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  1. If you want your suggestions to be taken seriously you have to explain why you want them and what will they add to the game. plastic pipes; - just cuz you want to use plastic? decent uses for diamonds; - give examples of what would you use them for, even in real life there isn't many uses for diamonds and none of them would be good to add to the game carbon fiber we've already seen with debug mode; - same as diamond, so what if it's in the game what would you do with it more animals and plants; - same as above, more plants and animals so what? just more stuff that looks different but does nothing new? These sound like "make the game easier": chlorinated water; any way to make bleach stone; a cooling liquid that make termo aquatuner useful again, since we lost cooling property of oil;
  2. Please post full system specs
  3. I don't think it's leaking through, that's what happens when you build a tile on a cell with water. It just trapped water that's already there.
  4. screen is black when I load

    Next time can you please say something other than dumping the log file into someone else's report and expect people to know what do you want? Game is crashing trying to use the graphics card so update drivers and make sure all windows updates are installed.
  5. It has similar issues as code programming, still takes a long time to develop.
  6. Ohh, we call that a loading screen Intro would be a movie that plays before the main menu or a movie that plays on a new game.
  7. Crash

    The only thing that stood out was that it crashed after trying to use the graphics card so try updating the drivers and making sure all windows updates are installed. Also if you use programs like RivaTuner and MSI Afterburner you should turn those off.
  8. It's a pain yes but not a bug, post in the suggestions forums.
  9. I don't think this is a bug, why would you think so? That's like saying "oh I ran out of water, lets use liquid oxygen" Like if you could use steel to repair copper wires, is the wire now steel or copper and what happens to the copper left over?
  10. Fog of war bug

    Can you please upload your save file so the devs can check it? They are in \Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files
  11. There is already a thread for that and everyone pretty much agrees that it is a bad idea or something very unlikely to be added.