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Yukay's artwork


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hey guys ive been lurking the forum for a little while and i hope its not a problem if i want to share my artwork with you all afkmasdkfmpost-9557-13764591022438_thumb.pngpost-9557-13764591022888_thumb.pngpost-9557-1376459102328_thumb.pngaaand theres THISpost-9557-1376459102376_thumb.png(the image was too large to post sobs click on the preview to see it!)i will update much more on my tumblr (yucakes.tumblr.com), if anyone is interested haha

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Wow, great artwork. Wes doesn't like like he has trouble to survive. (mr. cool)And the last one is super!

i can only imagine that Wes is just like Kenny from South Park. He dies so many times ingame that neither him nor his friends care anymore.I can see Wilson yelling at Willow "GOD DAMNIT YOU SET WES ON FIRE AGAIN?!"
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These remind me of Disney.

thanks haha i love the disney artists' works.

- - - Updated - - -

AHHH you're here too heyyyyy <3

god i just love that last one so much aaaa

sakdfmaskldfm thanks omg i love your artwork aaah
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Here in São Paulo it was raining a lot. Now it's a bit cold outside... Wow, weather discussion!Ontopic: Are you going to draw my request? yea, I know it's crazy.

rio de janeiro more like hell de janeiro i mean holy cow its really freaking insufferable in herealso man i wish i had an idea of how to draw so many pairings in just ONE picture lkasdmflkasdmf
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So your favorite character is a hairy walking chest and not a pathetically weak mime who was even caught talking once.

he's not pathetically weak!he'sa little bit...fragile..........okay my favourite character is a pathetically weak french androgynous mime.
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