Hang ten !


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Yea I created this topic before seeing the patch notes ... Well let's find a way to unlock her i suppose is something like Webber unlock .

Normal unlock die or jump into another world.



Shame on you, cheater.

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SW exclusive(for now)



Sanity: 200

Health: 120


Dries quickly

Starts with a surfing board

Is a chill gal?


The Surfing board can be crafted out of 1 board 2 sea shells. It cannot be equipped with lanterns or sails but allows Hang Ten to hold a torch in hand while surfing. Seems to have very good speed.


Unlocked through XP

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Yes, unlock her with XP, just go and die on your 150 days world, I did this.

It requires 2240 XP (112 Days) or 16 days if you have Widfrid already unlocked.


I wonder what her downside is, other than 10% more drain on hunger and sanity (?).

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Has anyone noticed how expensive boat torches got? 2 boards and one torch vs 2 Sticks and one torch from the previous patch?

But they last longer. Also, you may aswell have a torch and a sail for the same result. So a better but more expensive light source that won't be missed? I say good

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