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  1. Very pleased to see updates for this nice (and old) game. It get me to try it again. I should not have bought it on, since updates take more than a year to arrive. @Jason :sad_cat_face: old but not good old game....
  2. Salt Water purpose

    thanks @7 and 4 that was it
  3. Salt Water purpose

    Table have a way to store salt? (I store salt on a simple store bin) Or you mean to let the salt on the floor? .. and get malus decor for debris ?
  4. I still notice the saving time but it feels now quite short compare to before testing patches. So in my 1834 cycles colony, I would not need this mod.
  5. Achievements pop up without problem on the beta branch: Just right now, the steam achievement pop up too.
  6. Oh boy, that's quite a nice boost in fluidity in my case; thanks for the patch
  7. Mine need a retracting plateform, may be it's access to the center the problem? What does the errants tab say?
  8. @Xaekai what is the hydrogen dipping into to get cold? Wheez? A cold liquid? My question is: what is cooling the coolant (I use the same, but hydrogen is just passing through the steam turbine, and on its way to be burn into hydrogen generators, deleting heat).
  10. Puft slime production

    For these questions, I go to the magnific database : There is a tab for animals And the consumption you're looking for : For exemple, a puft, tamed and happy produces from polluted oxygen
  11. Do you have the consomption rate of regolith then? The ONI database gave me these numbers: kg per cycle (wild / tame) glum 240 / 480 happy 600 / 2400 The last number is wrong or still hold on average for a cycle?
  12. I was to set an automation circuit to kick on the dispenser, open doors in serie, etc... when to my surprise the regolith go right through the doors! Is it because regolith got the same propriety as sand? Well while I am at it, does someone has a way to improve on this automation? clock set to 1% -> send a green signal 6 sec per cycle -> to automatic dispenser releasing regolith and to first door to open. The buffer is set to 5 sec so it takes that long to open => both doors open for 1 seconde (regolith falls down to shove voles pit). May be there is a better way to send just a pulse for a short time, but i can only think of a clock.
  13. Yep, you need to pause the game to look at that screen.
  14. Shove vole farm?

    Or, if your not there yet (steel refining), a simple door: Credit for idea goes to @JohnFrancis see his post for details:
  15. Locavore/Carnivore

    Back in the beta branch days, going to the space exposed aera would trigger the meteors. So now meteors are falling down from day 1?