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  1. An unfamiliar face talking about an unfamiliar place. Just the description has my interest.
  2. You guys should probably change something so the event viewer doesn't say things like: "Downtime time!" "Bathtime time!" ."Bedtime time!"
  3. Same build as the Meep scheduler bug.
  4. Seems a little late for that, no? And thanks for the POI update. Very helpful for really big bases.
  5. I'm guessing the bit about memories has to do the NV. Not sure I want to know what they're referring to with those "benign growths."
  6. I haven't checked but it may not be where the Duplicant is "actually" standing. Machines have different spots where the Duplicant is animated to move to and where they are in reality. If you watch closely you can see a Dupe run to one side of a machine to use it and then "run" to the other side as part of the animation. Try placing more pressure plates to find their real position. If all four aren't active then something is wrong.
  7. This doesn't happen when natural tiles are on it so I'm going to assume this isn't planned. Although it isn't pictured it does also happen with Mech. Airlocks.
  8. Thanks, that's been really been messing up my rec room designs. In Automation there's a sensor that becomes active when the selected gas passes over it. It uses 10w.
  9. Oh you've even added new maps for generating asteroids. Unexpected but nice.
  10. I was hoping for nuclear catastrophes but this will just make it even sweeter.
  11. Sunlight still provides free light for 80% of the game day and the other 20% can just be replaced with the usual electric lamps with automation. Honestly I probably wouldn't feel the need to place space farms but it does make some sense.
  12. I wouldn't know, I was asking for Phred to take a look at it. I've never went into the files directly like I did Don't Starve, I was just hoping giving them Dupe data was possible based on how stat info used to refer to them as Duplicants.