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The same universe idea

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hey you know how time works differently in the codex umbra/the world of Don't starve well they could of been there along time and they would think it was 5 years but out side of the book it has been YEARS sense they disappeared and the oxygen not included characters are also short like the DS characters and the shadows are able to effect machines in the real world (like the radio before willson got tricked) right maybe the shadow hand goes into the printer (make the chances slim) and gives you a random character from DS but it only shows a silhouette of the character and the random character is the only option and name is ???

you only could get one of each character once dead there dead (good for Wes)

Wilson - he is a scientist (idk what level he should be) he is good at tinkering and maybe medicine sense he messes with chemicals and chickens (from his protrait) but he has a higher chance of failing on medicine/chemicals

willow - she is a ???(idk) lights stuff on fire when stressed but the teddy bear helps lower stress when she sleeps

Wolfgang - he is bodybuilder has 11 strength and some athletics but consumes more food and does not like night (have a light above him) and also hunger affects how strong he is you can tell by looks

Wendy - she is dark(idk) she dosen't really get stressed because she knows death is inevitable,you can summon Abigail when a dupe dies or a alien she can only help kill things and Wendy has -2 strength

WX-78 - the robot, he can be upgraded by consuming gears(WX-78 can only make) from iron and copper eats any food without penalty cons are water damages you and being electrocuted causes overdrive(speed,light does stuff faster) but causes stress  

Wickerbottom - the Librarian, knows the 1st tier research and has magic books but causes stress every time used and she has insomnia so very sleepy but can't sleep

Woodie - the lumberjack digs things with lucy the talking axe (pretty sure thats not what its used for) but it will take longer to dig but makes up for it with woodle digging fast but if you don't eat the wood plants..........the terrible secret comes out and you can dig fast and mine fast but after you turn back you are hurt and are 50% stressed

Wes - a burden , hes bad at everything he can only make the decorations of balloons but he gets stressed as a result and gets hungry quicker

Maxwell - the puppet master, can divide him self into 2 shadow Maxwells so he can do multiple things at once but causes permanent stress to Maxwell in till shadows are unsummoned , doesn't get stress very easily and he is very weak so he can die from something very easily 

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13 minutes ago, BUTTERSKY11 said:

hey you know how time works differently in the codex umbra/the world of Don't starve well they could of been there along time and they would think it was 5 years but out side of the book i has been YEARS

Actually, time goes faster in the DS world and slower in ours, but I like the idea! :)

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So your proposing that they have special characters that show up in the dupe machine on rare occasions and they are the don't starve cast but the character you get is random. Well if this was implemented and not cannon I would enjoy it if this is cannon then I hate the idea cause then I'd have to throw my reports out the window

Wes should be able to unstress dupes

idc about anyone else #favoritism

@JoeW still waiting for my Wes title

but overall I think it would be a fun rare thing

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