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  1. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    Woodie is perfectly fine. Music lovely, talking axe rough, werebeaver form on point. No complaints here. Maybe log meter drain 20% less but eh its a challenge
  2. Noob stories

    Makes crockpot first time. Puts random assorted foods into it.. While holding a torch... Light the crockpot.. Charcoal remains... "crockpot failed? Whats my luck!?" Mushrooms! (redcap) dies. Used an axe as a weapon till day 16..... Motherload of reeds - dies. "Lasagne! Awesome. Wait wheres my sanity and health gone" And much more Now I merely die per in game year lol battled nearly every boss just a few to go like ancient guardian willow is my main fire is my game! A world of infinite charcoal and lighters. And a massive flower farm and a tiny population of anything else other then Bernie my partner in crime, It works for me. Mwahaha Sidenote I still go to alchemy engine for recipes I already know... Oops.
  3. There seems to be alot of rude/condescending comments in this topic.. the point is to discuss a new players character pick maybe mention a few helpful tips... Not a pro players guide... What do you expect zero to hero in a day? Wheres The fun in that. Too many spoilers I think all the fun comes from being a noob your first few adrenaline pumping deaths from random occurences sanity, spiders, starvation, pig men. Let them learn it for themselves until they ASK to be taught a pro play guide, im sure topic starter didnt ask for this. And someone tells me to not pick flowers? Hell nah. Ill pick them all sanity on point. Ive already mentioned my character recommendation willow. For many good reasons.
  4. I would like to see new biomes with some kind of new tree type, and maybe even rivers? Slow you down but can be fished from to gain a new kind of fish, or a new fish variant other then fish, eel, uhm new crockpot recipes. new monsters make the game HARDER! got to have the warm welcome to those noobies, but theres no excuse at day 68 to be a walk in the park have Godzilla and **** attack with new weather type hell storm ragh Na roog which fills the world with fire and hellrocks metours and rivers and ponds get replaced with lava until the boss combo gets defeated. Better trade in system for ps4 could be cool. New characters, maybe one that gains Sanity from making walls make walled bases more common, or a chef character, or a merm character who can build there houses and tame them like pigs and stuff, Oh my biggest idea ive had come across countless times! Make the roads more lively have pigs walking from one pig village to the other!! (if theyre still alive) have pigs create more pig houses after 50 days even? (many worlds I see lack all pig existence) make pigs go to war with merm! They all run there together, have like some mini cutscene of pig King instructing them to attack while the pigs are grouped around, EVEN BETTER A MERM KING that could be cool too but make him attackable, like 15k health or something, not as hard as toadstool but somewhat decent. Make the portal in the ruins take us somewhere like a new realm of bosses death and maybe a positive race like pigs as a safe zone in the realm but intelligent and less animal more clockworky or "dream" the oppossite to the nightmare theme of dst have the dream beings which are helping and wish to end the nightmare. in this other realm, but at the cost of bringing new monsters into the base world so the late game gets more challenging.
  5. Do you play with random seasons setting on? Ive never played without it
  6. June hype!!! Woaahhh yeahhhh!
  7. Big thanks to Klei!

    Extremely content about the update finally arriving can understand the delays with Sony approvals, but just making this topic for anyone to comment how theyre enjoying the new update to ps4! Its finally here and im enjoying it very much thanks Klei
  8. Anyone heard of aproximate update time for ps4 port? sick of hearing pc superiority.. "get a pc" I have one but.. Splitscreen is my reason why ps4 port is important to me. have so much love for this game but its been months since weve even seen ps4 mentioned unless im blind.. I check almost daily like MAYBE AGAINST THE GRAIN IS RELEASED TODAY!?'! Only to load up my world and sleep in my tent in the exact location I dream the Oasis would be... yet hope lives on! Klei please itleast acknowledge us if an update is in the works for ps4 :)))
  9. I recommend willow, Shes a badass for one For two she has a badass long lasting lighter its sexy Three she gains sanity from burning HELL YEAH Four her examination quotes are arrogance with elegance Five her stats are decent to manage. 120 sanity? Pfft. Good character to learn to manage it better I guess, just travel to birch biomes stockpile them green caps for the early game until got fires setup Six I setup 6 rock campfire in a circle stand in the middle and regenerate sanity every night like a boss who cares if night standings a waste of time, gives you a chance to organise inventory and chill Seven the teddy! Farm nightmare fuel, a backup in the ruins in nightmare cycle Eight everyone seems to dislike her and call her low tier! Well jokes on them willows flaming with potential shes the best to learn Nine she frezzes faster during winter. But thermal stones! And goals is summer shes a boss in summer slower overheating, dont cut yourself short with underestimation that you wont get through winter! Confidence is key Ten you can cook food with the lighter drop it on the ground and boom cook them green caps. Cook that berries. Cook that cactus! Eleven players fear you! The griefing intimidation is real Twelve got a few 100 spare items you aint using, low sanity? Low health? Go get some blue caps! Spam eat them raw for health and sanity drain then Burn dem stacks of items grass/twigs/logs boost that sanity like the fire goddess you are!
  10. Clockwork Rook tips

    Tank it. Kite it. Lure it into other enemies. EASY. But why kill a baby woodcutter pet!?!?!? THIS IS MADNESS
  11. June 30th Hype!?!?

    Yeah! Of course the badger of scorpions!!! @ImDaMisterL I summon the for the sacrament of hype come fourth and release thy excitement!!!! Whos that Wombat!?!? Whos that WOMBAT why do you conspire against my dreams?
  12. We didnt get the 1St, 3Rd or 13Th June hype. But I think 30th could be the one! Im unsure of where the picture is of the metheus puzzle pic thing is. (fellow forumers insert pic here) an update must be here soon the klei-78 update bots are working on it! maybe even winona Winchester and wombat to be implemented? Whats your thoughts?
  13. Cheap PvP Tactics

    Cheap and rude. Using such low tactics is a good judge of there character. Dont play with people who stoop so low. The nitre fire was smart though.
  14. Straw roll ( please someone enlighten me) everyother item I try to incorporate into my game at the right times, items are only useless in the wrong hands, and straw roll is my only dislike