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Erik, The Tennis Player (Company of Creators)

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This mod adds Erik, The Tennis Player to the character roster!
Made by CoC (Company of Creators) which is made up of the following:
@Fidooop, @Dudedude, @ImDaMisterL, @NootNoot, @Asparagus, @Chris1488, and @T4T3RGR3NAD3R
Erik is based off of the likeness of @Dudedude.
Get the mod here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839280973
Join the CoC Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CompanyOfCreators
Join the CoC Discord: https://discord.gg/BNnHm3t
See the whole CoC mod collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884413115
This mod is also compatible with Modded Skins and Mods in Menu:





"There's only one way to ace the competition."  - sSn1Qno.png

Health    ||    Hunger    ||    Sanity
175        ||       130       ||       135

Starting inventory:
0ALqj3v.pngx1  XOTsbeh.pngx1  FtSe9rC.pngx0.2


  • Has a weakness penalty that causes him to take more damage than other characters. (Takes 15% more damage)
  • Has a damage buff allowing him to dish out extra damage! (Deals 15% more damage)
  • Has heat resistance for being so well adapted to summer.
  • Has a harder time keeping warm in winter because he hates the cold.
  • Has a distaste for certain veggies causing them not to help him out as well as they would a different character.
  • Is the only one that can serve tennis balls.
  • Has an alternate state named Derik.
  • When hit by a nightmare monster while wearing no armor, Erik will have a small chance of turning into Derik.



Guest of Honor


"I hope this whole party thing isn't a waste of time."  - LyfjF04.png





"Corruption comes in many manifestations."  - StNQGMF.png

    Restraint  ||  Blood Lust || Nightmares
175        ||       130       ||       135


  • He is restrained by the limits of mortality. (Restraint is his health)
  • He will only feed off of the blood of his enemies. (Blood Lust is his hunger)
  • Insanity pleasures him. (Nightmares is his sanity)
  • Is able to take much more of a beating than other characters. (Takes 60% less damage)
  • Regenerates Restraint and fills Blood Lust by attacking enemies. (Treeguards, Ghosts, Nightmare Monsters, Clockworks, etc. don't have blood and will not feed Derik)
  • Derik's Nightmares work opposite from normal Sanity... Picking flowers, crafting recipes, etc. will lower the Nightmares level while standing near monsters, picking evil flowers, jumping in wormholes, etc. will bring up the Nightmares level.
  • Nightmares are constantly draining from Derik and when it hits 0 he will transform back into Erik.
  • Can't equip anything except for his knife.
  • Can't unequip his knife.
  • Has no idle animations for when he's insane, hungry, cold, hot, etc. (He doesn't show pain)
  • Derik kills for sport and Krampus doesn't like that! (Gains more naughtiness points when killing things)
  • Is hated by tree guards. (Causes tree guards to spawn at a much higher rate than normal when chopping trees)
  • When hunting, Derik has an increased chance to find Wargs and Ewecuses.


Guest of Honor



Racquet: 0ALqj3v.png


"Who said lethal weapons can't be fun?"  - sSn1Qno.png

Crafting Recipe:
Prototyped at a Science Machine and found in the Fight tab.
7Wg8lfF.pngx2 637Udrw.pngx3 oT3UCr1.pngx1


Used to serve tennis balls at prey and enemies.
Has 60 uses.
Using it as a melee takes up 1 use.
Using it to serve a tennis ball takes up a half of a use.
Does 25 damage when used as a melee weapon.
Can be repaired using racquet string.




Racquet Frame: zDhT5vN.png


"Well. It's... it's still slightly functional?"  - sSn1Qno.png

Is all that's left after a racquet runs out of durability.
Can only be used as a melee weapon.
Does 8 damage.
Has 30 uses.
Can be repaired using racquet string.




