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  1. Haha, my errand queues are typically a few hundred. I definitely see lag introduced when I select a duplicant and view the errand list. Which is strange since that list is being updated behind the scenes without lag, but then I get lag when the visual list is displayed. Perhaps Klei should have the visual list only refresh once a second or something to reduce that lag. Also, do people still notice that all duplicants will perform any outstanding attack errands regardless of priority when you select/view and Errands tab? I recall a bug report on this at some point, but I still see this behavior.
  2. Currently, when a green signal is sent to an Automated Notifier, the notification is displayed but disappears after a few seconds. It would be nice if the notification stayed displayed until the signal went red. Or at the very least, adding an option to the Automated Notifier to make the notification permanent or temporary. The problem I have is that in late game there are a number of notifications appearing all the time. I don't look at the notifications all the time, but it would be good to see the Automated Notifier notifications after some time they are actually set.
  3. I’d opt for making tempshift plates interact with buildings in addition to tiles, liquids, and gasses. If the tempshift okay interacted with the robo miner and a cold pipe, one could cool the robo miner in a vacuum.
  4. Just remember, not everyone is interested in playing a difficult survival game, but I do personally agree with this. I enjoy the challenge. While it took me many (many) saves to become proficient at the game, eventually I looked for a way to make the game more challenging. I found it to be a refreshing challenge by changing the game settings: Disease to max difficulty "Outbreak Prone" Morale to max difficulty "Draconian" Hunger to max difficulty "Ravenous" Stress to max difficulty "Frankly Depressing" No Care Packages After many more saves, even this became familiar and was no longer a challenge. So I tried this: All of the above Modify badlands.yaml and set feature_geyser_generic to 0 Eliminates 12 generic geysers/vents No swamp biomes, meaning: no dusk caps (ie, mushrooms) no gold amalgam (at least not until space biome is reached) one less cool steam vent and one less natural gas vent Leaves only 1 cool steam vent and 1 chlorine gas vent (seed dependent), and a few oil reservoirs (also seed dependent) Metal poor (seed dependent) Add the mod "Lights Out (Darkness Revived)" by @Cairath Game play changes drastically when you have such limited starting water and algae: no Electrolyzers, limited use of Algae Terrarium The Lights Out mod means everything must be lit at the start of the game, but no Natural Gas Geysers means power management becomes very difficult. The seed I am playing that has no Natural Gas Vent, only 3 oil reservoirs, and medium boulders, is: BAD-A-459181726-WLH
  5. I'd like to not only thank Klei for a wonderful game, but the community here in the forums for helping provide suggestions and improvements to the game. I haven't been around since the very beginning, but I have seen how much Klei and the community work together to make the game better. Thanks to everyone who provides regular feedback to issues and support new players in the bug forum! I'm glad to be even a small part of that. Thanks everyone!
  6. Again: output_log.txtDxDiag.txt Ultra Badlands.sav Note: The dark area area is because I am running the mod "Lights Out (Darkness Revived)"
  7. Gossman can't stop digging! Ultra Badlands.sav output_log.txtDxDiag.txt
  8. The Ice Maker is essential to playing Aridio, and similarly can be used by beginners to manage small scale heat before implementing an aquatuner or thermo regulator.
  9. Hello all, anyone else know of any old and really annoying bugs/issues that Klei has yet to resolve? I really find the undiggable sand/regolith bug super annoying:
  10. @Gurgel I was just going to post this again! Thanks! This is the most frustrating bug at the moment, in my opinion. Here are my log files: output_log.txtDxDiag.txt Save file: Ultra Badlands.sav And screenshot:
  11. Some visuals can be disturbing to certain players. One game I have played has an arachnophobia (fear of spiders) mode that be enabled. Here is an article: https://www.usgamer.net/amp/satisfactory-arachnophobia-mode-shields-scary-spiders Replacing certain creatures or whatever sprites that disturbed the OP would not be unheard of. Klei and/or mod community would need more information about this instance to address though. A screenshot would be most helpful, but sounds difficult for OP to obtain.
  12. See screenshot; buried object in vacuum: Save file: Ultra Badlands.sav
  13. @Helephant512 You need to connect the middle orange output to a pipe and run it somewhere (ie, to a gas vent). The filter must have both the orange and green outputs piped in order to function. Hope that helps
  14. Awesome drawings. I wonder if the vent solution could be incorporated into the vent itself to regain no more than 240 W of power. A liquid pump takes 240 W to move liquid into a pipe; one could reclaim that as it moves out of the pipe. Perhaps scale it a little due to simulate inefficiency? Pumped-storage hydroelectricity is a thing and I have aways been interested in a non-battery form of power storage while we cannot use gravity in ONI to do this, a hydropower vent would work. There are some buildings that produce liquid outputs where this would be “free power”, but I think could be allowed due to the minor impact: Toilet - very small increase from duplicant use Steam turbine - could provide a small increase in power generation, could be offset by limiting the temperature tolerance of the hydro generator. Algae Distiller - I personally haven’t used this in forever. Slime is a semi-limited resource, exploiting this for power would be limited. Ethanol Distiller - this is probably the biggest issue, but again dumping enough ethanol into space is a waste of power anyways. Glass Forge - also a small generator of liquid
  15. @Tobruk Signal switches represent the battery stages. Buffers and filters set to 0.2 seconds each followed by XOR to identify rising and falling edge of each stage. The rising/falling edge pulse resets the counter. The pulse then drives buffers of 0.4 seconds each. NOT a pulse AND a buffered pulse creates another falling edge signal. The subsequent filter ensures we have some space between our falling edge pulses. Essentially this mess creates a set of 4 pulses, each 0.2 seconds in length and spaced 0.2 seconds apart. AND each of those subsequent "stage pulses" with the stage itself. If a stage is present, then the counter will increase. Tested and works. It takes 1.8 seconds to count up to the current stage. I cannot guarantee this will work correctly if the stage changes within this 1.8 seconds. You may be able to speed this up; I do not know. There are probably also ways to simplify. I would be interested to see if anyone has any suggestions for improvement.