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  1. I feel that the DLC paces the player and prevents jumping or skipping large chunks of the technology tree. Some may see this as bad and restrictive; others may see it as a new challenge without significantly changing one’s gameplay. I agree with Klei’s thinking (as determined by their posts) that they want to keep people interested in playing. Changes are necessary when doing that.
  2. All other diagnostics can be pinned to the side bar when selecting the checkmark; however, Errands and Work Time cannot be pinned. I find the Errands diagnostic to be very helpful, but do now like having the diagnostic window open all the time. Please allow these two statistics to be pinned to the side bar. Thanks!
  3. 1. Bug fixes 2. Bug fixes 3. Bug fixes I don't know how more I can stress that bug fixes outweighs any and all new features. Nothing turns players off faster than inconsistent and broken features. Sure, the game doesn't crash, but my interest does after encountering bugs.
  4. Would this include a fix to the consumables window always snapping back to the left of the table when open and the game is not paused? It is really annoying late game when many consumables are discovered and players need to adjust consumption of high quality items, but the window keeps refreshing to the left (low quality foods). Then we have to scroll back over and fight with the window until we just pause the game.
  5. I was referring to highlighting the hexagonal tiles in the star map to show how many the hexagonal tiles the rocket can travel in space. This way you can see if a planet is in a rocket’s return, one-way, on unreachable range BEFORE you select a destination for it.
  6. Highlighting! Green shows out and back fuel range. Yellow shows one way distances. Red is unreachable.
  7. Grappling hook module. Add to second rocket to tow first one back to orbit.
  8. Original game spoilers As far as I have been following, the temporal tear has yet to make an appearance in the DLC. I think it would be nice to use that same element. Of course it would not be as simple as piloting a rocket to the tear. Transporting dupes and materials across the cosmos is one of the basic parts of the DLC. To the point, I suggest a building (could even bring back the old telescope artwork) that requires special material (niobium, thermium and/or visco gel), 40 kW to operate, perhaps radiation and/or temperature requirements. This transmitter would have to be installed on every planet and activated simultaneously. They would focus their energies stabilizing the temporal tear and preventing more asteroids and planets from falling into it and emerging in our space. Or even preventing the neutronium reactor disaster that occurred at Gravitas. ... Fanfic or potential new lore?:
  9. Klei ONI SO team: you guys are awesome; keep up the great work. And thank you for putting up with us rowdy/demanding bunch of players
  10. Do we have any general goal as to when the DLC will be officially released? Are we thinking Summer? Maybe give it a full year of development/early access and have the final release at the end of the year?
  11. Intended function as of now. You need to take a rocket to the edge of the explorer area, build a telescope in the rocket, and have a dupe use the telescope to explore more area. Note the telescope needs to be built after reaching the destination as it currently does not update dynamically.
  12. As the tooltip states, “If the tanks are already full, then this rocket can never reach that destination.” You need to select a closer destination, one the sucrose rocket can reach. Then the message will go away.
  13. The critters are not selected, but the food that is common to those critters. This does not negatively impact gameplay and helps illustrate when foods are consumed by different critters.