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  1. Please have dupes drop things at DESTINATION like they USED to instead of immediately when a "move to" command is issued! I can't be the only one who finds this annoying!
  2. Has the memory leak in build 241659 been fixed? Also, please restore dupes dropping things on DESTINATION instead of immediately when commanding them to move somewhere.
  3. Second update in a row that I've had to rebuild air scrubbers because they just wouldn't work after loading a game saved with the previous ONI version. Tried dismantling and rebuilding water pipe and power connections first to no avail. Annoying.
  4. When will fix for dupes dropping things right away instead of reaching "move to" destination be released? Also, the loud excellent yield sound is still too loud and needs an option to mute.
  5. Lack of basic QA, Cheerio/Klei...come on...
  6. No response? Will this be fixed soon? It makes moving stuff around MUCH more frustrating because it requires building storage containers all over the place.
  7. When will excellent yield sound volume be reduced (preferably with an option to completely disable)? When will dupes drop things at destination instead of when "move to" command issued?
  8. "Excellent" yield sound is still too loud. Please mute it or provide an option to!
  9. Please make "move to" work like it did BEFORE the ag update at destination/end instead of begin/start of when "move to" command is issued! "Excellent" yield sound is still too loud. Please mute it or provide an option to!
  10. "Enclosed in a tiny room"...with a mechanized airlock, perhaps? For some reason, these airlocks can block things on the other side so perhaps a dupe got stuck in the room and didn't have anything else better to do than pick up clay and put it in the storage locker.
  11. Yes, this is a separate issue but, now that you understand how "sweep only" works, you can now rule that out if the storage container priority was lower. What else uses clay that might've had a higher (or equal) priority to the microbe mushers? Planter boxes and farm tiles use clay to create but not continually. I don't know of anything that uses clay continually so, other than a storage container without "sweep only" on at an equal or higher priority I'm not sure.
  12. Wrong. Pay attention: if you DON'T set a storage container to "sweep only", dupes WILL automatically sweep on their own. Reread this several times before replying next time, as I tire of repeating myself...
  13. I understood fine but you didn't write properly. Again, setting a container NOT "sweep only" with a high priority will cause dupes to CONSTANTLY sweep on their own for that container's checked contents. Be sure a storage container has priority 5 unless you want dupes to SPECIFICALLY dump stuff to it.
  14. You realize by NOT checking "sweep only", dupes will automatically sweep whatever that storage container can hold, depending on priority. Check "sweep only" to make SURE dupes don't automatically sweep and ONLY sweep when YOU mark something to sweep. Got it?
  15. First off, they're called "duplicants" (or "dupes" for short), not "copy"/"copies". Secondly, a dupe will go to the closest available water source so manually "move to" them to a larger water source where they can pick up more than 1000g (1kg) of water per trip.