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  1. Here's my little contribution: ...no i don't. please let me go
  2. Uhm... This is one out of many possible "ways".
  3. They'll just balance all characters by making all of them OP, in a way.
  4. This is the nicest update I have ever experienced in a long time! They have actually l i s t e n e d to us! This is legitimately amazing!!
  5. I'm surprised, finally some 'Lunar New Year' skin that I really like! Nice job, klei.
  6. Solution is scrolling with mouse wheel with cursor on top of them.
  7. Hey, I found a bug with a tallbird nest quotation for characters. If the tallbird nest is empty, and is lit on fire (with anything), and if the character will examine the burning nest, the quote will be the same as if the egg was in it, even though it's not there.
  8. Yes, it is it. The return of a resistance and hate against me.
  9. I bet now everyone will... OK I better not summon it.
  10. No Maxwell relations. Thanks for having fun of me anyways.