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  1. Another option that has its own drawbacks is adding access control to doors. Essentially some dupes (like farmers) have access to the farm areas but not to the outside base. Conversely other dupes (diggers/builders) have access to the outside but not to the farms. This means that the farmers won’t be able to reach hot dirt, and diggers would have no reason to bring in the hot dirt. I did this once for regolith and it worked well. Water sieve dupes couldn’t access the surface, surface dupes could reach the sieve.
  2. This is not correct. Abyssalite has a Thermal Conductivity of 0.00001; and when it interacts with another material such as crude oil, which has a high thermal conductivity, the total thermal conductivity for the system is geometric mean of the two. The situation where the oil and petroleum do not heat up any further is likely one of the edge cases explained in the wiki: https://oxygennotincluded.gamepedia.com/Thermal_Conductivity
  3. Copy/paste coordinates not duplicating

    There was some discussion here, but it appears they ability to revert to previous versions has removed, sorry:
  4. Copy/paste coordinates not duplicating

    I this not a bug, but a result of updating Unity in this update: This has been discussed here: Primarily this explanation by @Cairath: Klei needed to upgrade Unity version and with that, the .NET Framework version, to ensure the game will still work fine on all platforms. The new framework version has a different implementation of Random(). It's not like they purposely decided 'lol let's mess them up'. They've really been careful about not messing up world gen even when slight changes were added in the past, but sometimes you just can't avoid it.
  5. Naphta and liquid sulfur have no color in pipes

    Naphtha is a black when pooled in the world (similar to crude oil), and liquid sulfur is a bright neon yellow. The white in the pipes is probably a default that was never replaced or defined.
  6. Cycle + Autosave + building

    This has been reported several times:
  7. "everyone come here"

    Decent idea. This can be roughly implemented now by trapping a critter behind an access restricted door behind a duplicant checkpoint. If you attack the critter, all combat capable duplicants will immediately path to the critter but get stuck in the checkpoint.
  8. My guess is when an egg is picked up by the autosweeper, it is no longer counted as belonging to the room (ie, the critter count decreases). When the critter count decreases, the loader turns off and the sweeper drops the egg. This we have an endless loop of pick up/drop. Adding the buffer keeps the loader active long enough to send the eggs downstream. I think why he did this was to only sweep up excess eggs keeping the critter+egg count constant. But I do not think this will have desired effect because I believe the the sweeper will simply pick up all the eggs in the room at once. Meaning you will never have eggs present in the stable and the population on the room will eventually go to zero.
  9. Conveyor rail not merging sources as expected

    This behaves differently than pipes, which is why I compared it to pipes and said it does not behave the as expected (ie, I expected it to behave like pipes). Even if you do not compare it to pipes and just look at the behavior, it does not make sense. There is no reason why an input to a junction should care what is upstream on that branch.
  10. ONI multiplayer

    If beds are player specific, then what about other buildings like wires and pipes? Could player 1 build a generator and batteries, and player 2 connect his machines to it? Could player 1 then deconstruct those machines or wires if he wanted? Completely shared ONI game play is one things, but when you try to separate this into separate ownership, things become complicated.
  11. Conveyor rail not merging sources as expected

    I debugged it more: It appears that the issue is caused by the fact I have 2 conveyor loaders on the one line/branch. If I delete one of the loaders, it works as anticipated: The setup below also works. It doesn't mater how many lines come together, but having a conveyor loader built directly on another's line is what causes my issue.
  12. I have 3 input lines and 1 output line at a conveyor rail junction. Input 1 (top) alternates, input 2 (right) is blocked, and input 3 (bottom) has nothing in it. This results in the output (left) only working at 50% capacity. If this operated like liquid or gas pipes, the 3 inputs would alternate - and since the third input is empty the result would be inputs 1 and 2 alternate and output would be 100% utilized. I have also taken a short video to show the behavior in motion. 2020-02-15 11-55-20.mkv Note that before I filled the upper line with material, the right line was alternating even though the upper and lower inputs were empty. Serene Oblivion.sav
  13. One thing related to late game research is the large quantity of unusable Data Disks. I just though, use them to tune the Space Scanners (similar to how Power Stations produce microchips to tune Power generators). Tuning a Space Scanner would consume the Data Disk and require some amount duplicant involvement (would be a science based errand) but would allow the scanner to operate without exposure to the sky and would provide a full 200 seconds of detection time.
  14. abbisalit

    https://oxygennotincluded.gamepedia.com/Thermal_Conductivity Per the wiki, thermal transfer between solid and gas tiles (which would include steam) is multiplied by 25, meaning gasses next to abyssalite heat faster than liquids or solids (assuming all other conditions/properties are the same).
  15. Can not use pacu shipment

    Flopping pacu can be transported and placed in a fish release once caught in a fish trap. They flop into it, and then the duplicants can pick them up.