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  1. Development tool

    i am trying to convert this into DST the mod works fine intill you spawn it in i added 2 bits of code but then i get a error http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843829981
  2. World Gen Data and Mod Changes

    @Ipsquiggle hey i need help with fixing a mod called More maps which basically adds presets but now broke after the DST beta which made the game crash when ever it was force activated or activated and then loading a game i tried to update the code but i think i accidentally some code up but the game still crashed http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843806847 (even the image is broken)
  3. well this happened
  4. Trade Inn - Button overlap

    or just when DST releases next week
  5. Wilbur Crash

    first crash
  6. Wilbur Crash

    i was just throwing poop at beefalo in ROG with SW compatibility and it just crashed
  7. if you play as wigfrid and inspect a dead dog fish she will say "Its a..... thing"
  8. No image for new items from Flotsam

    ok texture is missing
  9. Some Invincible Burnt Trees?

    you can use a explosive to cut them down but that is expensive so try to get a friend try to help you cut it down
  10. All data damaged and deleted

    ok well that is the worst corruption ever
  11. yea i had a game on ps3 before and the analog stick was broken so it spased out every time i use it but now i take care of my ps4 controllers
  12. the chance to get in is already gone
  13. Cargo boat Bugs

    i'm trying to put stuff in the cargo boat and it won't go in intill i press R2 and when i inspect will O off the boat and press R2 and hover over a item and the button are far off
  14. Crafting Tabs

    @Mafiabrett no i'm still having the problem the hud is still the same no matter what i put it
  15. wow......... i don't know what to say