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  1. I see it was the right decision to get back into Don't Starve. Never change.
  2. Something something Pleated Shirt, something something Praise Potato Cup Am I doing it right?
  3. Not even a Don't Starve joke, but still gonna post it So Err Yeah Umm Cool I Suppose Maybe ?
  4. While the comics aren't my cup of tea, I can see a lot of heart and soul was put it into it. A* for effort!
  5. Only if Will Carter gets a little magic stick to prop himself up with.
  6. Guys! I finally got the Wendy x Webber name! Weener.
  7. its a double dnak maymayd double dnak maymay all across the skyyy
  8. Hyped, man. Just hyped. … Why? Because space. Not everything needs a deep answer with underlying themes.
  9. Now, now, everyone, we can all have dnak maymays laced with mercury and cyanide! No one has to fight over them!
  10. tfw you know that when you don't get all the drops in a week the one you didn't get was the Elegant you wanted badly.