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  1. Just cuz other games work doesn't mean anything. 16 gigs of ram and 2 ssds also mean nothing.
  2. Firstly your image is a broken link. Also when reporting performance issues, please post your specs to use as a reference.
  3. It is unfortunate that you're getting headaches however this is not a bug so it doesn't belong here. Please post it here:
  4. Please upload your save and log files as described in the create new bug page.
  5. They look exactly the same but with a different color. I think it's due to the biome color? I see red blocks next to the red geyser. Doesn't sound like a bug tho.
  6. All the filter outputs are connected together with the filter input, deconstruct the pipes and rebuild them.
  7. And where's the save file and log file? The only way this report is useful by itself is if building any gas bridge in any situation would crash the game for everyone.
  8. Please make one report per bug so it is easier for devs to track which are fixed and which are in progress and which are not bugs at all. Also please provide more info than one liners, such as screenshots, reproduction steps, save files and when reporting crashes log files. For e.g. In what situations are they not fixed? And how are they not fixed? If only when you did things in a certain way then what way is that? Can you provide a save file that shows this on load? etc....
  9. Please upload the save file of the day just before it crashed
  10. Instead of uninstalling you could've used the live build and played on that. Also you could've provided log and save files to help the devs to figure out the crashes instead of just reporting it's crashing.
  11. Please provide full system specs
  12. This sounds more like feedback than a bug report. So please post in the feedback section.
  13. When reporting performance issues, it is important to also provide full system specs.
  14. @Cheerio OP mentioned crashing persists over "restarting" so I'm thinking log files and dxdiag would be appropriate too.
  15. Windows 7+ can emulate features that out of spec graphics chips do not have but with lower FPS. OSX can't and so the game must be coded specifically to use older features. It still doesn't change the reason, your hardware is still under the min spec. And so until they officially announce support of older hardware it's if it works then good for you but if it doesn't then you're screwed.
  16. Please make your own report with the full log and system specs, but from the sounds of things your graphics chip is most likely too old.
  17. If the mac and win7 pc are different machines then no it is not worth to mention it. That's like saying car A won't start but car B does so it is worth mentioning that car B starts. The fact that car B starts got nothing to do with car A not starting.
  18. Please make your own report with save and log files (only attach log files obtained after a crash and before starting up the game again), instructions are in the create new bug page.
  19. Your mac is sadly too old to play ONI. You're on possibly the last generation of macs under the min spec. This may or may not change in the future as there have been some work in getting older hardware to work with ONI but whether that means they can officially support older hardware is still up in the air.
  20. One of the more recent bug reports on this issue has been marked "known issue" with a internal tracking reference so at least it looks like they're working on it.
  21. Please provide full system specs and/or exact model number of the mac. Also upload the game log (instructions were in the create new bug page)
  22. It may seem like I'm pushing back hard but from knowing how things work and what freezes mean, there is really nothing to do with graphical features. The only thing turning off graphical features do is affect your FPS and when they are not available the game simply doesn't work (not even show a image), it will not cause a freeze. If you suspect that a newer OSX doesn't have the issue then is there a reason for not wanting to update? I only bring up ruling out the hardware/system as it is the easiest thing to rule out so at least there is one less variable when trying to find out the issue. As this is the first time you've mentioned that ONI is the only game causing problems then sure now hardware issues seem less likely but still worth a shot doing some stress tests just to be on the safe side. The devs are already doing everything they can to figure it out on their side and they can't so wouldn't it be fair and make sense to try to do everything you can on your side? From now on please keep talk on your issue to your own report and I'll reply there instead. @Jagulard To explain why I'm pushing people to check their systems first: If a light in your house stopped working is the first thing you do to call up the power company (game devs)? No, the first thing you do is flick the switch a few times, make sure all the other lights are on, then go ohh maybe it's a blown bulb. Even if all the lights are off you would go check the breakers and then you would check your neighbors to see if their lights are on before finally calling the power company. If you called the power company when it's a blown bulb, do you want them to check the entire cabling from the power plant all the way to your house and the bulb only to find out that the bulb is blown which would have taken you 5 minutes to check for? Same logic applies to games and software.
  23. I think both of you are misunderstanding somethings. This is too much work for 0 benefit and is actually worse in terms of performance so no one will do this. If instead of CPU you meant the graphics chip on the CPU, then still no one would do partial processing on it as there is no situation where it has any benefit to a game like ONI for people with working graphics cards. But a either or thing could be possible, where you can decide to use the graphics card or the integrated graphics chip on the CPU but not both at the same time. However few developers do this as there is very little to no demand for it and so developing and maintaining it seems like a waste of resource. It's sad your graphics card isn't working right but realistically there is not much the devs can do for you. You can try to post in the forums and build up demand for the ability to select which graphics chip to process the game on as that is the most likely thing they would do. The more people are asking for it the more likely they will add it. No, they got nothing to do with your freezes. As long as your graphics chip is DirectX 11 certified, which is almost any graphics card since 2010 it will have everything the game needs. There is no situation where a graphics card has DirectX 11 certification and are missing certain "options". Adding a way to disable these "options" will do nothing to your FPS as the game already uses so little graphical resources. From your bug report you have a GTX 780M, this is the top of the line mobile graphics chip in the year it was released, really there is nothing wrong with the "options" or graphical performance. You can and should think about possible hardware faults or overheating before anything related to the game as ruling out your system should be the first thing to do when dealing with freezes and performance issues, especially so for old hardware.