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Wes can talk?!?

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It has been an existing bug across all characters, I'm not sure if anyone put up a bug submission, but whenever you finish mining a rock with any character they will say "I can't do that." after it is done. It will most likely happen and say "I can't do that." If you start crafting an item and put it's item in a chest and drop it forcing your character to say "I can't do that.", a recent "bug" I found recently too.

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Was just about to post this, he says it when he is digging up grass tuffs and saplings with the shovel as well.


Ah! I forgot to welcome you to the forum! Enjoy your stay and don't go insane! There seems to be just a bunch of little bugs but they should be ironed out eventually
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Only prob I had with wes so far was trying to right click on a straw roll at dusk and the game wouldn't let me do it. I picked up the straw roll and clicked on wes after it said 'sleep' and he just stood there lookin dumb. ... I'm abut to smash my keyboard, then I heard the hounds barking.

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