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  1. Let's be real here, you'd rather ride a rock lobster.
  2. You bite your tongue, how dare you suggest Wes isn't perfect already! EDIT: For the OP - If you don't have the dexterity to deal with melee only fighting bosses, try using other tactics... ranged weapons like darts, ice rods and explosives, hiring a dozen pigs, rabbits, or merms to help in the fight, etc.
  3. Doing 200 damage for each gunpowder that hits an enemy isn't already enough for you? You know they had to actually nerf it because it was unfair to the bosses.
  4. I can hear Wes screaming when people label their server as one for seasoned and/or veteran players yet have every single easy mode mod enabled. My screams often match his.
  5. Can we please get an "add player" function for the bans button when hosting a world? It can be tricky to identify a griefer before they actually act / leave. I'm aware there's probably a mod for this, but an official change would be most welcome.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm just advertising my world - Lights Out 2: Lights Outer. This is the second of my perma-darkness worlds and is currently at day 605 as of writing this, so you'll avoid most of the tedious parts of maintaining the world. Now while I'm not able to provide a schedule of when it'll be up, typically if you check the server list around 11 PM EDT, you might find it in the survival tab. You can also send me a friend request on Steam if you want to keep track that way, usually if you see me on DST around that time, I'm hosting/streaming this world. Due to the amount of griefers joining lately, you're going to have rely on the starter supplies mod and whatever may still be left at the portal when you arrive, but if you've got even half a clue you'll know where to go when you join. No other hints will be provided, this is not a babysitting world, I host non-default, harder worlds on my end. If that interests you, please do visit sometime. You can add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Quyzbuk/
  7. The random hound attack audio warnings seem to be silent for me right now. I was playing some of the retrofitted worlds I brought over earlier and was caught off guard by the ambush multiple times. There was zero warning in the audio department, and being that I was playing as Wes, I didn't get that heads up either. When I switched over to a different world (another retrofit that I decided to reroll since I was gonna get rid of it anyway), I waited to see if this would be the case here too, albeit with a character that would give me a text cue. Same thing happened, complete silence leading up to the hound attack, but at least I had the text warning. Going to do a bit more research that I will edit in later if I just needed to verify my files, if this is just limited to my hosted worlds, etc. EDIT: File verification turned up clean, and hanging out in a public server for a bit still yielded no audio cue for the incoming hound attack. Thankfully the depth worm warning is still functional.
  8. So, just wanted to give my quick hands on for the request to use retrofitting on non-beta worlds (with advance notice that I didn't play as much of the beta as I meant to). I did it two ways: the recommended way in the OP of the thread here, and the other by copying + moving only the folder containing a non-beta world to an empty slot in my beta folder just to see what would happen. Results: 1) (Unrecommended way) Quick copying the world folder to the beta folder's world storage resulted in the game thinking the slot was empty... UNTIL I tried to "create" a world in-game, after a couple of seconds it started actually looking at the files, and I was able to start it normally. I had no character data for the world, but everything was intact, retrofit took hold, and everything seemed to be in order over on the Lunar island. 2) (Recommended way) Doing it via the suggested means, everything seemed to work as intended, character data was fine, it retrofit as you said it would, and everything was again, present and accounted for (to my knowledge anyway). I played for about 7 in-game days, no crashes or abnormalities. Interesting(?) note: The Lunar island generated in the same spot after retrofitting both ways. Near as I can tell, everything was identical, no randomness in location or entities surrounding.
  9. Is Wormwood one of those things that will be granted if we don't own Hamlet by the 6th? I've been digging through my backlog so I haven't been making many purchases lately. Just want to know if I should bump that up on the purchase list.
  10. Ooh I wonder if the 6 meal run I did yesterday made it...
  11. *Snip* EDIT: Didn't realize it came out of beta that fast.
  12. Would like to also add my voice to this one, been using a lureplant to farm a half stack of grass on one of my worlds. Been getting 2-4 leafy meat every time I break the bulb. Counted the grass to make sure it wasn't turning into geckos each time. Lureplant is simply giving strange amounts of meat.
  13. (I'll try to update this as I discover more to tell about these bugs) Animals tend to act quite unusually with sleep when it comes to a world with perma-darkness set. - Pengulls will let you murder the entire pack with next-to-zero repercussions - Beefalo can occasionally "detach" from the herd (despite still being in the herd) and allow you to single them out without the others coming after you. We're talking attacking them right in front of the other beefalo (while they are in heat), no kiting, gimmicks, or other antics. I don't know if the sleep flag is overwriting something, but they stop acting predictably and I'm not really sure if the behavior ever reverts.
  14. Hooray, this makes this video I recorded relevant to the page (barely). I present to you the latest hit by Flock of Tallbirds.