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  1. If you turn the shovel icon upside down, it kind of looks like a rocket with narrow modules in the middle. Fixed!
  2. I wonder if we will ever get a fix for how the consumables screen keeps resetting to the left. There’s no way to toggle higher level food items unless you pause the game.
  3. I too have seen this during the save stutter for areas of dig and destroy commands, as well as drawing diagonal lines of ducts and pipes. The ducts and pipes one is difficult to see as the white templates are never drawn, but every adjacent duct or pipe along this line become connected. This once required me to deconstruct a large portion of my build as all my gasses that were in separate ducts were now flowing into other pipes. This save stutter-draw problem was much, much worse many months ago and there was a fix, but apparently it isn’t 100%.
  4. Rover is stuck in bouncing animation loop, likely a climbing animation. Th Save file: The Beyond3.sav
  5. I have a gas rocket port unloader and a gas rocket port loader that have stopped working. These were fine until recently and nothing has changed with the configuration of these rocket platforms. This gas cargo canister has space and is configured for hydrogen, but does not accept additional hydrogen. The gas rocket port loader is saying it is idle as "this port is idle because there is no rocket on the connected rocket platform", but there is. Again, this was working a day or two ago. Similarly, I have a gas rocket port unloader connected to my rocket. There is hydrogen in the gas cargo canister in the rocket, but the gas rocket port unloader is saying idle for the same reason, "the port is idle because there is no rocket on the connected rocket platform". Save file: The Beyond2.sav
  6. I would also love if the Consumables menu didn’t keep resetting/panning to the left every few seconds. In other words, we need to pause the game if we want to check/uncheck high level foods or medicine.
  7. Rocket not recognized after landing. Duplicants cannot enter rocket and even assigned pilots will not enter to take off. Turns rocket into large paperweight until game is reloaded. Save file: The Beyond2.sav Also, see this previously reported error of same situation, reported to the wrong forum: Screenshot of Ada assigned to rocket and rocket launch started, but she's idle and cannot recognize the rocket.
  8. I still see this as well. This in an old bug and was presumably fixed by Klei developers.
  9. Ada is assigned as the only crew member for Mir XI. I have Star Launch Sequence, but Ada refuses to enter rocket and take off. All checklist items are complete and there is a clear path to the Rocket Control Station. Save file attached: The Beyond2.sav
  10. Using a filter and an XOR will also resolve this issue. The filter would be set to a small number like 0.1 or 0.2 so the downstream XOR output is only active for that amount of time when the input signal goes green, and then goes red if the input stays green. It is a simple rising edge detector.
  11. I cannot select the trailblazer module for change or for deletion or cancel. It acts as if it does not exist. I also cannot move other modules into this location: Save file: The Beyond2.sav
  12. I use the Copy shortcut all the time, and never noticed this before. This must have been introduced in a recent update. I also noticed that this impacts the Base, Oxygen, Power, Food, Plumbing, Ventilation, Utilities, Rocketry menus - but NOT the Refinement, Medicine, Furniture, Stations, Automation, Shipping, Radiation menus.
  13. This bug is still present in the DLC as seen in U40-494396-5: Same bug captured here: Apparently it's been a known issue for 5 years:
  14. Rocket, Venus III, landed at planet, Abnormera, but is not appear at landing platform and is now lost. Does not appear on planet or in space map. Save file: The Beyond2.sav