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We didnt get the 1St, 3Rd or 13Th June hype. But I think 30th could be the one! Im unsure of where the picture is of the metheus puzzle pic thing is. (fellow forumers insert pic here)  an update must be here soon the klei-78 update bots are working on it!  maybe even winona Winchester and wombat to be implemented? Whats your thoughts? 

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4 minutes ago, Angibot said:

Ah come on!

You again?

I think i should summon @ImDaMisterL

Btw who's that Wombat?



Of course the badger of scorpions!!!

@ImDaMisterL I summon the for the sacrament of hype come fourth and release thy excitement!!!! 

Whos that Wombat!?!? Whos that WOMBAT why do you conspire against my dreams?

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1 hour ago, Lumina said:

Seriously, will we have one post like this every week or something like this ? This start to look like harassment, and becoming annoying.

Help me summon DaMisterL then..

He used Snooze on his notifications :mad:

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5 hours ago, Chris1488 said:

Made up joke characters.

Like Dean or Sam Winchester :D ...

Anyway yea this kind of topics must stop , I know we are all hungry for any kind of info !!! But this won't help ... it will only mislead with it's title .

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