Tennis Ball: XOTsbeh.png


"It packs a good wallop."  - sSn1Qno.png

Crafting Recipe:
Prototyped at a Science Machine and found in the Fight tab.

iaFuXsl.pngx1 637Udrw.pngx2 3KDTMPz.pngx5


Can be served at enemies using the racquet.
Can be thrown directly at targets.
Can be tossed to a spot on the ground.
Has 100 uses.
Being used to serve at a target takes up 3 uses.
Being used to throw at a target, toss, or serving and failing to hit the ball will take up 1 use.
Failing to hit or catch the ball when serving will deal 1 damage to the server.
When served, the ball will deal 40 damage.
When thrown, the ball will deal 1 damage.

How to serve:
Make sure the racquet is equipped and you're Erik.
Serve the ball by right clicking, using your keyboards hotkeys, etc.
Once the ball is in the air you must attack something within range. (Clicking a target, hitting CTRL+F, etc.)
Or press your spacebar key to catch the ball before it falls and hits you.
If there is no target in range Erik will not be able to hit the ball.
(Serving is fully possible with controllers.)




Racquet String: 3WB5dM5.png


"Restringing racquets is probably one of my least favorite pastimes."  - sSn1Qno.png

Crafting Recipe:
Prototyped at a Science Machine and found in the Fight tab.

cy4gxQo.pngx1 637Udrw.pngx8 oT3UCr1.pngx2


Can be used to repair a racquet if it breaks.
Can even be used to repair a partially damaged racquet.
Heals the racquet by 50% of its uses.
If restringing a racquet that has over 50% durability, the string will only spend enough of its durability to repair what is left to repair.


Athletic Tape: FtSe9rC.png


"I can wrap myself up and heal my wounds with this."  - sSn1Qno.png

Crafting Recipe:
Prototyped at a Science Machine and found in the Survival tab.

637Udrw.pngx6 7XH4ZZy.pngx1 oT3UCr1.pngx2


Takes a bit longer to equip than other equippables.
Can only be equipped by Erik.
It grants a small boost in speed.
Gives a light damage buff. (From Erik's regular 15% to 25%)
Regenerates health very slowly. (0.5 health every 5 seconds)
Negates Erik's 15% extra damage taken weakness.
Does not count as armor.
When worn, durability constantly drains.
Taking damage drains durability.


Concentrated Darkness: fXsyPEB.png


"My lifeblood."  - StNQGMF.png

Crafting Recipe:
Prototyped at a Shadow Manipulator and found in the Magic tab.

jcKhSUi.png(-30) 14ueSoG.pngx8 g4Ftgxg.pngx4


Can be assimilated by Erik or Derik.
When assimilated by Erik, he will be forced into the Derik state.
When assimilated by Derik, he will gain Restraint, Blood Lust, and Nightmares points based on how spoiled it was.
Concentrated Darkness will spoil over time, put it in an icebox to delay its spoilage.


Malevolent Knife: Y2QZQD7.png


"We will be together forever."  - StNQGMF.png

Is given to the player upon entering the Derik state.
Disappears upon entering the Erik state.
If the player dies as Derik and the knife drops it is not able to be picked up by anyone.
Can be used to chop trees.
Does 60 damage.
Can be super heated over a campfire.


Scalding/Searing/Heated Knife:
Gives heat to the beholder.
Provides light.
Does extra damage. (Up to 90)
When used to chop trees, it will have a chance to set them on fire.
Lasts about a 4th of a day before it cools down.
Moisture will speed up the cooling down process.
Damage, light, and heat scale with how hot/cool the knife is. 









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Erik, The Tennis Player Strat Guide (Will be updated over time)

  • Equip Erik's tennis ball to throw at enemies for 1 damage. Can be useful for aggroing Koalefants and killing butterflies.
  • Wear Erik's athletic tape while insane to take less damage from nightmares and still have a chance to turn into Derik.
  • Chop trees in the Derik state (after day 3) to easily farm treeguards for living logs.
  • Use aggroed treeguards to fight against difficult bosses, such as Klaus!
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