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  1. Steam turbine working

    @inkball if you do not have it already, this is a good reference: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/98732-the-steam-turbine-everything-you-need-to-know/ I would suggest blocking all but one of the input ports on the steam turbines and remove the gas pump and high pressure vent. The gas pump is very inefficient in transporting mass, the liquid pump is much better. You can create a steam chamber under you first steam generator that is very high. My current steam generator setup has 600 kg of pressure in it. Gas pressure does not (currently) break tiles. You can allow high pressure to build up while the volcano is active, and then run that pressure down while it is dormant. If you can manage to keep an offshoot of the magma room under 538°C, then you could create a petroleum lock instead of destroying tiles every 90 cycles. One trick I have used in the past with volcanoes is to surround the entire volcano with tiles (ones that won't melt) and then leave a one tile high opening just above the neutronium on the left or right. This allows for magma to flow out, but doesn't let any gasses in so the volcano never over pressurizes. If you can get the magma to solidify in a room under 275°C, then consider adding a steel robo-miner and steel auto-sweeper so your duplicants do not have to go into that room anymore. Another trick I've never used myself is to use doors to transfer heat. Essentially enclosed mechanical airlocks will conduct heat when closed, but will not when open (because of the vacuum they create). This can be used to regulate heat transfer to a steam chamber. Lots of ideas! Just remember that there's no real optimal build; it all depends on what you want to do and how you want to handle the heat. I like that you said that you want to learn with your current map; I do the same thing! That's one reason I don't actually make it to space, I get distracted by new ideas and concepts.
  2. I am having the same issue with moving dirt to a storage bin: Attaching another save file and log files if that helps: The Incredible Space Hut.sav output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. [Game Update] - 309354

    Yay, a bug I reported got fixed. Hopefully this also fixes the eating buff getting stuck randomly.
  4. I built most of this in a previous run through. I had a pair of duplicant checkpoints coming from the surface. The duplicants would wait at one of the checkpoints, and then periodically it would become closed off, causing duplicants caught inside to drop their materials. The materials would then fall into an inaccessible pit with an autosweeper, which would transport the material via rail through a cooling pool. So I was getting all my surface materials at 20.C, very useful. You need two checkpoints or else the pathing from the surface is broken completely. I also built a base that had a hot area and a cooled area. Duplicants has access to one but not both. Autosweeper and cooling pool between the two. The two areas kept duplicants from transporting materials from the cooled area to the hot area for reloading and causing a loop. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
  5. Aquatuner Upgrade

    My water temperatures also vary but are nearly always above 14°C, so I simply keep looping it through my aquatuner while it's above 14°C. Once it's below 14°C I release it. Assuming you keep a full liquid reservoir feeding the aquatuner loop, one could output liquid at a constant 14°C. Now, if you're looking for something that can output any temperature you want and accept water temperatures between 0-100°C, then you can build off of this general concept to output 0-2°C water. You can adjust the setpoints to whatever you like, such as 18-22°C. It essentially loops the water back and mixes it with the input to ensure the input to the aquatuner stays fixed (14-16°C). If the input gets too hot, then cold water is mixed with it to cool to 16°C. If the input gets too cold, then hot water is mixed with it to heat it to 14°C. You will of course need to prime the liquid reservoir and ensure it is full in order to ensure the best averaging.
  6. Found a similar issue. I just mined all the diamond for nothing *sad face*.
  7. Definitely a bug since the hanging pot states they "add a bit of decor", and aero pot states they "have extremely high decor value". Last I checked, zero is not a very high number
  8. As seen by the two screenshots, the electric grills have accumulated a large amount of food. This food never gets cooked. One way to resolve this issue is to empty the storage. The duplicant will then reload the grills and a normal buffer is re-established. This only happens after a number of cycles, and I wanted to capture this before I destroy them and move the grills. The first grill has only ever cooked barbecue and pepper bread; the second grill has only ever mushroom and gristle berry (gristle berry hasn't been cooked in a long long time, hence bristle berry does not show up in the buffer). If I had to venture a guess, the grill never fully matches portions of ingredients together, causing these remainders to accumulate. The Incredible Space Hut.sav
  9. Aquatuner Upgrade

    Thanks for the suggestion. I understand why you would like this control, but I personally do not like the idea. The fact we have to build additional controls outside of the aquatuner is part of the appeal of the game. We need to use different limited parts to build a system that meets our needs. Since we can do that, we shouldn’t need to create or modify buildings. I know there are players that will like this idea and others that won’t. Hopefully they weigh in; maybe I’m in the minority.
  10. Granted Morse showed us how to modify the code ourselves, but I think what would be really worthwhile would be for Klei to create a “input temperature branch” following the QoL mark 2 release. This way those interested can do some pre-testing and provide feedback on how a same out temperature as input temperature world would actually play out.
  11. The sprite appears correctly for grown deckos (lower level), but appears rotated on the baby drecklet (upper level). This is the same for the non-glossy morph as well. The Incredible Space Hut.sav
  12. Similar to how the auto-sweeper and the robo-miner display their ranges prior to placing and when selected, it would be nice to see/know what would obstruct the telescope and space scanner lines of sight in-game/immediately.
  13. Elion University of Science and Technology,
  14. [Game Update] - 307409

    We don’t have to reload for ladders, but I am still having to reload when a binge eater gets stressed: