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Can Don't Starve Together get more than 60fps & display at higher res than 1920x1080?

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I'm looking into buying a 2560x1440 144hz monitor & was wondering if DST can be displayed at that res & go above 60fps? I'm getting it regardless for other games but wanted to know if DST can also look ultra beautiful or not.

I searched Google & basically the answer is no but just wanted to confirm on the official forums, thanks :)!

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I don't have a system that does, but from screens/optionsscreen.lua:


local function GetRefreshRates( display_id, mode_idx )
	local gOpts = TheFrontEnd:GetGraphicsOptions()
	local w, h, hz = gOpts:GetDisplayMode( display_id, mode_idx )
	local num_refresh_rates = gOpts:GetNumRefreshRates( display_id, w, h )
	local refresh_rates = {}
	for i = 0, num_refresh_rates - 1 do
		local refresh_rate = gOpts:GetRefreshRate( display_id, w, h, i )
		table.insert( refresh_rates, { text = string.format( "%d", refresh_rate ), data = refresh_rate } )
	return refresh_rates

local function GetDisplayModes( display_id )
	local gOpts = TheFrontEnd:GetGraphicsOptions()
	local num_modes = gOpts:GetNumDisplayModes( display_id )
	local res_data = {}
	for i = 0, num_modes - 1 do
		local w, h, hz = gOpts:GetDisplayMode( display_id, i )
		local res_str = GetResolutionString( w, h )
		res_data[ res_str ] = { w = w, h = h, hz = hz, idx = i }

	local valid_resolutions = {}
	for res_str, data in pairs( res_data ) do
		table.insert( valid_resolutions, { text = res_str, data = data } )

	table.sort( valid_resolutions, ValidResolutionSorter )

	local result = {}
	for k, v in pairs( valid_resolutions ) do
		table.insert( result, { text = v.text, data = v.data } )

	return result


It's implied that it dynamically gets the monitor's native resolution and refresh rate settings to choose from.

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2560x1440 has the same aspect ratio (16:9) as 1920x1080, which is regarded as the typical standard, so you won't have any problems running Don't Starve Together at that resolution. Don't Starve actually has good support for even wider resolutions, so that should go for Don't Starve Together as well.

Screenshots of Don't Starve set at resolutions with aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:10, 16:9 and 21:9: http://www.wsgf.org/dr/dont-starve/en

The HUD does not end up stretched at the more exotic aspect ratios, which means the developers were nice enough to add good support for different resolutions, and we thank them for that. :D

There is a video from 2013 with Don't Starve running at resolution 5040x1050 (aspect ratio 41:10) without the interface looking stretched or glitchy (weee, kudos, Klei!):


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