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Wilson and Wendy cosplays

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Hi guys,

As fans of our cool game, a year back, me and my fiancee decided to make some cool cosplays of our favourite characters. The makeup you see was all invented and made by a friend of mine who kindly accepted to help us in the project. Check her out on fb if you want see more of her art at Marcella Art Zito. If you want to check more stuff about us as well feel free to reach the instagram page @finnnk :3 

We hope you will enjoy our work, and share with us the love for this incredible game. Don't Starve together people! 

















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wrong name ups
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You have an excellent Wendy cosplay here, it's extremely accurate. Especially the hair and shoes, and whoever that is did a wonderful job with expression and motion to make it look like Wendy.

The other - Winston? Do you mean Wilson? Or do you mean Winston, the unimplemented skeleton character? I think that was the skeleton's name, anyway.

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Just now, gallusvarius said:

I don't actually know, these forums confuse me terribly. 

I could tell they seemed to be Wilson instead though, by looking.

corrected* :3. Thanks for letting me notice the gag. And thanks for your comments.

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On 22/6/2018 at 4:35 AM, GamerGameiro said:

pretty good cosplay,but just because they are white-gray on the game doesn't mean they need to be white-gray (sorry if i was rude)

not rude at all, don't worry ^^. The makeup was just a way to give more personality and contrast to the characters, to make them half real and half unreal.* 

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