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[Game Update] - 217955

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Thank you for your quick fix. but, it is still an error that Korean characters appear as 'ㅁ'. Could you tell me the name of the font? Then I will not use that error characters. Thank you for your work.

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10 hours ago, Cheerio said:
  • Added Thai font support
  • Added some missing Korean characters to the Korean font

Speaking of fonts, what is the name of the font in this game? I asked this a while back but never got a answer.



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I still just wish that the duplicates would pick up more than just 1 gram of water at a time. Also, after the Agricultural Upgrade the Dups will now Pick up/create out of nowhere, water, if they have just removed the last water from somewhere.

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thank you~ for support Korean fonts.

but still some kinds of fonts still don't display

still can't display chars : 꼈, 낍, 뭔, 삥, 샷, 웸, 윌, 쥴, 춥, 췄, 켠, 켤, 쾅, 킵, 탭, 틔, 펍, 펑, 힝

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