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  1. So is this update still in beta or is it officially out? I still have [beta] tag in my steam. From the way its written one might think its a fully released update. What is it?
  2. Haven't done it in a while but you should be able to burn it. Put some burning stuff like twigs and logs in the center of the web and then light them on fire. Bring an ice staff with you to extinguish any structures that catch fire. EDIT: I just went down there and confirmed that it is possible just for you my friend(since there are posts that actually said that it can't be done I started doubting myself). I went down and tried to do what I suggested and it works but I did have to fight through a handful of those spiders and some nightmares to boot and I really need to get on the don't starve wiki and update it with all the tips and tricks that I know. I expect no, I DEMAND a thank you. But jokes aside, burning the nest from the bottom to remove them permanently works. ITS OFFICIAL NOW!
  3. In gaming its pretty much accepted that the only difference between a normal expansion and a standalone expansion is that the standalone expansion does not require the previous version. I'm pretty sure JoeW also confirmed that somewhere in this very thread.
  4. Oh well, since the discussion started again I might as well jump in - Because I can! Many of you misunderstand the idea of dlc it seems. The SW was prepared as an expansion(a standalone one but it doesn't really matter) and I believe that it should be added as dlc. When I say that it means that I want ALL OF ITS CONTENTS to be added not as standalone but as extention of the game that can be accessed from a save just as how I can access RoG and Caves. In other words I want everything that Klei had prepared as DLC. I am aware that there may be problems in implementing them whether it is balance issues or technical issues. But please do not use that as an argument to support standalone. Saying that merging them could be difficult does not support the standalone expansion it just means that you believe that Klei should stick with what they already prepared because changing is too much of a hassle. DO NOT SAY THAT YOU ARE IN FAVOR OF STANDALONE IF YOU CANT COME UP WITH A GAME PLAY ADVANTAGE THAT STANDALONE BRINGS!!! And it seems that some of you are asking for game tips and advices. I mean asking us about how to defend 2 bases or saying that caves are not meant for permanent residence? Quick answer: When I pass 200 days I build more bases. I have lived continuously in caves for over 200 days as well(3 game years). I have killed Deerclops,Moose/Goose and Bearger with only a spear as Wes. I do not need to defend anything. If smoldering happened off-screen your world would have burnt to crisp in summer. Guys pls... I have nothing against helping newbies. If you guys have questions as to how to overcome some threats in DS just make a thread and ask. I'm sure many of the veterans here will give the tips you need and now that I actively check the forums for the news of SW(both good and bad) I will answer your questions personally. So again do not say that you are in favor of standalone if you do not have game play arguments for it. I will gladly help newbies and I do not claim I know everything about DS. Right now I'm trying to kill ancient Guardian with only a melee weapon and just recently I learned that DragonFly doesn't fly over bird cages. Cheers!
  5. I'm not getting your idea Union. Do you suggest that SW be like caves or its like a world where we cant bring anything in and cant bring anything out but we can access it ingame? That wouldnt be much of help though. Btw I just thought of something in the shower(my meditation place). If they can't add SW to DS because of new codes, new engines or whatever why not just add DS and ROG to SW !!!!! If they do decide to make standalone still I at least want to have all new characters for ROG
  6. Some of you must really not realize what you ask for. HOW CAN YOU ACTUALLY ARGUE AGAINST DLC? If you don't care if its dlc or standalone just stand aside(see what I did there? XD) To me even if the expansion is standalone I will give it a chance to impress but let's be serious here, dlc is what we really should be looking for. My idea of the dlc is that i can access contents from both ROG and SW from a single save. So the main issue of SW not being a dlc is that new characters cannot be played in ROG and in Caves(I consider Caves to be a separate experience). This takes away a lot of fun that I was expecting. Also the new SW content added to the base game would create NEW INTERACTIONS between items and mobs. The addition of new content doesn't simply add additional amount of game hours, it MULTIPLIES the amount of game hours. Second problem is that we are indeed forced to choose between SW and ROG (screw DS vanilla players), after all some of us will prefer ROG and some will prefer SW. What happens then? The community will be split up. We are gonna have ROG camp, SW camp and to make it more funny a DST camp cuz why not(someone mentioned dst,otherwise I would have forgotten about it). And then in the future what is gonna receive additional content? SW or ROG? or DST? Neglect one of the sides and people might start leavng the game. Then Klei will end up with a smaller community with 2 camps. Go further in time and the game will end because people prefer different things and they leave because their part of the game gets no update. Don't do this Klei, splitting it up between multiplier and singleplayer is understandable and the right choice. Splitting up singleplayer into two parts is not, Finally for all those standalone suckers (because i can XD) you should stop with all the arguments about dlc being technically difficult to implement because the only people that can say it is Klei(and cappy but who cares about those guys). And I didn't see JoeW mention once in his reply anything about that. And to preempt some of you balance is not the same as techncal issues. Lets focus on game content, game mechanics and game design.
  7. This seems like a totally different world. I suspect it's going to be like caves, a separate level and IM CALLING THEM OFFICIALLY "ISLANDS". Do you guys think i'm correct and if so what are we going to use to transport ourselves to the islands? For caves its a spelunking hole and rope and here maybe some animal - a friendly turtle? or maybe just a boring boat?