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  1. Nice table @bobucles Carbon, copper, gold, I assume it's as a solid state on a conveyor belt? Chlorine, is it as a liquid or a gas?
  2. And if i've got a base where vital tasks are still central, and distant tasks.. exploratory, uncheck "proximity" is not a good idea ?
  3. Seems a good advice, but the in game tooltip is confusing me, as it recomand proximity for large colonies... ?!?
  4. What ? even the pip squirel thing ? That's it, the pokeshell are grounded in their own room now...
  5. Sorry, i do not know what got to me, i looked at the french translation of mafic rock Never yet cross the molecular forge... that game is so big
  6. @f4rtux thanks A LOT for your data base ! I see some items got "overheat" (very useful for people like forgeting about the actual numbers) like buildings. Legend: partial screen of the building section in database; Do you plan to add the same for pipes? Legend: partial screen of the insulated gas pipe section in database; It's left empty. (and what material is "insulation" ?!) On a side note, insulated gas pipe seems to be constructed with reolite, not yet in the list: https://oni-db.com/details/insulatedgasconduit
  7. Yes, I may ne day conver to conveyors and sweeper but the cost in metal ore and 120W a loader so far stop me. Silly concidering I slap tons of metal for constructions and building, and a kilometer of cables (1.168 to be exact)... not to mention the 8 liquid pumps at 240W each
  8. really !??? so I need a container with prioriy 9 to snatch away the egg as soon as it gets out ! thanks for the info
  9. Hello Here is the French National Park, with nice manure heaps and lovely wild life. Mealwood tree is let untouch, to feed the sheepy-thingy (drecko?), but then the meal lcie will rot, hence the pokeshell (send by portal delivery, surely from another asteroid zoo wild life conservatory). Once in a while, the pokeshell gets mad, attacks the passing dupes, get attacked back, die, leave an egg. Rince and repeat. So much is going on in the base that I cannot catch the trigger in the act, and fantom the why. Only clue it's happening when pokeshell is getting old. So it's very infrequent, as they live 100 cycles, but it's already the third round of this story. Any clue of what set off the pokeshell?
  10. @Nebbie Remind me... this (white arrow) is the one gap trick? So here (to my defence I was using it to ranch glossy dreckos) I'm doing it wrong (less efficient)?
  11. Thanks for your complete answer. That put a nail on the coffin (or the steam engine on a vent ). I have but one refinery, and it's cooled at 25 °C (with crude oil pipes from an AETN). It stays cool because of intermitant use. Next step: build another refinery (with steel I guess), run it full time and warm it up to 125°C !
  12. I'll follow up on your idea Right now, I'll have petroleum from a refinery at 75 °C. But to get the steam from 110 °C to 125 °C, I may only use something that is hotter than 125°C, correct? Overwise I may cool the steam instead I'm looking for such a candidate, or a way to suck heat from petroleum until it reach 125 °C....
  13. OK 'the move to' order reset the dupe list of chores, so he/she's now close to the bin. Either solutions are clicks intensive tho.
  14. Your setup is one electrolyser and one pump? Do you have a screenshot please ? Does it consume less on the long run (data ?) ?
  15. So the only way to fight this, is having sweep only containers AND set the proirity of the containers close to the cleaning to 6 while setting down the others 604 containers to priority 5?