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Units of Measure?

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18 minutes ago, Gurgel said:

The "t" is actually one of the few non-SI units accepted within the system. The proper SI unit would be Mg, i.e. "Megagram". Apparently, there are only 11 such units, including litre (dm^3), minute, hour, day and a few others. 

The list is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_System_of_Units

Well, they are just synonyms at common metric "milestones" (power of 10). Originating from a time, where those values were actually used/traded/handled even before the metric system was established. So it made sense to keep those terms (which were already part of the spoken language), since they were perfect fits to (or the basis of) the metric system.

The prefixes (mega, milli) were just extensions to this existing system, have compact numbers without using new names for every confection. Most daily tasks do not revolve around milligrams or megameters, so there are no (normalized) synonyms in spoken languages for those.

Gigabyte came a bit too late to take a crack at the (prefexes of) metric system.


The other metrics are actually different steps on the scale (foot, inch, gallon).


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