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  1. I have been tossing this idea around in my head over a year ago, but then I thought it would be too much trouble to rework game like this, so I dumped this idea into oblivion. Sure, it's not impossible, but it would require a fair amount of work. Seeing somebody else suggest this feels nice.
  2. It still can be fixed though. Klei can update their game any time they want, I'm sure.
  3. That's basically what I was hoping for in the rework video. Where did he get these powers from?
  4. For clarification: this is still a beta. I thought that it was obvious, but apparently it's not. Beta of a game is a build that's still incomplete, which means that the content in the beta is not a final version of it. It's just their general idea of what will be implemented. It's all a subject to change. And if you hate something so much, then learn how to live with(out) it. You have over a dozen other characters you can play with, on a whim.
  5. Frankly, I was hoping for more of his backstory. A video showing his abilities is cool, but we still don't know much about him.
  6. Jesus, that was quick. I am impressed.
  7. The thing that you are talking about is a rework of hitboxes. Attack of a deerclops swinging is only effective within the range of his arms, so instead of his (and every other mob's, duh) attacks being just spheres around him, the attacks are dealing damage only within the range of his arms. So basically his hitbox during the attack only extends forward, where he is swinging, instead of just expanding everywhere. I like the idea, and I'm in favor of it.
  8. I honestly don't really know anymore. I just wanted to give an idea to make characters a bit more human, meaning that they need to rest from time to time.
  9. Did you ever realise that below there was a a message that there wasn't anything off the table to improve, that the ideas were a work in progress and can be improved by your own ideas? And there indeed was a lot of room for ideas. Your ideas. I was curious about what you think about all of mine, and I was even more curious about your ideas. Everyone was for some reason extremly passive towards my topic. Unlike here, where people happily participate and introduce their own ideas. Why is that so? Is that because I was the one to introduce that topic? Because of something I was doing in the past? Come on, people, move on. Almost every time I am the one trying to introduce a topic for people to actively participate, there is little contribution. I can resume my ideas here, so you will be able to read my intentions, not your interpretation of them: Stamina is kind of a mechanic that makes a character exhausted if they fight without a short break. It drains slowly by attacking and maybe taking damage. Drain rate can be accellerated by being hungry. Regenerates a bit faster than it's draining by: not swinging your weapon for a few seconds, not taking damage. Can be accellerated by having your belly filled at a right amount. Regenerates really fast after standing still for 2 seconds. So the only way you can get exhausted is by giving your character a legitimate workout. Different actions. Meant to add some abilities to make the combat a bit easier. Parrying (like in forge, with Blacksmith's Edge), blocking (shielding yourself with your arms, if you have no weapon equipped), pushing smaller creatures away, pushing them a bit more so they may trip and fall which makes them need to get back up, charging. All these with a neat, but reasonable cooldown. Selected by either a binded keyboard button or from a neat, tiny menu. Pushing is ineffective on bosses. Different types of weapons was meant to add a variety to all of the weapons. Because currently almost all the weapons had the same properties, only damage varies. And only a few have some interesting perks. The varieties would include: different swinging speed (with a little difference, maybe of 0.1 or 0.15 seconds?), different animations for swinging, and maybe an alternate, stronger attack with a cooldown like in Forge? Randomized attack period. By saying "randomized" I did not mean "so random that you will either get a deerclops that only attacked three times or a machine gun dragonfly". I meant adding a tiny variety to attack period of mobs, with a limit. Example? If a deerclops usually swings every 2 seconds, then he may swing at you in 1.855 seconds, or he may not, he may swing at you in 2.155 seconds. You can't know, so it will make kiting a little bit more difficult to execute. Alternate attacks. For mobs. This idea was meant to add some variety to enemies we fight with. A good example of this was a laser deerclops. Let's just say I was not-so-good at dodging his laser. The purpose of this is engaging you more in the combat and learning how to fight, trying, and maybe succeeding. The attacks would not be as hard to dodge, it would only require a bit more of your attention and work on your part. Some of the examples originally included in the post: For spiders: the default chomp, and a new attack, a quicker, but weaker stab with the legs. For deerclops: his default strike with the ice coming out of the ground, and new ones, both weaker but faster: a vertical, long ranged swing avoided by running to the side and a horizontal, short ranged swing avoided by simply running away. The AI. Come on. This isn't SIRI or alexa. This isn't even a real AI. This are just a few lines of code that make a creature learn which attacks work better on you, if you have a weakness of some kind. The creature checks which attacks worked the best, and then that attack is more frequent during the fight. Or something like scripted tactics for mobs. Examples: Spiders sorrounding you and attacking you from every direction, chess pieces rearranging, so that knights shield bishops, which then attack you from a safe distance? Possibilities are endless. After squeezing these into a relatively short resume, I hope that now you know that these ideas DO NOT "change the game entirely". They are just meant to add some variety to that aspect of the game in particular. Making combat a bit more difficult, but giving players the abilities to counter these difficulties, to some extent. Don't exaggerate. And I have nothing against more ranged weapons. I am in fact looking forward to seeing any new content related to combat.
  10. *clears throat* Hold on for a sec there: I literally just posted something like this before.
  11. You don’t seem to understand me, or you just didn’t play the beta for long enough. There also were biomes (sea graveyard, coral reef biome), which just lacked their essential content from Shipwrecked. The wrecks from this biome were replaced by ‘boat fragments’, the useless entities that spawned after a boat reaches 0 health, and the coral reef biome’s coral reef were replaced by the sea stacks. The sea levels (shallow, medium and deep), which were indeed using the textures from Shipwrecked, were not the only biomes to be added. So really, it essentially was just a port of the Shipwrecked’s ocean, only lacking waves, the fog from it’s edge and the two biomes’ content present exclusively in Shipwrecked.
  12. Well, there was a direct sea port from Shipwrecked (biomes from Shipwrecked, without their "content"), and there was just a collision at the world's edge. I like the way it is much more now.
  13. So It looks like my theory about the island came true: It really IS a piece of moon that broke and fell into the ocean, which caused it's level to rise! Oh, and by the way...
  14. *disturbed breathing*
  15. Who do you main?

    Wilson. He is a lone-wolf type of a character, because he doesn't really provide any strength to a group, but he remains rather versatile. Since I hardly ever have a team to begin with, he is a good character for surviving alone. He works the best as a single survivor. I also like playing as him because of the importance in the lore he has.
  16. Maybe you play a little bit too much Don't Starve Together if you even have dreams about it?
  17. So his grandmother had Alzheimer's... wow... that's really sad, actually. It must be a huge responsability to take care of a person with such a desease, especially a loved one...
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This is a little meme of my own:
  19. I like how he was adapted to DST, great job on that. I wonder if any person other than me thinks that Wormwood, just like Wortox, isn't canon.
  20. This in fact looked for me like a higher stage of insanity...
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  22. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    That's literally another meme:
  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Here's my little contribution: ...no i don't. please let me go
  24. Uhm... This is one out of many possible "ways".
  25. They'll just balance all characters by making all of them OP, in a way.