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What nerves you most in the game?

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Just a few hours ago. Repair priority. I had a meteor scanner broken by a hit. I didn`t clear the regolith in time and the doors didn`t close. Then it stayed on priority 9 for 5 whole cycles while dupes did everything but repair it. They were sweeping the ground around it but didn`t attempt to fix it. Even the repair material was delivered already. Apparently repair is a "tidy" task and i need someone on tidy and nothing else to fix broken stuff around my base. I wish repair had a separate priority. It`s much more important than disinfecting a random tile.

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  1. Dupes dropping stuff, thankfully it is reduced in EU
  2. Want to sweep specific item only, for example sweeping all iron on the surface without sweeping any regolith
  3. Manual dig every time meteor fall ended, otherwise some scanner entombed

Probably I will add some later :p


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Sweep for type is a desperately needed function in this game. If the sweep function opened a menu similar to the storage container it would be more useful.

The arrow key panning speed needs a slider.

Enable arrow key navigation of menus, in game, and for game.

Enable ESC to exit game.

The jobs board.

In game journal.

Load menu should be more informative. Seed#, Sandbox, thumbnail.

The game clocks should synch-up, the game should start at 0, players shouldn't lose time because the game is starting. The in game clock should be active, or clickable, to show, drop-down, or highlight the actual in game time, and the actual game time played.

Make the calorie counts show and record correctly.

Create a 'Garage for Dupes', after spending precious time rolling worthwhile dupes, allow us to put them in a garage to be used for starting new games..Don't make us re-roll every time we want to play a map. Who cares if the same dupes get used over? Make the game, and my life easier. Allow us to groom a stable of good starter candidates, that are a goto bench of in-game assets for us to manage. Wanna spend some time rolling out a great artist?, Fine, go for it. Not to be used for additional cycles(unless that's a feature, or reward you want to incorporate) But, for the starter crew let us pick from the already established group.

Slower game speed.

The problem with like foods stacking, then being consumed en~masse by the stopid dupes. Two muckroots stacked together must be tediously, and manually separated if it is to be two meals. Fix that please!

That's all for now, thnxxx! ;)

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Dupes constantly interrupting themselves on any task, even when going to the bathroom, washing their hands, etc. It's maddening and causes a complete breakdown of efficiency starting in the mid game. I am pretty sure the game would be about five times easier if this was resolved.

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Cosmic version

No joke, the 1.3 Kilo Aircooler to cool the ONI game loaded 1 cpu core ( $300  i7 7700k @20% use, 4 core cpu ), 4.5 GHz Intel turboboost @45 celsius, 3 cores are on holiday @5 FPS ONI & the GPU has nothing to do ( Nvidia 1080 - 3% load with fully built ONI map and 100 dupes. ). Systems runs with 32gb ddr4 @ 2400 ( $500 ).

The ONI hope and dream, some future multicore cpu use and some work for the gpu...

Game will run good on single core, if they reduce the map size again to 1/4, which would leave us with 1/16 of the original games map size.

I built this PC for ONI specifically. "Budget Value " recommendation: i7 8086 cpu ($400) at 8GHz with Hydrogen cooling for ONI, to get the most out of 1 active ONI core and the cpu`s 1/2/3 level cpu cache.

1_3kilo cooler for ONI.jpg



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duplicants will run to ration box for food and then take half a cycle to reach their mess table to eat. even when starving they don't have the common sense to eat the food before starving to death. god forbid they have slimelung, and mess up the journey by sneezing.

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 I wish that tiles and other things had a different graphic depending on the material used, not just for the different type of tiles. More painting images would be nice too since you pretty much have to spam them. Otherwise I love the game!

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The entire Morale concept's negative impacts on the current gameplay -- just sucked all the "fun" out of the game by making stress devastating to early & mid-game "fun-factor." Morale for slight boosts = fine; morale activity is otherwise a waste of productive time. It's annoying, not challenging.
Something off with food production from grill through food consumption at table... having a hard time pinning the time-vs-consumption here, but it seems slow/off.
Power output per generation device seems low (hamster wheel is only slightly worse than coal? hydro only slightly better than that? truly useful buildings cost 2x coal?) Balance is off.
Heat output per single lightbulb is a bit high for early game; forces add'l wheeze-digging early

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