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With one day away from the Forge ending for(ever?) a long time, I want to post my overall experience with the Forge event! Feel free to post your overall experience with how you felt about the Forge event, what you think could've been improved, what you really enjoyed about it, & finally what you're hoping for the next event will be :)!


Personally, I enjoyed the Forge's combat-y theme it was really fun, it gave a little breath of fresh air on Don't Starve's generic kiting combat system which has gotten stale for me. I also met a lot of cool, funny people while doing the event & even made a few friends! And I really liked fighting the Grand Forge Boar he had so many attacks, & takes a bit of strategy to defeat him unlike many of the other DS bosses, definitely he's the coolest Don't Starve boss in my opinion :D!

So for what I think could've been improved.. There's only really one thing I think could be improved to make sure the next event goes much better is allowing servers to have the option to set a minimum level requirement to join & a vote kick feature, now I know there are servers which have passwords & say "Level 50+" & stuff but unfortunately not all people will respect other people's wishes.. Like it really sucks when you have a good team of people then some level 1 joins & refuses to leave & starts badmouthing everyone for saying it's a 50+ server & how they are racist against him or something (lmao)...That's pretty much the only bad experience I had with the Forge event which I think those suggestions would improve the experience of the next event :D!

Now for thing I loved most about the Forge event was the slow clap emote, I know it sounds silly but that was my favorite thing out of the entire event :wilson_blush:!

Finally, for what I hope the next event will be is something like a randomly generated maze filled with booby traps, and some scary enemies throughout the maze, & players have to solve puzzles throughout the maze to unlock some doors or something to get a grand relic! And at the end there could be a ancient boss guarding the relic which you have to fight! Personally I think an event like that would be sooo cool & I think it would be important to keep events feeling fresh & not just a bunch of wave after wave fighting events :)!


Well my overall experience with the Forge was that it was great & I can't wait to see what other events they have in store for the future :D! Now begins the waiting game for Hamlet & the next event hahaha! Thank you Klei for the Forge :wilson_goodjob:!

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7 hours ago, SuperDavid said:

I hope the next event will be is something like a randomly generated maze filled with booby traps, and some scary enemies throughout the maze,

That's what fans are hoping for with the next event. I'm just going to wait and see myself.

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I agree the major downside was not being able to vote kick people. It was so sad whe you found a great team - but ONE person (not necessarily a low level) would purposedly screw the teamplay and of course be harmful, disrespectful and refuse to leave. 

Other than that the event was really cool, as you mentioned refreshing the DST experience. It was pretty fun to see people learning together and improving during the course of the event. Looking forward for the next events to come! :) 

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+ Really fun to play

+ New cool looking skins

+ You could add password to the server


- Some of the skins for the characters look bad outside of the forge.

- No level limit when making a server(anyone with any level can join a server)

- The forge skin for the fire staff doesn't have the forge particles, uses the same as the normal one.

- Chance to play with toxic players, Not klei's fault.

- No votekick

- No information if the skins was going to be tradeble or not.

-/+ I wish it would't have been so repetitive but it wasn't too bad, it actually made it easier for new players so that they could learn what the different enemies did.

Not sure if I forgot something.

Great event that could have been a little better. I almost can't wait until the next event! I bet the other events are also going to be fun :D

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mine's pretty similar to everyone else. Over all I had a lot of fun, though I was away for 2 weeks during it for holidays so i never got as far in level as many xD


+ Awesome skins, plus a way to purchase the full wardrobes

+ Password-capable servers

+ A challenging event that required cooperation and team work

+ Chest drops in normal DST for those that can't / don't feel like playing the Forge

+  I met some really nice people and ended up on some really good teams (i did manage to get Deathless/ Gold speed run achievements),


- No Vote kick. I had far too many AFK idler's sitting in a corner...it was frustrating each time

- No ready up button, in case someone picks a unexpected character and we need to change someone else

- Crococommander's and their unavoidable spit. (would have preferred to be able to dodge it...rather than homing spit)

- I also met some really rude people, who refused to participate, refused to drop an item they didn't need, insisted on picking a character that wasn't needed for the team / was already present (always the DPS role...), willfully broke petrify to 'get more damage'...


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On 12/4/2017 at 7:38 AM, MrKoopa said:

- No information if the skins was going to be tradeble or not.

actually, if you look at fine print of the forge items when you click on them (at least in game in the curio collection) it says they are not marketable or tradeable.


reaaaaaally need that votekick Klei. the negative of the potential bullying/trolling is outweighed by the already-existing amount of trolling, afking, and willfully annoying/ignorant new players who won't listen(as other people said, picking unneeded character, not dropping hats that don't even benefit them)

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