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Dragon's Art Thread (Once Again)

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DSndjnsaksja my old thread got archived!

Anyway, I was on vacation for a while, and managed to draw quite a bit, so I have some art to show you!

--> Here is my tumblr if you want more consistent updates/other stupid things: http://teethedfreak.tumblr.com/


Okay, let's get started again.



I'll update a bit slowly, even though I have some unposted art!

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Cool! I'll check out that tumblr later. I have unposted art, too. Sometimes it's hard to be satisfied with what you draw, eh?

Looking forward to more of your work; there's always room for new art/artists here!

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It's webber!

Sorry for taking so long to post! I've been trying to dig up a picture of Wilson that's randomly disappeared... idk when I'll find it.

Anyway, I have a few other pictures left over from a while ago. I'm also working on some stickers for my redbubble shop- hopefully those will be ready soon!



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Just now, DragonUnderTheStairs said:

I made a fanart tumblr for those interested:


Terrific! But we might need to talk about the anatomy of horse skull, because its head looks more like that of a reptile... Not to say that I could do it better :p

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3 hours ago, Millicy said:

aaa! I've seen your art before and I love it so much <3

'specially that picture of puppetmaster wilson! The concept is just so cool and it's so well drawn <3


also that throne room's cool as heck

Thank you so much!! I gotta draw more lmao

4 hours ago, minespatch said:

I love the updated throneroom. It's as though it's serving WX's triumphant form.

I actually have sketches for Webber's throne, so maybe I'll finish that!

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