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  1. A Rift in the Matrix

    I have seen this happen before. The likelihood has seemed to drop over the months. the better one is when you get something “buried” in a vacuum. How does that work exactly, haha.
  2. Releaseready?

    Balancing aside, the fact that I have to reload the game every 30 minutes because something breaks is the reason why this game is not ready for release. I love Klei and they have put a lot into this game; but there are way too many bugs. I'm really concerned about non-community reactions.
  3. My binge eater got stuck in a loop of picking up 11g of food repeatedly; this causes the eating buff to appear MULTIPLE times. And since they cannot reset their stress response, they cannot go to the bathroom. Eventually Bubbles will make a mess to break this loop. A reload also resolves this - albeit temporarily. Magical Tool Shed.sav
  4. QOL Mk-III Beta Release ?

    Sounds like there is a problem in the preview release schedule. Please submit a bug report and include your save file.
  5. bug with turbine

    The space above and below the turbine are connected. There is nothing keeping the pressure below the turbine higher than the pressure above the turbine. The key to allow it to run is the difference between above and below pressures.
  6. Power switches between two transformers instead of distributing evenly, or switching between each. This starves the remainder, even though they are connected to the circuit. Space Hut.sav
  7. Allowing the edge of the map to come to the center of the screen would be a very easy fix in my opinion; and a huge improvement to QoL! This and the auto-scrolling to the left of the consumables tab, these are the two QoL annoyances I wish to be changed.
  8. Duplicants are stuck trying to deliver construction resources, but cannot reach the area due to the locked door. So they are just standing at the door, not moving. They do have the ability to go the other direction and complete other tasks, but are stuck trying to reach this one. Save file should have 2-3 duplicants exhibit this behavior upon load. The Leaky Dimension.sav
  9. I thought the tepidizer only heated to 85.C, how is that useful for the turbine?
  10. That's right community; it's up to us to post meaningful bug reports. Include your save files and log files. And let's give this team the support they need to put out an awesome game. I know I'm psyched.
  11. This is what I meant. The turbine generates power, which is why it is on the power tab. The petroleum generator is also on the power tab, but the loop of converting the byproducts of CO2 and polluted water to produce petroleum again is not power positive. Similarly, taking the resulting cool steam and getting it to be a valid input again should not be power positive.
  12. The turbine isn’t meant to be power positive, for the same reason they changed the natural gas generator and fertilizer synthesizer. Condensing the turbine output to water and pumping at 10kg/s does not require use of any exploits and is perfectly fair. This is how turbines are used in the real world. i do not like the suggestions made by the OP, aside from maybe the scaling power production based on open ports. But based on a review of the code, blocking the input ports is not intended and doing so is an exploit. I do not think they need to improve the turbine, just remove the bugs.
  13. CO2 apears from nowhere

    Specifically, duplicants breath out CO2 periodically. When they enter this nearly vacuum room and breathe out the CO2, it will spread to the entire room. The longer they are in the room, the more CO2 that will appear.
  14. Game stops loading at 51.8%

    I tried: Game Mode: Survival Immune Systems: None Dupicant Mood: Unflappable Stress Reactions: Checked Morale Requirements: Regular Hunger Rate: Fasting Sandbox Mode: Unchecked World: Default The world generation was successful. So, sounds to me that your game files may be corrupted. In steam, try running "Verify integrity of game files". Hopefully that works, if not, upload your log files - it may give the developers additional information to track down the cause.
  15. If you used debug at one point to reveal the map, then that is likely when Marie associated herself with the bed. When you return fog of war, the buildings are still known, just not seen. If you never used debug on this map, then I suppose it could be considered a bug.