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  1. Ria's Art Canvas

    Can't wait to see more adventures of DragonDupe! And a DA Oxygen Not Included page would be really cool.
  2. [Minespatch] Aerate art

    This looks like it's going to be a fun thread Very cool artwork! I like the Hatch Outhouse scene.
  3. Monoxide Memes

    Same lol But then Let's Play vids are how I often hear about new games.
  4. Why does this remind me of how my Dupes act sometimes?
  5. Great comic! This game is just ripe for antics like that Do more!
  6. Just so I understand the mechanic, does this mean the resource tab only registers water tiles that are in the Dupes' 2 square (I think its 2) range rather than the entire reservoir even though it is technically accessible? And as the left side of the reservoir dropped more water tiles got into that 2 square range because of those steps along the bottom left? Then shouldn't I have seen the water resource increase as I built the ladder on the right and the overhead ladders which would bring more water tiles into range? I did not notice that happened, the water resource increase only seemed to happen as the floor tiles were created but I may be mistaken. (Deconstructing the overhead and the ladders on the right side of the last image should then drop the amount of water list in the resource tab?)
  7. I was trying to build tiles around a water reservoir to prevent leaks using a mob with the Amphibious trait and I found doing this decreases the visual volume of the water while drastically increasing the amount of water listed in the Resources tab. The image below shows a starting plan. All three Dupes have the Amphibious trait so they can make the tiles standing inside and under the water. According to the Resource tab the starting amount of water is 14,579.9 kgs. Ladders have been built to allow Dupes access to all the water so it shows up in the Resource tab - at least I believe that's how it works? The amount of water listed in the Resouces tab begins to increase as tile-building begins. Once all tiles are built the visual graphic of the water is lower than the start, but the Resources tab says there is 248,885kgs. No contaminated water leaked into the reservoir. The horizontal ladder was built because a bug occurred stopping the Dupes from walking to the right ladder (one square to the left of it actually) after they had built it. This occurred after they had left the reservoir to get more materials and had their outhouse-less accidents.
  8. This is a brilliant idea. The entity should be named something like Athoz'chelu the Eternal or Bob. Wonderful artwork and depictions of the Duplicants. Please keep doing more
  9. Are the effects of diarrhea Interrupted Sleep at night (I keep seeing Dupes needing to hit the Outhouse) or does it cause 'accidents' that need to be cleaned up? Very useful guide, thank you! I don't think I've ever actually seen an image of the Field Ration before lol They look like creme (or chalk) filled crackers or ice cream bars. I did not know that frying Mushbars keeps both bars, I thought it was 2 for 1 as well. Please keep updating this guide!