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  1. multi-user mode

    Devs have already said so, if you want to waste your time go ahead.
  2. multi-user mode

    There will not be multiplayer in any form in ONI.
  3. Well someone else had the same issue as you and installing the AMD drivers worked for him
  4. When you are playing multiple worlds at once each with multiple saves it can get confusing quick. Like stellaris' load screen looks like this, there is no way you can mixup which save belongs to which playthrough:
  5. Give longer descriptions and more details like screenshots/save files and stuff. Don't just do one liners and expect people to understand.
  6. They're around, usually they don't reply unless they are confirming a bug or have something important to say.
  7. Not commenting on the idea but if you have 2 separate water sources with 2 different temperatures and want them to go to 2 different locations why are you mixing them into the same pipe network? It makes more sense to send the geyser water directly to the electrolyzer and sieve water directly to something else without mixing the 2 sources together.
  8. Purely from seeing this screen countless times in the bug section, all of which are under spec macs. There has never been an example of this happening to an above min spec mac. Examples:
  9. Well I was using the examples the OP were giving me. Anyways I'm no newbie so I guess you learn how to differentiate even the sightliest color difference after a while. (I'm on a crappy TN monitor so no one can say it's easier cuz I have a fancy OLED HDR with 100% color accuracy or something) And I was trying to get clarification from the OP on the usefulness. If newer or color blind players find it useful then thats fine. Just something to add, color blind players can have very unique/different sense of colors from each other so I would suggest a color range selector so they can configure it to colors they can see best.
  10. It's not a bug, it's under spec hardware so nothing they will do about it.
  11. Nope, restarting didn't change anything. Still 100% reproducible on load.
  12. On linux I found a section of the game acting weird. A block was flickering on and off. Water that's expanding and shrinking. And black boxes appearing and disappearing. Weirdest part is that they only flicker/change while the game is unpaused. While paused they remain at what ever state they are in. Attached images with and without black circles marking the areas affected. So far seems reproduceable on my linux box 100% of the time. Gona try restarting and will update if anything changes. EDIT: Forgot specs i5-4278U Intel Iris Graphics 5100 8 GB RAM Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon amd64 4.13 Kernels (Ubuntu HWE) + Xorg-Edges League.sav
  13. Even at this zoom level and image size, that one coal block in the middle stands out.