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  1. Currently the Robo Miner will not mine through open Mechanized Airlocks. In contrary Auto Sweepers will sweep through them if openend. Allthough this is consistent with the range indication when building the Miner it is inconsistent with the rest of the game mechanics.
  2. This only means there is even more room for improvement, which is a great thing!
  3. Do they create a full grid for every tile? If so, then that is very likely fixeable. If I understand correctly then the pathing is divided into two parts, the traverseable subgraph is updated every time the map changes and the pathing on that graph happens every time a dupe is finished with a task. I've noticed that when the game progresses the subgraph pathing itself isn't actually slowing down the game as much as the building of the graph. If you have a laggy game, then try to observe this as well: There might be stutters happening when duplicants finish building a tile/ladder or dig something up. But if you just let them do other stuff the game is smoother, at least for me. So what I wonder is the following: Does the subgraph update or do they recreate it every time the map changes? If the second is true then there might be ways of drastically increasing the performance by actually updating the subgraph by narrowing down the checks that have to be made. If this is the case then jetpacks wouldn't decrease the performance as much in comparison. Another thought is that a full grid might not be necessairy at all. I've read about people complaining about performance when they use jetpacks in space, which is an indication for a full grid graph. The thing is: Does the duplicant actually need to be able to visit every point in the grid? Alot of them have no interaction possible because the dupes can't reach anthing from there and should only be used to account for edges on the graph. Those are just some random thoughts, bottom line is that I assume Klei will fix this stuff sooner or later because right now it seems like some of this is still a bit barebones/brute force at first glance.
  4. After a while I decostructed the hydrogen generators in my powerplant and reconstructed them. That seemed to resolve the issue.
  5. I even get infinite power when disconnecting the batteries from the power grid.
  6. My Smart Batteries don't get drained anymore. My circuit seems to have an infinite power supply. The Space Cantaloupe.sav
  7. I agree with this. The helicona map was my favorite for a while because the huge starting biome makes the early game super fast since it lets you expand very quickly. If it had a space biome it would be theoretically possible to gather every essential ressource/critter I assume.
  8. Pretty sure the meteor events don't happen if you don't explore the area. Similar to open geysers/vents etc.
  9. In games the alpha test version is usually still very technical. The game engine is not yet completely done or other technical components such as networking have to be figured out / tuned, also there are major features missing. A beta test is usually something that already works as a game. The engine is done, so the general underlying game rules are pretty much set in stone, typically in a beta you add minor features (in a technical sense) that are more game design oriented than technical oriented. The game balance might be off and "content" stuff is not completely done yet. Even if it wasn't communicated by the devs that the alpha is over, it would be pretty clear that ONI is in a beta stage and certainly not in an alpha stage. The updates are mostly small fixes, content additions, graphical changes, balance changes and stuff like that. You don't expect Klei to do an update that completely changes how gases move around or something along those lines.
  10. Stats are leveling but the previous update is a rebalance. They seem to level up much slower.
  11. I can confirm that it works indeed just like the old system. Jobs have now no effect besides perks and hats. This is a huge bummer! I really liked the way jobs and the 1-5* made organising tasks much more efficient and fun. The last update with the softpriorities in 1-9 was a downgrade to that but at least it meant that micromanaging the task matrix wasn't necessary (besides the "all" column). The 1-5* not only made organising tasks more efficient but also easier. Another thing that bothers me is that duplicants don't seem to opt out of sweeping when deselecting the Tidy task. I don't want my whole colony to sweep, I just want it to get done eventually. Now I have to micromanage the priorities and tasks much more again.
  12. It means that the priorities work exactly like the used to before the preview is my guess. Which is a huge bummer. The 1-5* system was vastly superiour to this and I don't think people complained about it as soon as they understood how it works.
  13. Gas pumps in mixed gases can produce >500g packets.