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  1. Very pleased to see updates for this nice (and old) game. It get me to try it again. I should not have bought it on, since updates take more than a year to arrive. @Jason :sad_cat_face: old but not good old game....
  2. Oh boy, that's quite a nice boost in fluidity in my case; thanks for the patch
  3. Same bug here, only one rocket (first one). Rocket shows up in scanner list at the first launch. After modification of rocket for second launch : the rocket doesn't show up anymore under the space scanner's options. Construct of new scanner failed. Deconstruct and rebuild the old scanner failed. BUT restart game fix the bug !!!
  4. Since two or three patches, the graphs are missing when going to colony summary from the portal: But it's fine (though longer) when accessing through the menu (ESC, colony summary) Do you have the same in your game? Shall it go to (minor) bug report?
  5. Pacu would not path upward unless the game is exit and reload.
  6. As @Muggins wrote: * I do love the new UI, the automation is way more obvious (for me) * the ressources tab is now more managable, and let some space if needed. Sorry for the geant screens users, they deserve an option to opt out (should you not use the user interface magnification?), but on a regular screen (1980*1680) it's very neat. * the electrical update: waooo. OK you may not spot the unconnected lines right away, but the additions are very welcome. If happy ONI players post 1/10th of grumpy one, this should be said
  7. ... and also sadely you cannot build a tile above the waterweed
  8. Same here. Help @JarrettM my lactose intolerant colony is staving short of lettuces not growing (wild or domestic)!
  9. It is @Babawze just go to your documents (it's under retired colony even if your colony isn't !):
  10. Thanks for the swift replies! "Emit 1 ton of CO², but did plant one virtual arbor to compensate"
  11. In the last update, how do I get the acorn to be replanted? Balm lily seed is ok and get the 'plant' box ungreyed, arbor acorn has enough space (3x3), farm tile is a no go, so I'm out of ideas...
  12. Nothing. I even had construction orders made before patch, and they were carried as usual. Only change is: you may not issue some new building orders with abyssalite.
  13. I was not able to get a screen of the whole shovel, but you get the idea...
  14. Where do you get all of these information (short of experimenting in game)?
  15. @R9MX4 Would you have Sour Gas molar mass as of this patch, please? Also, Phosphorus Gas is no typo (123) and will float between copper and tungsten gasses? The patch note state the opposite, hence my question on molar mass. My bet is between 16 (natural gas) and 18 (steam).