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Rico0    213

uhh.. april fools profile photo maybe? 5df41271d4324_Ricoliam1deabril.png.fcaad23dcbcf221d58a248f53077d10c.png(that's so creepy man..) Sorry, blood xD

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Dovahkick    165
9 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Oh no, she's so slow ^^; (she's gonna die before she reached the top of that ladder. She's already hungry...)

Actually, she managed to get to the top, but her oxygen was at something like 10% or 7.5% remaining. Now she trained a bit her athletics and got the suit wearing skill, so she's not as slow anymore.

I got a comment of someone pointing me out that if she was heavily wounded, it would have been worse...I don't want to know the end result.

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