if they were someone I should leave be, run off to prevent later threat...or take in.
Ended up with a pretty great teammate for most of the map from that, and some funny awkward encounters. Occasional skirmishes. All fun.


Other fun escapades from the same map including accidentally Ctrl-Fing a newbie that I adopted into the ruins base during a boss fight and instakilling him from near full health, and trapping another inside the central enclosure using our boulder gate just as depth worms entered from the other side.
I'd also boop people in the butt sometimes for fun. Just once. To see what they'd do.
Usually if it wasn't someone I adopted they freaked out.
Pretty sure I was briefly regarded as the game's actual Grue.

Oh...and pranking people with Charlie.
Molehat Jumpscare combo, except after putting them to sleep, instead of directly killing the target, put out their campfire with an ice staff.
Wait in the shadows.
Bring along water balloons if you want to be extra motherheck.png.1e9c3b291ba6a62c60b32023f8aae382.pngerly.



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Also, consider those alternatives:

PVP Arena fights. Both enemies get the same equipment and the one who is capable of using it better and wins can consider him/herself better.

Also I like to use this alternative for PVP with my friends: (Wolfgang Wigfrid Webber prohibited) Wilderness Mode, we scavange for 30-45 mins, then we find each other and fight each other using what we managed to make.

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