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What to do with Puft slime?

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Pufts create slime. Slime can be converted into algae but is that all you can do right now? Here's a current setup I have with a puft locked in a bunch of polluted oxygen. I can use the clime to create algae and allow the water to feed thimble reeds but is this the best way to use a puft? Might there be a way to use this area without dups constantly having to pick up the slime?


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22 minutes ago, Coolthulhu said:

Slime can be "baked" into dirt and dirt into sand.

You would need dupes to carry the slime out of the room else it would kill the puft tho. And the op wants a way to deal with it without involving dupes.

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3 hours ago, Michi01 said:

outbreak upgrade

That cracked me up. Nevermind it says "Outbreak Update" on the splash screen Yog clicked past. ;P

On topic, outside of hatch feeding there isn't a lot of 'automatic' things you can do with it outside of letting it drop in water and ignoring it.

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