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      I don't know, it breaks randomly now.... it uses old klei's server list, using their new one breaks it and I have no idea why nor the time to fix this, that's why it needs a fresh start...

  1. Well, looks like game requirements go up now, you should notify players that hosting multilayer server directly from the game client requires at least 3GB of RAM.
  2. Your profile picture is just too freaking cute!

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      I love cute stuff :D

  3. You could just add zombie mobs and replace hound attacks with zombie waves.
  4. This is something i figured out myself a while ago, settings set for server mods in Mods menu from main menu are not used when hosting a server, you have to set them from the Mods tab when creating a server, I believe this is made like this so you can have different mods settings per server slot.
  5. When you look at the log you will see that he's using the beta. About that SteamGameServer_Init error, I'm getting it all the time on both servers, still I'm able to play and they work without any issues.
  6. I wonder if you could actually run different cave slaves for each cave entrance?
  7. Another idea: Start script that will start in the background, updating server before launching, running in loop (restarts the server on crash / shutdown after small delay). Run it with: screen -dmS "DST Server" ./startscript startscript: #!/bin/bashwhile true;do /home/steam/steamcmd.sh +@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 +@NoPromptForPassword 1 +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit cd /home/steam/DSTDS/bin/ ; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/.local/lib ./dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console sleep 10doneAdjust paths as required, LD_LIBRARY_PATH part is required for some people running 64bit linux. Then mod that adds command that checks if there are players online and if not it will c_shutdown() the server so the loop from the script can start again and update the server. Mod: local _G = GLOBALlocal TheNet = _G.TheNet if TheNet and TheNet:GetIsServer() then local function ShutdownIfEmpty() if table.getn(TheNet:GetClientTable()) <= 1 then _G.c_shutdown(true) end end -- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=462128393 local GetGlobal=function(gname,default) local res=_G.rawget(_G,gname) if default and not res then _G.rawset(_G,gname,default) return false else return res end end GetGlobal("c_shutdownifempty", ShutdownIfEmpty)endYou can send commands to virtual screen without attaching it like this: screen -S "DST Server" -p 0 -X stuff "c_shutdownifempty()$(printf \\r)"$(printf \\r) = Enter Now it's just matter of doing script that will check for update (if you look into DST scripts folder you will find URL to Klei server with versions, happy digging!) and then periodically sending command to the screen until the server process disappears / steamcmd is running or something like that. You could probably upgrade this mod and call build-in function that actually checks for new version instead.
  8. He meant key for dedicated server access, not the game. There are many people wanting to test and try it out - including me (tho I don't have any server to test it on but would love to mess with locally).
  9. I believe one of Klei's employees made Steam Group for people wanting access to upload tools.