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DeerClops Discussion | Drops and behaviour

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What do you think he will look like? Possible Drops? Spawning behavior? Attacks?I think it will look like a minotaur (wearing a leather dress or too too) with some sort of a wooden club that will potentially drop and deal the same damage as the tentacle spike BUT with a chance to stun the enemy. I think the player shall spawn the deerclops with some sort of ritual like lighting a right of tress with an item in the center or sacrifice a rabbit or bird considering they are currently the only mobs you can place and upon lighting the tress, a symbol appears on the ground and after let's say 3 days (this way it will spawn at night) it will spawn on the symbol (although I'd doubt that since you can easily put down traps before he spawns). Of course his target would be 1st to destroy your base unless you are around. It will have an attack cooldown similar to optimus pine giving the player a chance for multiple hits. And if killed, he will drop ANTLERS which would be further needed to make a hat similar to the spider hat but it will control beefalos! I really want to be able to move herds but please, no fast durability drainage.

I think Deerclops will look like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3110[/ATTACH]I think Deerclops will drop this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3111[/ATTACH]I think Deerclops will spawn normally in Winter, because of this:

Geez, I'm worried about sanity now. You guys have such high expectations! :)Sanity is going to be fun, but keep in mind that we'll keep adding to it over time, after its d├ębut. I want to get it in visually and mechanically so that I can start tuning it. Also, Deerclops is the king of winter.

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I think Deerclops will look like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3110[/ATTACH]I think Deerclops will drop this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3111[/ATTACH]I think Deerclops will spawn normally in Winter, because of this:

Yeaah, I think most of us saw that picture...
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I think the Mighty Deerclops is going to be a boss type mob, considering the files and audio people found.

Of course it will be a boss type mob, but my biggest concern is how it will spawn, will it spawn similar to the spider queen? whenever we get near something? Or is it the player that can cause its spawning like Krampus for ex. I'm also interested in what will the purpose of the eye be? I bet one is food and the other ones are...
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I would say you would have to summon him somehow. Because it probaly sleeps all the time. You'd have to do something to get it's attention.

Considering that it would be winter, you need to have a constant source of food, I can't guess the number of days the winter will last, but I'm pretty sure that you'd need meat anyways thus killing animals would summon him (although this would be the same Krampus concept so I doubt it) yet, you could counter that by eating vegetables of course.

- - - Updated - - -

Deerclop - the Don't Starve Mythical Unicorn.

I actually can't wait. Always excited to see a new creature in the game. Also... I wonder if the eye is... edible.

Pretty sure it will be, if Bear Grylls ate sheep eyes... I guess the characters could to
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