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  1. I think the second sentence includes this. But yeah that's one of the most important ones. When I said "debate ideas" I don't just mean suggestions, I meant dev ideas as well (stuff they implemented for you to test). I feel like bug fixing would be the least of their concerns until they decided on a feature since if they're going to change it anyway it's not a good use of dev time to make sure it works, just that it works well enough to get the feedback. So people who only give bug reports should be pretty low on the list when selecting people.
  2. Transistor

    Well he said ... So I would think he meant to describe a clock. btw won't delay line ram be very hard to design for? like don't you have to sync everything up nicely? with transistor based ram what would be the point in delay line ram?
  3. dude ... ew ... thanks for that image
  4. Well there are 2 routes we could take this, a parasite or a symbiote. A parasite would yes have no good sides and would be similar to a disease. A symbiote would be something that needs a dupe and the dupe would need the symbiote and in return the symbiote has some benefits for the bad sides. I think the symbiote route would be super interesting as the pros would be very tempting but the cons could get deadly. So players would have to very carefully decide and manage such dupes. Also I don't think anyone would want to voluntarily equip a parasite lol so for it to make sense to be equipable it would have to be a symbiote.
  5. The bad sides could be stuff like Not being able to unequip it without gaining a ton of stress and the dupe dies within a cycle or something Or not being able to unequip at all Dupe dies after X cycles counting from the first equip Normal dupes shun you But in return you can get stuff like increased heat resistance, stats, etc... Maybe for lulz add a small chance the parasite takes over and starts converting everyone. Or maybe make it a 100% chance thing after X cycles, so you have to kill the dupe before it matures. Dude we were both talking in that thread lol. Thats interesting .... this fits quite nicely actually. Maybe let dupes carry it up/down ladders so they're a little easier to handle.
  6. Sorry I used creature as in something instead of creature as in animals lol. But hey alien creatures could breathe CO2 for all you know btw you got any ideas for creatures/plants with a symbiotic relationship with dupes? Was trying to think of one but nth really comes up except ... you know ... infected dupes that wants to take over. Maybe not exactly symbiotic, just some creature/plant that cannot live without dupes.
  7. I guess that makes sense, knowing these kinds of things before building would indeed help.
  8. That sounds like an interesting paper to read if someone wants to figure out why
  9. Was just giving an example to show the idea without thinking too much into it. But yeah the spawning and living conditions would need to be changed. If no creature in the ecosystem produces CO2 then I don't think it would be a problem, if you dug out a area and dump in CO2 then yes that should be a problem a player needs to deal with. Like how we are ruining ecosystems today, we ruin the perfect environment of the creatures. If a creature produces CO2 then there should be one to consume it.
  10. Can you give an example? Screenshot would be nice.
  11. The thread below is someone pasting a paragraph from wikipedia about a sand generating fish. Since his intent was to just put the information out there without knowing what to do with it, I thought I'd start a thread about an idea that came from it. The main idea is to have more interactions between creatures, plants and dupes. Even have them depend on one another for survival. Right now we have morbs that produce PO2, pufts that eat PO2 and poop slime and hatches that can eat slime and poop coal. However they can survive alone and isolated, would be interesting if they depended on each other for survival. What if hatches need O2 and pufts die without PO2 (can't remember if they do)? That would mean if you get rid of pufts then the morbs would produce a lot of PO2 and kill the hatches. If you get rid of the morbs then hatches would run out of PO2 and die. If you get rid of hatches, then the slime would just produce even more PO2 and you don't get coal. So with such a simple change we can make hatches depend on the survival of both morbs and pufts. Now imagine throwing plants and more creatures into the mix... This would give plants and creatures a much bigger role and importance than just sources of food/coal/slime.
  12. I understand your idea is to get sand. What I don't understand is do you want a single creature that produces sand or are you asking for a underwater biome which includes the parrot fish + shark + sponge + coral + everything else.
  13. In the invite message I got they said So yeah best way is to post a lot, not spam, really discuss ideas in detail and hope they notice you if and when they decide to add more people. You can start by picking a random thread and debating the ideas in it. Do not simply say "me too", give intellectual comments whether you think it would work or not. Maybe even add on your own ideas while explaining how and why it would add to the original idea. What any dev needs are people that can debate ideas so they have a clearer picture of the idea instead of everything being one sided. Which is the whole point of closed testing, you want feedback from a small group of people but you don't want everyone of them saying "I like it", you want them to point out bad things and explain why they are bad and how they can do better. They don't need people who just play the game and report if something is broken.
  14. I'll save you guys time by saying the devs have said countless times that there will not be multiplayer in any form for ONI as it would take the same amount of effort as creating a whole new game.
  15. 2.14 works fine, looks like it's your drivers.