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  1. Why would wickerbottom be so good in pvp? I would have banked on woodie, wolfgang, wortox or maybe wigfrid.
  2. Would be a shame to not consider a very cool feature because a very small minority would misuse it IMO. On tentacles likely has a much higher griefing potential, or simply stealing stuff without notice.
  3. I would argue that she was the most powerful character for a very long time. The only competition was Wolfgang for combat and WX for ruins rushing/clearing which is a super narrow advantage. But overall if you had to choose either one of those for a team, purely based on merits, you’d likely want Wickerbottom. Her nerfs were very significant and farming got improved so much that she became more niche. Even though I really like her and I think she still has some interesting depth and utility, I have a hard time picking her over other characters. But I disagree that she cannot be improved. Her current books mostly have very niche uses, and her new agricultural books seem quite weak to me and not resource/time efficient. There are however things that would be cool to see as books. Say a cheap way to make rain, a book that influences critters in some ways, or one that spawns a hound attack or a frog rain. There’s tons of possibilities.
  4. Questions on armor in DST Armor Stacking in DST I never even tried to stack armor in DST (nor in DS) as I assumed it just doesn't work (playing almost exclusively solo or with friends). But from videos I saw people using double armor (head and chest) against certain bosses. For example when soloing BQ (marble+football helmet or beekeeper hat) and Dragonfly (marble + football helmet). In the wiki it says that the higher absorption rate is always taken when making the mitigation calculation. This can be used to save durability (and inventory slots) on an expensive item like marble suits, thulecite armors and night armor etc. by wearing a cheap armor alongside it since durability is spread out. Now I remember when looking at a video that someone claimed that this isn't 100% consistent and it sometimes matters which armor is equipped first. Is this true? The information in the wiki is also not 100% consistent: In the DS section it talks about equip order and in the DST section it doesn't. What is the story here? How consistent is the armor stacking strategy in DST to reduce durability cost? Chest Armor The chest slot is highly competitive in DS/T, with the Backpack often being a optimal choice and there being other, very powerful options for it such as the Magi, strict upgrades from the Backpack (Krampus Sack, Insulated Pack) or alternative (to Eyebrella) hazard protection such as the Floral Shirt and Raincoat. The most overshadowed armor piece would then be Log Suit, which occupies the more expensive chest slot, while also not giving any benefit over using a football helmet in most cases. The materials are also arguably more expensive for the majority of the cast. An argument could be made for specific situations like spelunking with Moggles or fighting Antlion with Desert Goggles. Similarly the Thulecite Suit is overshadowed by the Thulecite Crown, which provides a very strong stunlock protection mechanic on top of being a head piece. It seems to me that the most used/discussed chest armor is the Marble Suit, giving high protection, being made of renewable materials and having decent durability. Other chest armor pieces seem to be mostly unused either because they are costly or there being better alternatives. What does the community think of chest armor in DST? Am I right with the assumption that it is often hard to justify over the alternatives? Possibly Underrated Armor Items There are several armor pieces that don't get much attention in discussions, videos and so on, but have interesting perks: The Night Armor is in a sense cheaper than the Marble Suit but has a completely different downside with the sanity drain. It seems to me that specific characters like Maxwell benefit from this much more, even as a general purpose option over football helmets. Snurtle shell armor has an interesting upside, a strict upgrade to the Bush Hat. I haven't seen this being discussed or used often, but it might provide some interesting tactics. I assume that these are just too time consuming to get your hands on (as I've tried before). Breaking Armor mechanics In some videos I've seen players swap out low durability armor manually before they break. What is the idea behind this? Does breaking armor not provide the full protection?
  5. They are the original vanilla plus RoG seasonal bosses in DS alongside Dragonfly. None of them have blueprints there. (Deerclops was the only seasonal boss in vanilla DS, which had only two seasons.) In DST Dragonfly has different spawning mechanics and a blueprint for the scaled furnace and is no longer a seasonal boss. Instead Antlion was added to DST as one for summer.
  6. Does the Winona catapult AoE affect neutral or allied creatures such as Bunnymen?
  7. Seems to me that a solo Wigfrid might just be able to spam it, but I'm not entirely sure. I think there are 2x Wigfrids playing and the one recording has quite a bit of surplus inspiration.
  8. As anyone attempted to use Startling Soliloquy as Wigfrid on BQ? I haven't played the character much since her refresh, but I assume that this song might be useful for the boss (solo) to control the summoned bees. I wonder if the song can be spammed quickly enough to take minimal or no damage from the summons while staying on the queen.
  9. Currently the Robo Miner will not mine through open Mechanized Airlocks. In contrary Auto Sweepers will sweep through them if openend. Allthough this is consistent with the range indication when building the Miner it is inconsistent with the rest of the game mechanics.
  10. This only means there is even more room for improvement, which is a great thing!
  11. Do they create a full grid for every tile? If so, then that is very likely fixeable. If I understand correctly then the pathing is divided into two parts, the traverseable subgraph is updated every time the map changes and the pathing on that graph happens every time a dupe is finished with a task. I've noticed that when the game progresses the subgraph pathing itself isn't actually slowing down the game as much as the building of the graph. If you have a laggy game, then try to observe this as well: There might be stutters happening when duplicants finish building a tile/ladder or dig something up. But if you just let them do other stuff the game is smoother, at least for me. So what I wonder is the following: Does the subgraph update or do they recreate it every time the map changes? If the second is true then there might be ways of drastically increasing the performance by actually updating the subgraph by narrowing down the checks that have to be made. If this is the case then jetpacks wouldn't decrease the performance as much in comparison. Another thought is that a full grid might not be necessairy at all. I've read about people complaining about performance when they use jetpacks in space, which is an indication for a full grid graph. The thing is: Does the duplicant actually need to be able to visit every point in the grid? Alot of them have no interaction possible because the dupes can't reach anthing from there and should only be used to account for edges on the graph. Those are just some random thoughts, bottom line is that I assume Klei will fix this stuff sooner or later because right now it seems like some of this is still a bit barebones/brute force at first glance.
  12. After a while I decostructed the hydrogen generators in my powerplant and reconstructed them. That seemed to resolve the issue.
  13. I even get infinite power when disconnecting the batteries from the power grid.
  14. My Smart Batteries don't get drained anymore. My circuit seems to have an infinite power supply. The Space Cantaloupe.sav