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  1. Forge Experience Topic

    actually, if you look at fine print of the forge items when you click on them (at least in game in the curio collection) it says they are not marketable or tradeable. reaaaaaally need that votekick Klei. the negative of the potential bullying/trolling is outweighed by the already-existing amount of trolling, afking, and willfully annoying/ignorant new players who won't listen(as other people said, picking unneeded character, not dropping hats that don't even benefit them)
  2. Forge Event Stats

    Is there a count for total number of people who played at any point in the event? (to compare the achievement number to, or give a % of players who got that)
  3. The Forge Has Ended

    nvm (see edit)
  4. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    @JoeW or any other, please confirm if event ends 11:59/Midnight on Dec 4th, or when the day becomes Dec 4th in whatever timezone. And please confirm timezone thanks
  5. Can't connect to Klei servers [MAC]

    I can connect to Klei's servers now. At the time of the issue, I checked Steam's servers and they were all fine.
  6. After downloading and installing the Winona update, DST won't connect to Klei servers, even though they're up. I tried restarting just Steam, then restarted my computer(Mac). I cannot restart my modem or router(in a dorm), I turned my wifi off and on, no luck. It stays on the "Logging in..." screen for at least a minute before showing the error message.