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  1. In my case, dupes wear combi (atmosuits) in the rocket.. and suffocate now and then, open the atmosuit, breath, go back inside (repeat). I did not plan well for the atmosuit change room to be close to the rocket (I thought the rocket departure will burn everything around !) and it's to big to fit inside the living module, so not automatic way to un-suit the dupe during flight. Anyway, you have to un-dress the dupe inside the rocket manually, and not forget to get the dupe back in? Last time I tried it was buggy and messy (dupe not really complying to get back into it's suit). Is it fixed ? Legend: Sigourney Weaver on the set of Alien, 1979
  2. Same bug here (space out, dev build 469668) Even the statue is wondering how someone can be so still for so long... while we're at it, newly solidified metal (iron debris) does not exchange heat in vaccum but will happily cool down after game restart !
  3. Update : during a dormancy of volcano = rebuild door = no change Newly solidified iron does not exchange heat, unless game reboot.
  4. o @aderae you made my day, i did not figure out that the radbolt generator could "hold" some radiation forever !!
  5. Spaced out, testing build here... be still ex1 513 - 468841 version and not 469287.. (nothing planned on steam update) and in the list of version, not a # listed.. how do I get the latest version please ?
  6. Thanks @Nematrec for the input. I removed the AETN images (they were drag from another post). Door tranmit heat from metal tile all the time and even from the hot iron after a restart of the game. To clarify the potential bug: molten iron drops on an empty cell (on top of the door) solidify at around 1400 °C STAYS at this temp (bug on iron or bug on the door .. but heat go through the door all the time.. temperature is not clamped for the door) restart the game (save/quit to menu/load) hot oron starts to cool down If cooling solid iron is present AND molten iron drops on it, then the cooling continues. So the bug is only manifest when new iron arrive in an empty cell. How do I entangle the culpit, door or iron ? (for ref, this post refers to buged heat transfert for doors, but tile to door and clamp at 800 °C)
  7. Same bug today : hot iron + metal door + vaccum = no heat transfer restart : hot iron is cooling down like.. fast I made a bug report but if you have hot material in vaccum, can you check if it stays hot (0°C temp change) or diffuse heat?
  8. on some started play (open save file) hot iron (1410°C) does not transfer heat (remain 1410°C for at least 3 or 4 cycles). on some start (or restart) transfert is quick (see screenshot, since file opening, it drops to 1400°C in a few seconds). My guess is that the second behavior is normal, but the bug is = it's not behaving the same on some start ! Terra Tatta metal.sav
  9. OK then, I'll try Brothgar set up, and it's not as magical as I thought (or I'm missing something) and revert to the original idea. Eruption => liquid iron => leak to the side => get cooled to solid iron => drop all the way down to - 11 °C polluted water from a geyser EDIT: STOP THE PRESSES !! I just have a crash, - a first in 550 cycles - but it's a good thing because, at restart * i did not loose much (half a cycle) * solid iron start dropping like a ... bird dropping and is actively cooling !!
  10. I can see that, the little bugger stays hot ! I do not understand why the 2500 --> 1370 °C drop.. (should be a conduction by then) and suddend stop.
  11. Some news about cooling metal volcano, the Brothgar set up seems strong and working : First 3 cycles of a volcano awaking.. (note: error in insulated tiles near the thermo sensor => rebuilt in metal of course) Due to the distance I went for a normal wire (1000W) connexion: steam engine ---- normal wire ---- transformer >-> ====== heavy wire ==== main generators room It seems to be working, but not something I've seen very often, so may be I'm missing something... But the main worry is that despite liquid iron cooling from 2500 °C to 1370°C (solid) it then remains at 1370°C. the metal tile around did go up to 300-400°C, steam turbine ran, cool down every one ... not the solid iron. Still 1370°C. This set up is not design with a gas (vaccum is recomanded), since the door open and close, I cannot see a thin layer of liquid on it to help conduct the heat... so I'm a bit at a loss there.
  12. Yes, I did not reveal nor analysed the iron volcano, so I do not know the specific output and cycles. But if 400 g/s is the max per eruption period, it's fine with me, as I intend to shut off the cooling during dormant phase anyway. And there was a mixed up with images (for some reason the last one refuse to go away, and the first is about water not iron, my bad). So, if I want a target temperature to handle iron with conveyor, i'll aim at 125 °C (easier than the very low 25°C you choose @zach123b but I have indeed to figure out a second cooling of iron from 125 to room temp) Iron 240 kg/cycle (during non dormancy) 2526 °C ---> 125 °C ==> 35.9 wheezworts <=> 431  kDTU/s much better indeed !! 240 000g x 0,449 shc x (2799.15K - 398.15K) / 600 seconds polluted water 600 kg/cycle (during non dormancy) -10 °C ---> 100 °C ==> 33.4 wheezworts <=> 401  kDTU/s nearly there 600 000g x 4.179 shc x (263K - 359K) / 600 seconds
  13. thanks for the link, @zach123b i have not thought of cooling the volcano chamber i was going for a vaccumed aera around the volcano... anyway, as I said, there is but little room around the iron volcano, to the left is neutronium (map border) and above is an uranium patch (best left intact for later). And thanks to the calculator, here's the formula I was looking for : masse of stuff to be cooled x SHC x (temperatures differences) / duration of cooling g x DTU/g/°C x °C / sec 400 x 4.179 x 2400 / 1 Well, well that is indeed massive... 4013 kDTU/sec. But an ATST (steam engine with AT) and 1000°C steam is said o handle 6800 kDTU/s (source fradow). As for dumping liquid iron into -10 °C polluted water.... I'll need 10 cool slush geyser ;tltr iron <=> 334 wheezworts >>> slush geyser.. 33
  14. Hello ! A fun disposition in a cold biome (iron volcano up, cool slush geyser at the bottom) Since there is little space near the iron volcano to set up a cooling system (like this one ) I thought I may simply dump drops of molten iron into a pool of polluted water (a trash chute? ). And, if need be, create a circuit cooling the polluted water, or just use the (warmer, slightly warm, hot ?) water in the base. Here comes my limit, how to roughly estimate the cooling power of a material? List of my knowledge so far: (it's short !!) a passive coolong steam turbine will give 292 kDTU/s iron volcano max 400g/s at 2526°C with a SHC of 0.449 liquid iron specific heat capacity (SHC) is 0.449 DTU/g/°C slush geyser will give a minimum of 1 kg/s of -10°C polluted water (pH2O) pH2O specific heat capacity (SHC) is 4.179 DTU/g/°C Surely there is a way to estimate the change in temp of pH2O when hit with liquid iron
  15. Can you elborate as what is the difference for metal volcano in base and DLC game ? And the latest patch indicate a fusion of mecanics between base and DLC, so I understand even less the point... BTW an iron volcano, into a cold biom, (DLC game) wait for me to be tame, and so far on my list is as follow: - uncover the volcano - analyse it - pray it did not melt the scientist and the biom - stick a steam engine on top of it - err.... any good link ?