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[Game Update] - 178375

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  • Developer
  • Maxwell’s Shadow Minion workers will now run away from monsters.
  • Inspecting Player Skeletons when using a controller will now properly display character details.
  • Fixed missing tufts of hair when viewing normal or wimpy Wolfgang from the back.
  • Fixed bugs with some UI buttons failing to launch a Web Browser when the user has disabled Steam Overlay.
  • Fixed bug causing clients to sometimes appear to start one clock segment ahead of the server when entering a new or empty World.
  • Typo fixes in character speech strings.

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So I think a bit too much fear was put into the shadow minions... Maxwell's Miner shadow sometimes hits a rock once then just stops altogether. The first time it was near a spilagmite so I thought it was the danger sense kicking in, but it has been happening elsewhere where there is clearly no danger present as well. I don't really know what else to say that might be causing it.


Also I had Hutch disappear underneath the cave floor layer again. I probably forgot to report this in the past (since it only happened once before), but something seems to drop him beneath the floor making him completely unclickable. Hopping through a cave wormhole (aka tentacle tunnel) will bring him back up, but naturally that's not the most pleasant thing to do.


Oh and since Maxwell's lines are being updated fairly regularly I want to point out that he has an inspection string that could use updating. Since he seems to now know what the depth worms are when they are getting ready to attack, it seems a little strange that inspecting one that is attacking prompts him to still say "Well that's new!"

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