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Trying my hand at fan art ONI edition

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Yo, I'm taking requests! :D



HOLY-When did we get an ONI art/music/lore section?! I can have my own topic to put all my burts and Baldos and Reds and Berties and other dupes pictures in?!

I must celebrate!! Have a comic!

oni someting.png



Friend requested I include a list of OCs in the original post so it gets less confusing, so I'll do so here.

Baldo.png.1a23fdd06339f551578993b4cffd0ba5.pngBaldo (Male. Second lightest skin tone, bald, yellow shirt. Extremely vegan and likes to vocalise this constantly and complain. Destructive)

Butch.png.e24b6fbaae4d8bbade545ee5b9d29173.pngButch (Male. 3rd lightest skin tone, Brown hair, unibrow, red shirt, Is very gullible. He's got nothing particularly going on interesting personality-wise other than kind and gullible, but he copes. vomiter.)


Darryl.png.72216a4a656fde845fbe1f04d057e436.pngDarryl (Male. pale, black hair, cape. fangs, red shirt. Vampire. I don't use him often so he doesn't have much of a personality other than VAMPIRE, but he's good for crowd-filler and might get more in depth over time. destructive)

Florence.png.e00c08fce24aef14a0a4650ed415d890.png Florence (Male. 2nd lightest skin tone, green hair, green shirt. biologically 53 years old. lives in the void and has come to terms with his state, calmly trying to figure his new state of life out, but yet, is still intelectual. usually called a "Happy Grandpa". Vomiter)

Kelly-Anne.png.faa71a37f7cf1b8716904f061141cd53.png (yes i know this is just a dot. bear with me) Kelly-Anne (Female. 2nd lightest skin tone. brown hair. red shirt. Kelly-anne is VERY small. most other colony members think she's a wizard due to a rumor started by Luna, but she's not. She's very hot-headed and easy to tick off. She lives inside the colony's supercomputer performing maintinance so she doesn't get stepped on or acidentally eaten. Kelly-Anne also has a mealwood worm as a pet named Boogie. Destructive.)

Knives.png.6826f80312358634f6809db0f5740746.pngKnives (Male. 2nd lightest skin tone, orange hair, green shirt. Printing error: too much goop put in made him a walking humanoid bowl of pudding. his solid state wavers depending on his mood. sad usually makes him melt, so he tries to remain positive to stay stable. His name used to be quite offencive, so he never said it, so he changed it to Knives to sound cooler and tougher. Ugly Cryer)


Legs.png.8366e3327c5e921e40423d3249c1fa95.png Legs (Male. 2nd lightest skin tone, brown hair, yellow shirt. Legs is made entirely out of prosthetics except for his legs. He was also a printing error. Someone turned the printing pod off while he was being printed, and came out as a disgusing mess of a pair of legs starting at the pelvis, a partially constructed spine, and a brain. Luckilly, space technology exists, so he was given a new body. He is very nice and speaks with a slightly digitised voice, but primarily you can hear his natural voice. Ugly Cryer)

Lettuce.png.3645a8760928d9789b75c64175ca46fb.png Lettuce (Female. Darkest skin tone, tan hair, green shirt. Usually referred to as "Aunt Lettuce" because of her immense love and care for others in the base. She has a fascination with demons and monsters, and have taken dupes like Knives, Legs, and Kelly-Anne under her wing as her own, but still cares about the other colony members as well. She's a heavy drinker, and learned that slime covered polluted water gives a very...pleasing...dizzy effect for her despite the fact it's not alcohol and is actually poisoning her. Destructive)


Linaare.png.287cf60805fd6ae9dd8f9b123d9d7b9b.png Linaare (Female. 2nd darkest dkin tone. tan hair. green shirt. She's the younger sister to another dupe named Luna. Luna likes to pull jokes on others, and Linaare attempts to warn others or stop Luna. Very childish otherwise. Binge Eater)


Luna.png.957dc0ad871e27935e27fd770d626f71.png Luna (Female. 2nd darkest skin tone, tan hair, green shirt. Bit of a jokester whos jokes go horribly wrong, such as dangling a fake spider in someone's face, or starting a rumor mill about two other colony members falling in love. Linaare, her sister, tries to stop her, but she just has too much fun screwing around with others. Destructive.)


