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  1. I converted my chlorine to oxygen and glass. On my latest map I had no algae and limited water to produce oxygen, so I had to rely on a rust deoxidizer to produce the majority of my oxygen. The salt on my map was also limited, so when it ran out I had to make more salt from dasha saltvine. Dasha saltvines are slightly matter positive (3.6 kg/cycle Chlorine + 7 kg/cycle Sand --> 10.83 kg/cycle Salt). Ignoring the resulting table salt, the rock crusher can convert salt to equal amounts sand. I used the growing amounts of salt to run the rust deoxider; and the growing amounts of sand in the glass forge to make glass.
  2. Rather than using filter gates and buffer gates, or timer sensors, since they aren't accurate time counters - I've set up my rocket timer using actual cycle sensors. The idea is to have 10 cycle sensors each offset by 10% in activation time. You can then use this to accurately count the cycles down to 1/10th accuracy. The benefit here is that the cycle sensors are based on absolute day positions and not number of tics. I also realize this solution isn't perfect, since it could be off by up to 60 seconds, but it works for me at the moment. Seems strange that the game can track movement of water to a precise 1 g/s rate (for example), but automation isn't tracked to a precise 1 s/s. I would have expected water flow to be based on game tics just like automation, but perhaps that's a bad assumption?
  3. AP-420700 I have seen this with Dreckos and with Hatches. Certain critters will be present in the stable and be recognized by critter drop offs and sensors, but will not be recognized by the grooming stations. This can result in the critter staying glum, not reproducing and the stable eventually dying out - and in some cases a critter going extinct - not fun. This is not because they are already groomed (see screenshot). Two of these dreckos are not recognized by the grooming station, but one is. A reload resolves the issue. Please correct this bug, thanks. UB_2.sav
  4. I think the space update/multiple colony will be exclusive to the DLC. Current space isn’t broken, and is relatively straightforward with trip times and resource replenishment. Now if they introduce changes to the rockets themselves, that may be in the base game. Depends if they change the existing rocket building or just add to it. I like how we can currently customize rockets for different purposes.
  5. Yes! That is definitely one of the appeals of ONI: to have fun failing, learning, and playing again with a new strategy. Some players complain that space is too difficult and meteor showers are annoying, but I love that. I really wish there were much more extreme areas in the game. Things that really challenge your builds and strategy.
  6. No. I said the opposite, literally. No, you have said a few times that heat does not change and heat is not involved. But heat is involved and heat does change because you have heat flow. The temperature around an AT increases along with the temperature because the mass and elements remain constant. Heat is not “somehow” related to temperature, is directly related per specific heat and mass. Your view of heat is global (which is why I made the comment about a closed system), but when you transfer heat from area A to area B heat decreases in area A and increases in area A.
  7. Currently all room types are available in pairs, except for Power Plant and Recreation Room. I suggest “Kitchen” be paired with the Power Plant - allowing us to create the Recreation Room pair: “Amusement Park” in the future Players have also suggested “Laboratories” or “Research Rooms”rooms, which is another possible pairing with Power Plant. Having a “Kitchen” room is an okay suggestion, but ultimately I think these last two pairs should be left for something more unique and more important than food, morale, or research.
  8. The distinction isn’t arbitrary. Heat is dependent on an elements specific heat and mass. If every element had the same specific heat and mass, then changes in heat would equal changes in temperature. But we have all seen how aquatuners can actually cool the O2 in a base by removing the heat and dumping it into a pool of water. That water with its high mass and high specific heat take a long time to increase in temperature, all the while keeping your base (mainly O2 with low mass and low specific heat) cool. I do disagree with how this is worded. Essentially all temperature changes involve heat; the two are tied together be specific heat and mass. I think, and correct me if I interpret you incorrectly, you are considering heat transfer into or out of a certain boundary. For example in a AT petroleum boiler you say the heat transfer and heat moved is zero. That may be the case into and out of the boiler, but within the boiler there is heat transfer. As crude is warmed, heat is transferred from your high temperature area to the oil to turn it into petroleum. The high temp area loses heat and therefore cools. Conversely the new petroleum transfers heat to your low temperature area causing it to warm. Your AT is then needed to move that heat from the low temperature area to the hot temperature area. Result: Net transfer of heat inside the boiler “lots”, net transfer of heat into/out of the boiler, near zero.
  9. If I have followed the conversation correctly, that has been your main point, Yunru. You could dump your volcano into a slush geyser and watch the temperature equalize just for fun, and then separately run an AT in a petrol boiler. OR Pipe the crude to the volcano, with higher temperature, extract the heat to create hot petroleum, then pipe that to the slush geyser to cool the petroleum, dump the heat to the slush. No need for the AT. So while the second scenario doesn’t directly create power, it does help your power budget. Haha, yeah. I have a simple AT/turbine set up next to my rockets to convert rocket heat to power; the AT is there to cool the turbines and create the LOX/LH2. So yeah, turbines are a hugely effective way to convert heat to power, and freeze the world (or liquify, in the case of gasses).
  10. @O MUNDO I do not see the issue. Meal wood consumes 10kg of dirt per cycle. If you run 10 farm tiles of meal wood for 100 cycles, they will have consumed 10t of dirt.
  11. Similarly, offgassing of polluted water and polluted dirt is also not counted in the oxygen consumption summary.
  12. - Thou shalt visit the temple of the Roadmap at least 3 times a day. - Thou shalt rejoice when receiving news and updates from the creators, and leave a reaction. - Thou shalt include save files and all logs files with your bug reports. - Thou shalt spread news and opinions of exploits to all you encounter, regardless if you use them or not. - Thou shalt have mercy on dupes who dig themselves, or wall themselves, into unreachable places. No mercy will be given to a dupe who has an accident in the clean water supply.
  13. Make that six I also built this. But then again I’m not a youtuber: It’s not about who first proposed it, it’s about who first made it popular, haha. No, not the only one. I haven’t taken a break either with the DLC about to come out. I restarted bases all the time when I first began playing the game, why would restarting bother me now? I do see why people would take a break or wait though. It’s pretty often you hear people posting “I’m just getting back into ONI, what did I miss”.
  14. Ipsquiggle must have misspoke, yeah, that must be it. And yes, Klei are also money hungry, obviously: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/announcement/67-a-note-to-our-community