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  1. Awesome news! New content is always refreshing, and it's really good to know what's about to come, thanks for sharing! I am, however, mostly excited about the Quality of Life and core game improvements. I really hope that the performance of dedicated servers can be improved! Also, while a polemic subject, having some kind of way to deal with griefers would also be very welcome
  2. Keep it as a trophy!
  3. It would be awesome if events would have a slightly improved item/chest drop rate than regular off-event seasons. Let's say increase the weekly limit to 6 (or even 8) rather than the regular 4 drops. Another idea is to have some action-based drops e.g. back in The Forge you'd get one chest every time you level up. Say you have a 5% chance of getting a drop after killing the Clay Varg. To counterfeit crazy drop farming, action based drops could have cooldown. Using the given example, maybe you can only get one drop a day from killing the Clay Varg. So with a X% chance to have one drop per day it's a quite interesting challenge to engage deeper with the event's content. The examples were based on past events - those are mere illustrations on what could be done for future ones
  4. Toggle Click to Walk

    Version 0.2.1


    Grants the player the ability to toggle between enable / disable click to walk functionality in-game. Disabling the click to move will ONLY affect clicks “on the ground” - e.g. when you’re not targeting any entities. You can still click to perform any actions such as mining, picking, attacking, examining, etc. Options: Click to Walk Tells whether click to walk will be working or not by default when joining a game "Yes" or "No" Toggle Key Toggles the functionality in-game. You can chose to disable the ability to toggle if you like. K L ; [ ] or "Disabled" — This mod was inspired by The Forge event when a lot of people seemed interested in this functionality. Although the event is over, it looks like some players don’t like this at all, even on regular DS/DST. Hope this mod can help improving your gameplay experience. As always all feedback is appreciated, enjoy! — Toggle Click to Walk is compatible with Don't Starve / Reign of Giants / Shipwrecked / Don't Starve Together. Related links: GitHub Repository Steam Workshop: Don't Starve Don't Starve Together The Forge request thread