Nick.png.4d0496fc7dbf5dd9dd07b39853d94bcf.png Nick (Male. Darkest skin tone. Orange hair. Green shirt. Nick's genes had been spliced with a starfish. His hair is a starfish arm, can regrow limbs, and pukes up his stomach to place food on it and swallow it all again like a starfish does. Very average personality man despite his eating habits. Vomiter)


Singer.png.64d8b2282e3c26333f43773f31b2bd8b.png Singer (Female. 3rd lightest skin tone. Red hair. Red shirt. Bit of a showoff. Unfortunately also has to play a mother to @HotChocolate's OC named NotSure, to make sure he doesn't get into anything dangerous. But she's no Lettuce by any strtch of the word. Vomiter.)


Stephan.png.fc12e997cef6a4fb2388444681120b0d.png Stephan (Male. pale. black hair. blue shirt. biologically 42 years old, Stephan in a previous life was a company boss at one point. He's very depressed and seems completely dead inside. Stephan does have a bit of a childish side deep down, but hides it to keep a professional image. Binge eater.)


Stephanie.png.2e8eabef967297a7bc07e2285a7b4f05.png Stephanie: (Female. pale. black hair. red shirt. Stephanie is Stephan's sister, and is mischevious and nosey. She and Luna are actually friends, but Stephanie usually goes off on her own. Ugly Cryer)

Stephy.png.1b61aa9661b2d4f4372d67417633b007.png Stephy (Male. Pale. Blue shirt. Black hair. stubbly moustache. Stephy is another printing error tring to print a second Stephan, but the printing pod ended up combining another dupe's information with that dupe because that particular printing pod is sort of faulty. Stephy is biologically about half Stephan's age because of the second dupe's information being younger, and Stephan begrudgingly calls him a brother. Very emotional. Ugly Cryer)


Vera.png.67a524a11071305c6b017987fdc0a7ea.png Vera (Female. 2nd lightest skin tone. brown hair. green shirt. Vera lives in the void and has been there the longest, calculated to about 30 years, but no one ages in the void. LOVES fruitcake. very intellectual. Vomiter.)





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4 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Seems like Baldo was waiting for them in  long time. Though it looks like there's a third guy he didn't couldn't for.

maybe. really one when one of the ONI devs was playing some of the game, he kept getting narcoleptic dupes and yokel dupes over and over in that exact same order as he started repeating "narcle. yokel. narcle. yokel." our of frustration.

EDIT: also, just a passing thought: Duplicant Tsumtsums

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Oh boy XD looking forward to seeing more Baldo in the future :) I assume DragonDupe's gonna come through that portal too? ;)

I just wanna say one thing. I usually open up your comics in a new tab to read them but their kinda big and hard to see the whole panel. Is it possible to make it small enough to see a whole panel but still big enough to read?

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1 hour ago, DragonMage156 said:

Oh boy XD looking forward to seeing more Baldo in the future :) I assume DragonDupe's gonna come through that portal too? ;)

I just wanna say one thing. I usually open up your comics in a new tab to read them but their kinda big and hard to see the whole panel. Is it possible to make it small enough to see a whole panel but still big enough to read?

well, considering i won't be able to use the scanners for a while, yes, it is very doable! sorry the pictures have been so big lately. using backgounds and filling up the whole page probably isn't the best idear ^-^"

i'm still not sure what to draw dragondupe doing. i'll think of something. 

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3 minutes ago, minespatch said:

He must have died from diarrhea.

he glitched into the floor and suffocated.

(reference to a stream i saw before the thermal upgrade update. because....er....that can or at least could happen.)

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