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17 hours ago, TheKingDedede said:

Are you saying that Bernie has a large hitbox and not a heavy one?

nope, bernie is heavy to push

15 hours ago, jantonio said:

lol mantas....what?

phat, ok?

15 hours ago, Palecwsmalec1 said:

i'd never thought i would see the day that people would shame Bernie for his "heavy" weight. Cut him some slack, it's not like he can burn that stuffing away!

He could burn out some stuffing if he wouldn't move like a zombie all the time :>


4 hours ago, JohnWatson said:

Willow may have been overfeeding Bernie lately.

I gotta lay low for him on those pumpkin cookies... (totally not eating them all by myself :^>)


1 hour ago, minespatch said:

Why not say that Wolfgang gave him some training behind Willow's back? :wilson_ecstatic:

What? By eating too much? :>

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