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Maxwell... First on the Throne?

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 Hey guys! I've been thinking a lot about that one Klei Twitch stream that they talked about Maxwell being the first of the nightmare throne, and I wanted to tell you people some of my theories.

 Kris, (I think that's her name) said something like, there were 0 to 0 people on the throne before Maxwell, and there have been many people after him. (I don't remember exactly what she said...) So, if there wasn't anyone on the nightmare throne before him, then when did the Ancients arrive? As Maxwell states, "They were all dead when I got here."

 What confuses me is that on the murals we get from the Metheus puzzle, we see that the "king" on the Ancients sits down on a throne. A throne that most people think would eventually be the nightmare throne.

4.png.9831e1c1f96918e8b8654416ede43adf.png (1080×1920) - Google Chrome 6_24_2017 11_25_46 AM.png

If, in fact, that is true, then Maxwell wouldn't be the first on the throne, because the "king" had already been on it. Another thing that is interesting is what Maxwell says in the end of Don't Starve adventure mode, when he is on the nightmare throne... "There wasn't much here when I showed up. Just dust. And the Void. And Them." If there wasn't much but dust and void when Maxwell got to the Don't Starve world, then how did the Ancients get there?

 Maxwell says they were dead when he got there, but he also says there wasn't much in the world other than dust, void, and them... A bit confusing.


Here is just a side note: I noticed a similarity between the shape in the middle of the gateway in the first mural, and one of the phases of the moon.

1.png.f3a5267ceb5d7bf2ae394f5c9c298bd3.png (1080×1920) - Google Chrome 6_24_2017 11_31_30 AM (2).png

1.png.f3a5267ceb5d7bf2ae394f5c9c298bd3.png (1080×1920) - Google Chrome 6_24_2017 11_31_14 AM.png

Do you see it?

1.png.f3a5267ceb5d7bf2ae394f5c9c298bd3.png (1080×1920) - Google Chrome 6_24_2017 11_31_14 AM.png1.png.f3a5267ceb5d7bf2ae394f5c9c298bd3.png (1080×1920) - Google Chrome 6_24_2017 11_31_30 AM (3).png

 There seems to be something suspicious about the moon. Maxwell only refers to the moon as, the "moon". What could that mean? There seems to be a magical connect between the moon and the Don't Starve world... 

 Anyway these are a few thoughts I've had lately about DS lore. 

What do you guys think?


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 Oh we're going to get into some dark souls time theory but I think it's possible for people to come after him but maybe not in the sense of adventure mode we think what if people who got free just had their own separate universes which means multiple nightmare thrones which means multiple Chess masters  so Maxwell could still be the first but he would not be the only one and people could still come after him

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Now why everyone was dumped immediately into Maxwells world I think can be solved by this was Maxwell purposefully called all the survivors to his world and the Gatecould be  The link to his world and only his world now as for how the ancients got there your guess is good as mine but  maybe Chris just means before the throne became the nightmare thrown or after as for how the ancient got there remember old folklore how whenever they started the creation of earth it was always darkness or chaos  mixed with divine beings or light  so what if the shadow people were the first they are the gods of the world they came first because the universe made them first  there are the creation of chaos in the world  

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