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  1. Best Like to Post ratio yet


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mobbstar


      No, she has less than 10:1, whereas NootNoot has 42:1

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Well, there is the off-topic section we're not counting.

    4. Mobbstar


      ssshhhhh.... best ratio

  2. Ban Pit because ban hammer
  3. Ban Pit because he can't ban more than once per post as far as I know
  4. Ban Noot because I can't strike through on mobile
  5. Ban Asp because he's slow
  6. Ban Fid for not calling me by my forum name
  7. Ban Pit because he used too many o's in my name
  8. Ban LadyD for banning us
  9. Ban Fidooop for pointing out the flaw of a mod
  10. Ban Fidooop for being Fidooop.
  11. Danny *cough* I know he's gonna see this, too
  12. It's a joke Asparagus and L started when you first added me on the forums. I'm as annoyed at it as you are.
  13. So Noot, what brings you to the Klei Forums? :)

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    2. Asparagus


      I'd expect you to be a reddish-brownish reptile of some sort but go figure O__O

    3. NootNoot


      Shhh on the forums I wanted to be different from the name I use for everything else

    4. Asparagus


      Mkey... you kinda just revealed yourself but ehh XD

  14. y u no pingu?

    1. DragonMage156


      Sorry for necropost but...



      I had to XD

    2. NootNoot


      I realize that is a response to a post over a year old... but I love you for that, thank you