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  1. I can think of a pretty glaring downside to Winona - No balloonomancy, guess she's not unseating the current best pick any time soon.
  2. I'm sorry for keeping this guy in discussion here, but the amount of misplaced anger being focused on something that doesn't deserve even a modicum of it needs to be addressed. There's always going to be "That guy" who makes all of us look bad by being some outrageously entitled crybaby, but complaining about something that is genuinely just trying to help continue funding without asking directly for donations is pretty low. Ask yourself this: Would you prefer loot boxes and gambling? Crates and keys in a non-F2P game? Pieces of content based DLC being ransomed behind a paywall? I would certainly hope the answer is a resounding "No" as these are some of the most abused practices in the industry right now, but this is not happening here. They're upping the drop rates so that people who enjoy playing can get these pieces without spending a cent if they don't want to. They're encouraging people to play for longer periods of time beyond just being eligible for more drops in a given week, AND rewarding skillful play in new events they want to add to the expand the game. You can't just lump everyone trying to make money into the same pool, that's not only unfair to those trying to earn it honestly, it's taking the attention away from those who abuse it to nickel and dime their customers. No, no you didn't, you did not make your point in a way even remotely resembling any definition of the word "polite." There are constructive ways to do this, and there are emotional knee-jerk reactions like yours. Sorry again to the rest of the forum-goers here who want to voice their excitement here, I want to as well, but reading this guy's response prompted this first.
  3. @JohnWatson Yes, I'm aware this is intentional, that is why this is in the suggestion forum and not the bug reports and also why it is written as a suggestion...
  4. It's a bit silly that we can cheese the DST Dragonfly's enrage timer as we currently can by either freezing it or making it fall asleep. Rather than reset it to zero, can the coding be altered so that it just continues to countdown as it were instead of just going immediately to 0 and restoring the boss to it's calm (green) state? I know there aren't any enraged animations for freezing / sleep, but could it remember what it was doing and go back to this state perhaps?
  5. The OP reads like a pretty blatant troll here, not sure this 'suggestion' should remain open the way they decided to word it. Doesn't help they created an account just to write that either...
  6. The only thing that really comes to mind is how they said regrowth is supposed to work for DST, particularly with trees. If I were to hazard a guess, since you are starting with less and the code wants a certain amount of something to exist or else grow at any given time, the code is just filling in parts of your world to meet the quota set forth within. In which case, I would definitely classify it as a bug, one independent of the mods that you say you are using, which, at a cursory glance, likely aren't affecting any of these variables anyway. The fact that you are seeing things that normally wouldn't be in certain areas leads me to believe something is being overwritten or setting an important value in Klei's code to something it shouldnt be. Given that I don't think trees are ever really set to anything other than "default" on 99.9% of worlds, I think it is safe to assume that the "less" setting is putting the variables for the trees into negative (or at least non-zero) numbers for your cave shard... which is in turn, causing them to grow everywhere. And since the tree setting handles the lumpy & birch trees too, that is what is causing those to show up down there. Think of Civilization's infamous case where Gandhi is your nuclear nightmare because his coded aggression gets set to out-of-bounds levels on certain difficulties, I believe that is what is happening here too.
  7. Well the intention is not really to fix, that's just an added bonus(?). The intention is to disallow the intentional dodging of these events.
  8. @Donke60 As I said, I know it probably won't be too popular, but it would be a necessary evil to combat server lag for those that like to run 10+ players... plus it would be a lot more manageable than having 1-2 dozen hounds on screen.
  9. Characters say their "That was not food" line and walk around groggy for a while as penance for their shameful snack.
  10. Honestly the original settings just being copy + pasted over should handle just fine for Shipwrecked, which makes it a bit more surprising it isn't an option in the presets. Starter islands come with plenty of supplies to acquire, and the gold from the starter chest would be ample to make yourself a rowboat, make a boat lantern, thatch sail, and be on your way through the night with no further changes truly needed (though naturally, it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra in the starter chest for Shipwrecked in the super rare odd start that puts you on a starter island with only the bare minimums from the coding that might make this unachievable). Heck you can even add a bit of Shipwrecked flair to it by starting the player closer to the water and having the starter campfire reveal a nearby floating steamer trunk with your initial supplies.
  11. I'm not sure how popular this first one might be, or even how feasible it might be code-wise these days, but it is something that I think is worth considering re-introducing to DST from the original: guaranteed hound / worm attack cycles. No logging out to dodge them, no hiding in the caves / overworld when they're about to start, each player WILL have to deal with these attacks after a set amount of time. You can override them if you stay above / below ground when another one would start (staying above ground for 20+ days for instance would still only trigger one worm attack event for instance shortly after entering the caves, and that would only start counting after your first visit to the caves). Again, I realize this is probably not particularly feasible code-wise at this point, but for larger servers, this would alleviate lag caused by all the spawns, at the expense of hound /worm attacks being more frequent, even if they aren't targeting other players right away who had already dealt with their own wave. Alternatively, instead of the global, server-wide attacks, these could be put on a per-player timing so that each player will fight their own wave at varying times. Second concept from the original, inspecting your own corpse proccing the character's unique response instead of the new one that they give for a player corpse regardless of who it is. So a Maxwell for instance inspecting his own corpse would say "The master has become the student" again, instead of his usual "(Player) was unable to deal with (Death source)."
  12. screen shot show case

    Cave... nuclear bunker? (Not my base/design, just something screenshot worthy)
  13. It's always fun to watch the creatures battle each other naturally in a word, especially in large numbers, but what about creatures that normally never would face each other? Would a half-dozen beefalo prevail over an Ancient Guardian? Would a flock of pengulls be able to take on a couple dozen smallbirds? Find out here! Suggest some interesting match-ups and put them to the test. RULES: For people running the tests, make sure you properly list how many of each creature are spawned in case the screenshot / video does not show everything Make each match-up at least a Bo3, for the various states some creatures can be in (Beefalo in heat/electrified volt goats/werepigs for example), and/or how quickly they aggro onto the target, as well as to mitigate the randomness that may occur in the fights to get the most likely outcome. Do remember that some creatures might be able to dodge damage more easily when they are working in tandem with another if they engage at certain times, be sure to include that! (see below example) List the casualties for each side for each round if not providing video / screenshots showing the outcome With the special exception of the more dangerous enemies which may need to be tricked into attacking something they normally wouldn't, NO INTERFERENCE FROM ANY PLAYER(S) is allowed! (Unless of course you are doing a fight test with Abigail) Environmental hazards (lightning, meteors, earthquakes) ARE allowed, again just please make sure that details are provided for outcome Let's get started! Deerclops VS (4) Mactusks 4 Mactusks is a bit overkill as demonstrated by their flawless kill on the Deerclops, 3 handle the job just fine, and even 2 could probably still prevail.
  14. Building off that if you want to bring in a reference from another game, Darkest Dungeon, that pulse could be the Heart of Darkness (very appropriate name for DST's situation) - the heart of the world, "the cosmic hideousness that dwells within us all." The cycles themselves being 'it' trying to break out of its prison or cage if you prefer. Probably not the case of course, but what a crossover that would be.