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  1. where should we be reporting bugs? in the general DST bugtracker or in this "return of them" subforum? i saw a tumbleweed rolling on the new water as if it was rolling on ground normally, similar to the bug where players get pushed onto the water and can walk normally
  2. yup i have same problem with webber, we didnt kill rhinos, but we killed boarrior and got to rhinos then died, so that should still complete the quest. you can see the boarrior defeated icon there (note: my 2 deaths were during rhino phase, so that also didn't cause the quest to fail if 'survive' somehow means no personal deaths until boarrior dies)
  3. It's a caching bug. Maybe check other similar bugs that sound like your situation? There's plenty of them in the bug tracker by now lol And there's literally no way Klei would deprive you of something there is proof you paid for. That's just something ridiculous to imagine
  4. obviously because this is a testing beta... like i know people are doing it just for fun to play early but it's intended as a way to find bugs yknow... and you find bugs by doing everything in any way you can imagine, TRYING to break something
  5. if you start chatting right when the ending cutscene is about to start, the option to chat stays available, and you can then press enter and talk while being hidden behind Mumsy's back lol not sure if really a bug, but doesn't seem intended since you can't start chatting during the cutscene
  6. It barely drains when you get everything right? Or you noticed if you fail the recipes, it's slower too?
  7. would be great to get any communication about mac... we've got nothing since last night
  8. i mean basically the game is just designed that way... to make us S U F F E R
  9. same thing happening to me : ( even restarted steam, no luck
  10. I opted into the Gorge beta, it immediately crashes on open. I completely uninstalled, and reinstalled, same issue. https://pastebin.com/rz72FKkj
  11. @JoeW or any other, please confirm if event ends 11:59/Midnight on Dec 4th, or when the day becomes Dec 4th in whatever timezone. And please confirm timezone thanks
  12. I can connect to Klei's servers now. At the time of the issue, I checked Steam's servers and they were all fine.
  13. After downloading and installing the Winona update, DST won't connect to Klei servers, even though they're up. I tried restarting just Steam, then restarted my computer(Mac). I cannot restart my modem or router(in a dorm), I turned my wifi off and on, no luck. It stays on the "Logging in..." screen for at least a minute before showing the error message.